Udaan 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor running downstairs. Vivaan sees her and asks why is she crying, did villagers not listen to her. She says yes I lost Vivaan, my husband failed me, not villagers, Suraj cheated me, he broke my trust. Vivaan cleans the pistol. She says today I have lost. He says I did not understand. Imli says Suraj you did not save me, you have got more troubles, Vivaan’s doubt will get confirmed now. Chakor says you were right Vivaan, Imli is pregnant with Suraj’s child. Vivaan shoots aside. She says my trust shattered, Imli has Suraj’s child, Suraj is my husband, his child is in my sister’s womb. He shoots again.

Imli says when Vivaan knows this, it will be a disaster. Vivaan laughs and says this is the result of blind faith, when someone thinks by heart, you did not see Suraj’s

truth, you said your Suraj says truth and can’t cheat you. Chakor cries. He says you said your husband is Lord, you always chanted Suraj Suraj, that man is not Lord, but a devil. He laughs and says I can’t get angry on Suraj, my wife cheated me, why are you silent, Imli is a cheater, she cheated me along with your husband. Big injustice happened with us, whom we trusted the most have backstabbed us, we both are wounded. He laughs.

Suraj says I don’t understand how can you think what will Vivaan think, did Vivaan listen to you, he have thrown you out of haveli, you are just chanting Vivaan Vivaan…. She says I have Vivaan’s child, try to understand. He says I believe you, if you are saying this. She cries and hugs her. She says thanks for trusting me, I have Vivaan’s child in my womb, go to Chakor and tell her truth, she will be worried. He says its no use, doctor’s report proves its not Vivaan’s child, its not my child either, everyone will ask who is that third person, accept my lie as truth for this baby, whom will the baby call his father, just do as I say, this is the only way now. The temple bells ring.

She says no, I can’t accept this way, if I do this, our lives will be ruined, when my baby comes, what will I say, everyone got ruined. Suraj says your baby should come in world with respect, I m trying to save this innocent child, last time when you had my child in your womb, I was coward and refused to accept child, but this time Chakor called me, I m afraid Chakor will hate me, come with me to haveli. She refuses. He says its imp to go there, Chakor is alone there. She defends Vivaan. He says Vivaan is with Ragini and has become like her, Chakor is annoyed with me, I have to convince her, I can’t even explain her, but I can save her, come with me.

Suraj holds her hand and takes her. They leave from temple. Bhuvan throws Imli’s things in anger and says Imli insulted us in village, why did she not die. He sits crying. Kasturi consoles him. She says Imli wanted a child and did this mistake, she did not think anything before doing this, how to explain her, baby asks about father, what will she tell baby. Its Imli’s mistake. Tejaswini says no, its Suraj’s mistake also, I thought he changed by Chakor’s support, but hee is still bad, he ruined Chakor’s life, he did big sin, what would be Chakor going through. Kasturi says Chakor will never forgive them.

Vivaan asks Chakor to drink, truth is known to us, you have to drink. Chakor says I can’t drink. He says its big day for us. He asks Girja to take food back, today Suraj and Imli accepted the sin. Suraj and Imli come to haveli. Vivaan asks Chakor to drink. She says leave me, I can’t. He asks her to celebrate for heart break. He drinks. Suraj asks Imli to come. Vivaan says I m fine, you are just mourning, your trust broke, you celebrate, dance, sing and drink, show them we don’t care for them, they can go to any hell, we will dance. Suraj and Imli hear Vivaan singing Aaj ki party. Ragini asks Vivaan to stop it now. Vivaan says I m not a kid, leave me, I m just talking to my friend, Chakor’s heart is very big, she can forgive anyone, even that cheater Suraj, what shall I do, I loved Imli a lot, that my world started and ended on her, but she cheated me. Chakor goes upstairs and says my wound is bigger and I can’t forgive Suraj. She stops and turns to see Suraj and Imli at the door. Vivaan and everyone see Suraj and Imli. He asks Girja to get aarti plate. Chakor cries. Suraj sees Chakor.

Vivaan says I m glad seeing Imli, she went as a wife and came back as lover, come and celebrate with us, there are some rules for grahpravesh. She pours the whiskey and asks them to step on whiskey and come inside. Chakor shouts stop. Chakor asks them to go back.

