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The Episode starts with Suraj telling Bhaiya ji that all bandhua will get free, then we have to give them wages for their work. Bhaiya ji says I made all kids bandhua, but you bet with Chakor and lost. He asks Suraj shall I tell what to do work. Vivaan comes and says give this work to me. Suraj asks Vivaan not to interfere. Vivaan says I have an idea, if I fail, then Suraj can manage. Bhaiya ji says fine, Suraj is forgetting that just I will decide, Vivaan can take Imli along. Suraj gets angry.

Vivaan leaves. Suraj says I know I did mistake once, will you punish me and make Vivaan do all the work. Bhaiya ji says if you want to become big man, make others do the work, foolish man does all work himself, don’t get emotions between work. Suraj smiles. Bhaiya ji asks him not to go after Tina, that girl

loves Vivaan, I like their pairing, if we get related to Raichand, it will be good.

Imli and Vivaan are on the way. She acts rude and asks why did he hurt Chakor. He asks her not to talk if she does not know anything. He says you cheated Chakor, she lost national marathon so that you go away from here, but you did not go, you love Suraj, do you think he will accept you. You are mad in love and Chakor is mad in her motive, don’t talk to me in this matter again.

Vivaan and Imli go to village. Vivaan asks the couple to sign on couple and become bandhua again. The man says but I paid loan to Bhaiya ji. Vivaan says you did not say your wife is pregnant, this is against contract. The lady says we did not expect this from you. Vivaan says you did not tell us, you sign fast now. The people say Vivaan is talking like Bhaiya ji. Chakor comes there and stops Vivaan. Chakor scolds Vivaan and asks him to leave. She says you can’t make them bandhua by forcing them, they paid the loan, and pushes Vivaan. He gets angry. Imli asks Chakor to leave. Chakor says I won’t go. Imli asks the man to sign or get shot. Chakor aims the gun at herself and asks Imli to stop scaring with the gun. Vivaan asks Imli to get gun down, do this infront of Suraj, not me. He tells Kaka that I know how you got money. Chakor says he worked hard and paid loan. Vivaan says even if anyone works all life, loan can’t be paid. This is the tradition, no one can break it. Chakor asks then how did he repay loan. Vivaan says by taking loan, his cousin helped him. Chakor says so what, the thing is they paid money, that’s imp, leave from here. Vivaan says fine, but Kaka has not paid income tax, if I complaint, police will arrest him, the child will be born in jail, I can send you and your wife to jail. Chakor says you can’t do this, this is wrong. Vivaan asks what do you know, right or wrong, come Imli. They leave. Chakor asks Kaka not to get scared. He says no, I will not let this happen and stops Vivaan. He says I m ready to put thumb impression wherever you say, nothing should happen to my son. Vivaan says no need to worry. Kaka applies thumb impression. Kasturi looks on and recalls Tejaswini’s words. Chakor gets shocked. Vivaan smiles. Chakor thinks my story is repeated again. Yeh houslon ki udaan hai…………..plays……..

Suraj asks Imli not to fool them, did they apply thumb impression without getting beaten up. Bhaiya ji says yes, here is the proof and shows papers. Suraj says this can’t happen, this is impossible. Chakor is at camp. She sits sad. Her friend Tripti asks her to take rest at her home and come in morning. Chakor recalls what happened with Kaka. She says I can’t think to go back to Azaadgunj, now I have to win marathon, its much imp.

Suraj asks Bhaiya ji doesn’t you feel surprised that Vivaan did this. Bhaiya ji says he is more smarter, he used to get more marks than you in school, you are also good, he works silently and you get angry, support him, he is your younger brother, you are jealous of him.

Rathod asks Chakor to run. Kusum says I m jealous of her, she never gets tired, she never sleeps. Rathod praises Chakor. Tina gets jealous. Rathod says your speed is increasing. Chakor says thanks, I will work hard. Tina asks her timing. Rathod says you run much faster, I want to meet you all at 5am tomorrow, I will change routine. Tina asks Chakor did she hear what Rathod said, stop dreaming. Chakor says I met many people who asked me to lose, but my speed increased, don’t worry, focus on practice.

Trishakti promo: Chakor and Vivaan are together and acting to have enmity between them.

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