Udaan 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Imli shouting on Chakor. She cries and leaves. Chakor says i have Imli’s tears in my eyes today. She gets a call and says I will come and meet you. She tells Kasturi that she has to go for work and leaves. Imli hears her and follows. Bhuvan blames Kasturi for breaking the sisters. Imli does the aid to her wound. Suraj laughs and says you had gun, still Chakor has hurt you. She asks him to tell her and she will shoot down Chakor. He says I will give you this chance too, you are my right hand and Chakor has hurt my right hand, I will not leave her.

Chakor goes to meet Aditya. Imli keeps an eye on her. Aditya is on the way. Imli calls Suraj and says Chakor is here to meet her friend, but he did not come yet. Suraj says he will come, just take his photo and send me, don’t do

anything, I will see him. Imli looks on.

Chakor calls Aditya. He says I m reaching there. She reminds that he has meeting at this time. He says I forgot that, I had few ideas for your next campaign. She says fine, first meet your boss and then we will meet. Imli thinks what will I tell Suraj now. Chakor stops and looks around, feeling someone is there. She leaves.

Bhaiya ji is angry on Chakor and asks Suraj to stop Imli from following Chakor, let Chakor feel free, I have a plan to catch Chakor’s friend, I will tell you. Suraj says fine, my plan did not work out, maybe yours will work. He goes. Bhaiya ji fumes on Chakor.

Its night, Chakor shows the blouse she stitched for Kasturi. She apologizes to Imli. Imli argues and says I regret I did not shoot you. Chakor says we can atleast be friends. Imli tells her that she did for family and how she alone saved them from Bhaiya ji. She says I m going to haveli now, move from my way, I feel suffocated here because of you, I will sleep in haveli. She leaves.

Suraj talks to media and thanks them. He says I m glad that my dad is opening this hospital, villagers will get treatment for free. Aditya and Chakor look on and smile. They have a talk. Chakor says I get happiness when I make Bhaiya ji lose out to villagers. Aditya says Bhaiya ji is not here, I think he got scared. She says once I win national marathon, I will make him do things he did not imagine. He says yes, I will always be here, but Imli is after you, where will you practice. She says I recall bandhuagiri on seeing Imli. Chakor practices running. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………plays…….. she shouts Imli where are you, I can’t see you and your gun here.

Bhuvan drives the cart and gets tired. He drinks water. A man asks him to come, Bhaiya ji wants to meet him. Bhuvan asks why, did I do any mistake. Bhuvan goes and greets Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji asks his help. Bhuvan asks what can I help you. Bhaiya ji says I have done good things for villagers, you have to do good thing for me. Bhuvan says command me, I can give my life for you. Bhaiya ji says I don’t want your life, Chakor has a friend in media, do you know him. Bhuvan says I don’t know anything. Bhaiya ji asks really, fine, find out. Bhuvan says I don’t know about media. Suraj comes and says you said right, you are a small man, but your daughter Chakor has become big person, and scolds Bhuvan. He asks Bhuvan to find out that media guy or be ready to see your daughter dead. Bhuvan cries and says don’t say this, I will explain Chakor, she will go from here, don’t kill her. Bhaiya ji calls him fool and laughs. He says I doubt you are Chakor’s father and they laugh. Suraj says we are not saying about killing Chakor. Bhaiya ji says I have killed Chunni, remember, now Chakor and Imli are left. Suraj says we are telling about Imli. Bhuvan gets shocked and cries.

Bhuvan says forgive me Chakor… Chakor checks her speed and says great… Vivaan comes and says its not good Chakor. She turns and looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yeah….imli is on wrong path but bhuvan is right….kasturi is behaving like hell with imli…..

  2. I love your acting

  3. Gud epd……imli plzzzz change ur behive and help ur sister………..bhayajiye eni win cheyikkaruthu eniyulla epdsil chakorinte jayamarikanam plzzzz waiting for wonderful moment

  4. Nyc episode

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