Chakor asks Imli why did she do this. Chakor says you knew I love Suraj a lot. Imli says I made Suraj helpless as I needed a child. Chakor slaps her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today Chakor, Imli and Vivaan were in extreme pain, Suraj hasn’t yet realized how much Chakor is hurt. Why can’t he see that his decision will separate him from Chakor. It was bittersweet when Suraj wanted to hurry back to keep Chakor safe from Vivaan because the pain he’s caused her is much bigger.

    I was heartbroken for Chakor, she went to Vivaan to share her pain and he only increased it. The precap is really bad, why can’t Imli tell her the truth? I’m curious to see Suraj and Chakor’s conversation.

    I liked Tejaswini today too, she acknowledged her son’s mistake and she was the first to be worried for Chakor even before her own parents. May be if Chakor leaves haveli and stays with her parents, a bond will develop between her and Tejaswini.

    I know CVs want Suraj to correct the mistake he made when he abandoned Imli the first time, but he’s hurting Chakor and himself so much. Is this Chakor’s punishment for abandoning Vivaan the first time? This is so harsh on the four of them.

  2. Will Suraj tell Chakor that he lied? Vivaan kuch zaada hi battameezi karna lagg gaya hai. I feel so bad for Chakor. I’ve heard that she is going to decide to leave the haveli forever. What will go through Suraj as he loves her sooo much. Chakor ka love drama kal dekna hi parega.

  3. Wt is going on gys……every epi is giving us a big shocked…..and a emotional review…chakor is heart broken and she should never forgive suraj for his lie…suraj is so stupid….he could thought of any other plan…but no…he wanted to become hero…so he did all this idiotic things….

  4. is suraj really that stupid? How does he think its going to help chakor if he brings imli there all it will do is bring her more pain. The audacity of them to walk in the haveli together, imli was kicked out suraj was only allowed back in bacauae of chakor as farxas im concerned theycshould be both thrown out ofcthe haveli and village. It would make more sense for them to leave the area that is the only way the baby will be born with dignity, otherwise the baby will grow up with everyone knowing about the betrayal. Imli may be innocent but suraj is guilty of betrayal

  5. Sukorian

    this is my 2nd comment dpnt know y but first didnt appear.
    I hate this track Vivaan is Stupid Suraj is stupid both dont think. Imli is right n Teju is the best right now. Poor Chakor I do npt Watch the serial on read this written update. I miss KN I hope this track ends soon I gound some new spoilers all different but interesting..




  6. Thanks sukorian for the spoilers, there is an olv that supports the third link. I wish the first link is correct but I don’t think it is. I agree with you, Suraj and vivaan are stupid. Love Teju lately and imli is far wiser than suraj.

    Lucy, suraj is unbelievably dumb, why can’t he realize the pain chakor is in after his confession. Does he know that the only way the baby will get respect is if he marries imli?

    Zoya, suraj is so fatalistic about his plan, he doesn’t want to change it, I don’t know why. Why couldn’t he and chakor just adopt the baby later?

    Sunny, our CVs are completely unpredictable, nobody knows what they’ll do next.

    1. New olv guys imli tries to stop chakor fron leaving the haveli and was gonna tell the truth but stops suraj comes and tells chakor to stop chakor says u and imli r free and it dosent matter were i stay suraj grabs chakor suitcase and drops and tells chakor that she is not going anywhere suraj grabs chakor and takes her chakor says whatxr u doing suraj

  7. Yh guys the third olv is true on sbs segment suraj and vivaan have big fight know vivaan will bully imli and suraj everything suraj did was in a heated moment and now is trying to save the child cuz of his previous mistake however the child was then his but know its not its vivaans so whatever happenes will be vivaans fault u felt sorry for chakor wen vivaan was misbehaving with chakor suraj should have come in before wen he heard drunk vivaan and defend chakor i dont thinl chakor character will change i think she will be upset and angry with suraj and imli suraj thinks chakor will understand him but wen he sees chakor he will understand how hurt she is guys i think suraj will get drunk after chakor leaves the haveli cuz suraj loves chakor and knows he did nothing so the focus will be more on sukor and how suraj will try to convince chakor

