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The Episode starts with Abha telling Chakor about Children day and its importance. She asks will her parents come. Abha says yes, they will come soon. Chakor jumps happily. Bhuvan, Kasturi and everyone come to Bhaiya ji, while he is doing puja and aarti. Suraj tells Ragini that they were running from here, so they got caught up and are brought here. Bhaiya ji says Har Har Mahadev and turns to see them. Suraj and Ragini leave being scared. Bhuvan and Kasturi get tensed. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini walk to them. Bhuvan falls in his feet and apologizes to him. Kasturi cries. Bhaiya ji says get up. Why did you try to run, I did so much for you and your family. He says you were so small, and got ill, you were dying, I got you admitted in hospital, and you got saved.

He counts his favors on him, which he,

his dad, his grand dad did on him. He says everyone would have died if we did not do this favors. He asks whats the reason of this, what mistake we did, that you were running away without telling anyone. He says we have sent Chakor to Lucknow as per her wish, and she has created such a scene, then I have sent Manohar there to save Chakor, and what did you do for us, you gave us pain and insulted us. Bhuvan cries. He says we have a very old relation, look at me. Bhuvan bows down and apologizes falling in his feet.

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Kasturi gets angry seeing this. Bhuvan says I was going mad, you are our food giver, we will not leave Aazaadgunj ever. Bhaiya ji smiles and looks at Tejaswini. She says no Bhuvan, its not your mistake, your wife is also responsible for this, even your mum and daughter. He says see you are falling in our feet, and your wife Kasturi is standing as if we did not give her loan, and we have eaten her money. Bhuvan asks Kasturi to apologize to them. Dadi says yes, apologize. Kasturi says forgive me, I did a big mistake. Bhaiya ji says why me, apologize to Tejaswini, as she did the favor on you. Kasturi apologizes to Tejaswini and says this mistake won’t happen again.

Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to do what she wants. Tejaswini says they are apologizing, so we don’t have any option than to forgive them. Lakhan is shocked. They look on surprised. Tejaswini asks why are you seeing being shocked, can’t I forgive anyone. Bhuvan thanks her for being generous. Tejaswini says she is feeling glad to hear appraisal for a Bandhua. Bhuvan says I swear on Lord, I won’t think to leave Aazaagunj. She says but Chakort thought so and went, whats guarantee she will be back, its fine, we can’t punish you, as Chakor always runs, bad habits don’t go easily.

She asks them to go home now. Bhuvan thanks her a lot and asks them to touch their feet. Imli goes and touches her feet. Tejaswini says I liked you a lot, you reminded me of Chakor, and now you will be staying with us. Kasturi, Dadi, Imli and Bhuvan are shocked. Imli looks at Kasturi. Imli says she won’t stay. Tejaswini says Imli is interest on the loan, she won’t leave her, Imli will be with us till Chakor comes back, if she does not come in one week, then Imli will become our Bandhua and will get the labor stamp. Bhuvan and Kasturi cry and beg to her saying don’t do this, we will die. Bhaiya ji smiles. Kasturi pleads as Imli is taken away calling out mum…. She cries seeing Imli being dragged inside the haveli. Bhuvan takes Kasturi from there. They stop as Imli calls them. Kasturi says leave my Imli please. Lakhan scolds them and asks them to do. Imli cries.

Chakor says where is my family, I want to see you. Ishwar waits for the bus. Bhaiya ji calls inspector to save Ishwar, as he is going to kill Ishwar. Ishwar is hit by the car and falls down being wounded.

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