  8. Shreya.

    Hii everyone….I agree with all of ur cmnts…in dis episode chakor is already in pain bt vivaan makes d situation worst…I felt vivaan humiliating chakor’s feeling…vivaan also in pain bt he shows tat in dis way…I really felt very bad for both sukor nd vimli pairs…can’t bear dis…guys both Suraj nd vivaan r stupid…they didn’t think abt d results…bcz of their stupid decisions both chakor nd imli r in pain…here Suraj nd vivaan only did d mistake in my point of view…definitely they will regret for their mistakes…..guys Suraj swear on chakor tat he is d father of imli’s child (he didn’t think tat tym)…bt when imli explains he realize his mistake, he know very well chakor is in pain…he feels tat pain too…if suppose he tells chakor tat I lied am d father of imli’s child if chakor believe easily.. hw can v expect dis from chakor…Suraj swear on chakor in front of everyone after chakor told dis is not a right way to save imli…so I think guys if suppose Suraj told dis she will not believe Suraj…may b Suraj knows dis tats y only he didn’t thinks to tell d truth…don’t know guys bt am thinking lyk dis way only…

    I love tejaswini ji allot…u r ryt nemo she is d one who first think abt chakor’s pain…nw all r in pain except tat ragini nd ranjana ji…even I miss kn ji allot…bt at d same tym I doubt on kn ji also if he is also involved in dis plan…don’t know wat was going on in cvs mind…

    Guys..suraj tells imli to stay in guest room tat tym vivaan came nd humilitates imli after tat he tells Suraj, imli is ur mistress so u both will stay in one room there is no need to stay in separate rooms…even he tries to harm imli…vivaan nd Suraj argue with eachother….I read dis information in FB page…

  9. I think Todays episode would be better that yesterdays…chakor s actions…i hope this mess clears up soon…and cvs dont drag the track…

  10. I also feel same …i agree with ur comment..

  11. Shreya.


    Guys c dis upcoming episode…chakor leaves from d haveli…Suraj breaks down…

    1. Sukorian

      to kiya kare woh. Suraj ghada Imli ke baache ko apna naam de diya par Chakor se Raaz kyoun chupa raha hai. Chakor is hurt she lost her trust on love twice n both times she Sacrifice her love for stupid imli. Baad main pregnant nahi ban saakthi thi…Agar zara si bhi bhen ke liye pyaar hots tho woh lucknow main rehti mamls thanda hota aur phir nahe se shuru karte investigation who is the father but no she doesnt want to listen only thinking of herself n Stupid vivaanke use koi ghuna na hojaye…???

      1. Shreya.

        Sukorian…chakor leaves d haveli bcz she feels Suraj betrayed her…chakor is ryt…nd suraj breaks down bcz of his like he lost chakor’s trust love…I didn’t tell suraj is ryt…bt i just told suraj also feels pain…after all he is also human being na…

      2. Sukorian

        Shreya i know but honestly if u take this kind of decision u have to think not once twice no u need to think more times at least he should have told her truth he does it to safe her n imli but on which cost his love is gone she has lost her love again n vivaan is now more than sure that imli betray him. this step wss the worst Suraj could take. I know he just to give the child a name not being the father but naam dehraha hai to Chakor se saach kyoun chupana hai… I understand chakor she broken n even I would leave hearing this n again bcz her sis. My pronlem is y to hide it from chakor. Duraj will realize his mistake n it will be cery hard n difficult to make chakor understand n believe y he did this he made a fake vow on her…

      3. Shreya.

        U r ryt Dr…I won’t took these type of decisions without thinking….here most of us talk abt chakor feelings only…that’s y only I told tat Suraj did mistake tat doesn’t mean he has no feelings…nd even am also thinking y he hide dis from our chakor…no idea dr…bt I hope cvs will definitely show y he hide lyk dis…once again I told u Dr I never support suraj,’s decision…am a fan of sukor lyk u all tats y only I talks abt both Suraj nd chakor…if am in chakor’s place I won’t forgive him easily…..hw much she hurts chakor…he must rectify his mistake…

  12. Shreya dr

  13. I really hate this stupid imli?chakor hurts a lot first vivvan now suraj?

  14. Hello my btrflies how r u all.did u mis me or not.i mis u soooooo much guys.y r so less cments guys.oooo shoooo my lvly bdys r upset with this track right.sory guys i wona talk much.bt nidhu di ne mera phone nhi [email protected] udan intresting track bt please ur asking about to change pairs na i jst wona sukor nd vimli pair ok pleeeeeees.

    1. Sukorian

      Hey hope u feel better now we all missed u ?

  15. Suraj swore on chakor life that he will give imli child his name and does not realise how hurt chakor is wen chakor leaves the haveli suraj is very heartbrokenand tries to stop chakor but she leaves suraj is left devastated and did not know this would be the consequences and now in the baasti chakor is helping the villagers they dont know how to make guns and in greed took the money now thier kids will be taken to make guns meaning vivaan plan worked suraj is really angrywith chakor leaving and is heartbroken

  16. It was just boring and heart breaking epic.i have nothing to say.

  17. Choco tuje phone kahan se mila.exam kesa hua tera hospital mai hai na abhi bhi?you are so presistent na.manogi nhi.pr tuje doctor ne permision kese di?kya kiya koi tha tere saath kya ya akeli gai.answer me soon choco hospital mai hai ya ghr mai hai tu?

  18. Thanks Tippu and shreya for the spoilers.
    Hi aanya, we miss you.
    Trisha, I think today will be more interesting too because I want suraj to realize how hurt chakor is because he hasn’t figured that out yet.

    Please CVs don’t drag the track it’s torture.

  19. Hi aanya,we all missed u soooooooooo much….hw is ur health nw….u r fine or not….don’t take stressed….take rest dr…..get well soon…n u r right we all r really upset with this current track….but u r not right….bcoz ur positive thinking is beyond our thoughts….

  20. Chakor gets betrayed left, right and centre, even the villagers listened to Suraj over her and signed new contracts even though she has been fighting for them for years and Suraj only recently. Chakor always thinks of why and tries to look at things from different angles and Suraj fell for Vivaans plans without thinking about long term possibilities.
    What did Suraj think was going to happen after, did he really think Chakor would hang around? Did he think I’ll give imlis child my name and carry on my life with Chakor? I have no words for his stupidity, makes me so angry!
    Why would Suraj even think to come back to the Haveli, Chakor doesn’t need to be shielded from vivaan now she needs to be away from Suraj and Imli

  21. Shreya.

    Hi aanya…hw r u my dr….hope u will b fine.. don’t take too much of stress dr….take care of urself…nd hw was ur xams…

    Hi ammi Punjabi…hw r u??

    Guys c they r asking pair swapping…guys plz go tat page nd vote no…v all love sukor nd vimli na.. thn hw can they do dis…plzz guys go ND vote…

    Already am upset with dis track…nw they asking abt dis swapping…feel lyk crying….y they r doing dis…first I watched Meri aashiqui tum se hi there is no proper ending…after tat I watched swaragini even they r also did d same…nw am watching udaan…am really crazy abt udaan show nd I really loved dis show more than Meri aashiqui tum se hi nd swaragini…nw they r asking these type of qstns…I really felt very bad…y these all happened to me only????

    1. Sukorian

      same swaragini they totally messed up now udaan

  22. Shreya.

    Plzz cvs I beg u plzz don’t think abt swapping..if u don’t have any idea abt dis better u freeze dis track nd bring tat gun factory track yaar plzz…don’t do dis injustice with us…plzz

  23. Shreya.

    Viji even am also from Chennai Dr…nd sry for d late cmnt…just nw only I saw ur cmnt (reply) in previous page…nd try to comment here everyday Dr

  24. Shreya.

    Chakor does not trust Suraj anymore. Their distance got much. Chakor says you did not think about me once. Suraj apologizes for his mistake and asks him to punish him, but not go away. He says if you stay with me, I will repent for my sin. Chakor has stayed with him as his shield, now Suraj has accepted Imli has his child. Suraj’s plan backfired on him, and he lost Chakor. Suraj asks Chakor to stay back for Lord’s sake. Chakor says I can’t agree to you this time.

    Chakor decides to leave the haveli, when Suraj does not move out with Imli. She tells Suraj that her love failed, where was Suraj’s love when he was with Imli. Imli and Suraj try to stop Chakor. Suraj asks Chakor to stay back for his sake. He keeps her bags away and requests her. Chakor says you made me fall much low, if I stay here, I will fall in my own eyes, do you want this to happen. He moves aside off her way. His heart cries out to stop her. She does not listen to him. Suraj allows her to go. Chakor does not listen to Imli. Suraj asks Imli to let Chakor go. Chakor cries and leaves. Suraj shouts Chakor and weeps, not able to bear the separation.

    Suraj gets frustrated and breaks things around. Suraj finds it hard to explain Chakor that he did not cheat her. Imli gets angry seeing Suraj silent. She asks Suraj why did he not stop Chakor. Imli cries out seeing Suraj’s heartbreak. She says your relation with Chakor broke because of me, how will I forgive myself now, why shall I be quiet now. Suraj wants Imli’s child to be safe and does not want to tell truth to even Chakor. Imli tells Suraj that he did big mistake. Suraj has sacrificed his love for his friendship. Can Chakor realize Suraj’s sacrifice?….new spoiler guys

  25. Ooooo shoooo sweet of u shreya,zoya,sukorian nd nemo.i lov u all n i mis u too.nd don’t wri gys m suuuper wala fine [email protected] m also upset for vimli nd sukor bt not toooo much bcz i know smthing’ll hapen intresting nd m waiting for [email protected] gys u know wt last epi.was so funny i couldn’t cntrol my lough to see vivan.nd grehprawesh was awsm with pvitr vine amazing cvs continue.nd gys sb scenes k beech mai mujhe sukor nd vivan k smile bhut achi lgi nd teeno ne acha cntrol [email protected] udan thnku mai khuch dmaka epi. Chahti thi or apne jo slap wala dmaka scene diya realy great bt not good.u know na u made vikor dimag wala nd sumli gun wala ok to suraj babu ko dimag wala mtt bno nd please sukor lv nd vimli cute pair hi rehne do please.nd kn ji ka dmaka kb krne wale ho.where is shikhu dokhebaj. I mis kn ji sooooo much.please cvs i know khuch deno mai aap khuch bada revel krne wale ho jldi kro m waiting for that ant ki nhi horse ki chal chlo kis cheez ka wait kr rhe ho trp k km hone ka.most importent thing sb smj rahi hu mai jo bhi aap vikor or sumli ka color combination kr rhe na sb smj aa raha please esa khuch sochna bhi mtt please.

  26. I hate Udan,i hate u all,gnda gnda gnda gnda gnda udan.bad bad bad cvs.bura sukor bura vimli @all gys if its less i can think more -ive ok.nd now stop caling me positive like my colege people ok.m jst aanya gys jst aanya.agr ek or baar kisi ne positive aanya bola to dreams mai bhoot bn k aaungi chlega [email protected] di aap itne swal mtt kro ok mujhe kl evening mai hosh aa gya tha u know na aaj mera exam tha doctor ko to kya aapko bhi meri baat mani padti.don’t wri u all r with me nw so wt jst chil gys m super fine.nidhu di mere maa-papa vo nhi aaye na?tanu di bhi hospital nhi aai vo ab bhi mujse baat nhi krna chahti na.nd nidu di relax mera agla exam 18th ko hai.nd m not in hospital now nd please don’t start scolding me ok.

  27. Hey ananya finaly you are back.i’m happy to see your comments again.

  28. Gys u know wt sukor sepration hoga vimli sepration already ho chuka hai.u don’t think so gys suraj babu can make a plan lonly so y not our chakor. gys think once chakor wona stop gun factry right.nd now no bdy want suraj in basti right nd also hveli.or chakor ka rsta bhi saaf hai.iss liye vo bsti ja rhi hai sb shi krne.unhe suraj babu ki ksm dyan se remind ho gai hogi k unhone bola tha ‘hm iss baby k papa kehlaenge’right.so jane do thoda suraj babu ko bhi tdpne do.unhone hmari chakor se plan share nhi kiya to hmari chakor bhi nhi krengi right na gys.plan ka bdla [email protected] agr aap ne ye sb nhi kiya na to mai……..to mai aapko breakfast ,lunch,dinner mai choclate khane bolugi ok aapko wmating hoi tb pata chlega aapse cam nhi hoga to hm sb fans apne treke ka serial bnane apke set phunch jange ok.nd one more thing aapne A.D fir change kr diye na.no sukor sepration ok lov udan.lov u team lov u [email protected] start nagin dance nd enjoy this track gys.u know na gys after bandua track hme kitne ache sukor scene mile pakka gys abhi bhi esa hi hoga.

  29. Guys ik seeing chakor heartbreak was so sad but i liked the way this time cvs thoughtabout chakor and her feelings vivaan is so dumb and stupid and i dont think chakor will join him as now chakor is gonna help the basti meaning she will be against vivaan he also misbehavioued with her and kidnapped her so chakor would never go bk with vivaan and she knoes he is evil and is with ragini suraj will realise this time he brike chalor heart and she wont forgive him and will realise he made a mistake which will mean he will stay angry and will fight for chakor trust which i really want to see cuz so far chakor has done alot for suraj and now cvs will show how much chakor means to suraj and i also watched swargini that went really crap towards the end why did swara leave sanskaar cuz laksh ran away that was dumb and swara was always right at everything thats why i liked ragini more cuz she had emtions where as swara was perfect and right about everything but udann is different guys its much better atleast they showing chakorschakors feelibg and how suraj will realise he made a big mistake and will try to get chakor back

  30. Hi guysss how are you all…
    After seeing this episode I cried alot..poor suraj and chakor…chakor breakdowns and suraj will also shattered after chakor left the haveli… Nowadays it becomes tearful episodes for us.. Please CVS don’t drag this ..its a request..we want sukor together please clear all misunderstanding of sukor

  31. Hey aanya how you??everything fine??are you discharged from hospital?hey take rest OK…don’t take too much stress OK..
    And i hope everything will be fine in udaan also..I hope tumhaara soch sach ho jaaye.. we want sukor scenes right he na

  32. Hi tippu dear m totly agre with u even m happy to know that suraj babu ko bhut frk padta hai chakor k gussa hone say.m sepration k bare mai km or sepration ki bajha se bdti unki closeness k bare mai soch k jyada khuch ho rahi [email protected] mam esse to accha hai aap mujhe dmbo hi bulao bcz my name is aanya not ananya.

    1. Yes anaya im happy u understand my point we will also suraj emotions to cuz he know has to live with the pain that his love does not trust him and will know try to win back chakor cuz he cant live without hersuraj thought chakor will realise but will see that he has hurt chakor alot and will repent i actually cant wait to see suraj trying to convince chakor by showing her how much he loves her maybe chakor will realise suraj cuz right know shes hurt andi dont think shel go to vivaan as he is still harming the baasti and chakor is angry on suraj it doesnt mean she has turned evil atleast cvs will focus more on sukor rather then them standing in the coner and vivaan and ragini making evil plans now we will see sukor

  33. Ok I’ve just caught up on missed episode and I’ve changed my mind, I do blame Imli as well, vivaan understandably gone crazy since finding out Imlis pregnant since he thinks medically he can’t conceive so Imli instead of finding prove for vivaan she goes mad in the village, makes herself look crazy, takes her anger out on everyone else apart from the person she should be angry with, Chakor tries to protect her and then the idiot Suraj doesn’t want to see Chakor begging so to stop her begging his great idea is to hurt her and humiliate her far more then the begging by saying he is the father. Imli in the eyes of most people her reputation is ruined so Suraj hasn’t helped by pretending to be the father instead he has now ruined his own reputation as well and bought more pain to more people. I have no sympathy for Suraj, I don’t care if he is heartbroken he bought it upon himself and I got great pleasure in seeing Chakor finally slap Imli, well overdue. Suraj has proven he can’t truly love Chakor because what he did wasn’t sacrifice, he chose to help someone over the feelings of the one who sacrificed for him. He and Chakor could have helped Imli together in some other way. I don’t think Vivaan misbehaved with Chakor he was grieving as well but he’d gotten drunk so wasn’t really in his senses and can you blame him, Suraj just justified Vivaans suspicion. I hope when Suraj does go in his bedroom and hope he sees the mess and blood and feels worse. (Usually mess seems to disappear in seconds so no one ever seems to see the damage made)

  34. @sruthi hi m super fine nd ya m discharged from hospital.nd mai stress kbhi leti nhi or rest k elawa mere paas krne k liye or kuch hai nhi.hey ammi punjabi nd fatima r u new here?welcm from my side gys.

  35. Shreya.

    Tippu I totally agree with ur each nd every word abt our sukor…nw it’s sura’s turn to fight for his love, chakor’s trust nd everything nd clear all d messes…even am glad tat our cvs shows chakor’s feelings…every girl react lyk dis…they did dis really well…hats of to u cvs for showing chakor’s feeling…in other serials they didn’t show dis…

    Ok aanya baby nwonwards I won’t tell tat u r such a positive girl…bt one thing Dr v all love u alloot u know tat very well tats y only v all r saying take care of urself…love u aanya baby…

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