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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Tejaswini to do something for her daughter Bhagya. Bhaiya ji scolds her and asks her to get lost. He asks Tejaswini to go and rest. Tejaswini says she has made many people to save the business, and today her daughter has become their bandhua, did Lord punish them. Bhaiya ji says Lord has given this business, money and status, if Lord asks us for our first child, you should be happy, that Bhagya is making our name shine, people do anything to get peace and go for yatra, and Bhagya is giving them peace, this is blessing for us. He says our all sins will end. Tejaswini leaves.

Ishwar says Vishnu I will try and think whom to send as bandhua, till then try to make footage clear. Vishnu says fine. Abha says how did Bhavani come back, I m stunned by the villagers, they

are still there to meet Devi maa, they feel nothing happened. She says I know you will free Bhagya. Ishwar says no, till we get proof its tough. Ranjana comes and says she did not get any proof. He says we will think of something.

Tejaswini sees the baby clothes and shoes of Bhagya and cries, recalling her. Chakor comes to her. Tejaswini says her parents may fight, but she just talks to Bhaiya ji and obeys her. Chakor asks about Bhagya. She says she is our daughter, we will think what to do. Bhaiya ji looks on. Tejaswini asks Chakor to go and do her work. Chakor says I m glad that you called Bhagya your daughter and leaves.

Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to keep an eye on Chakor, he feels she will do something. Lakhan says don’t worry, I will see her. Chakor does hair massage to Baa and tells about Bhagya. Chakor says she is your grand daughter, as she is Bhaiya ji’s daughter and he is your son. She says Bhagya is very nice. Baa says fine, if you say. Chakor says Bhagya’s family is now complete like mine, she got everyone.

She says Bhagya’s parents are not giving her love, I have to do something to bring her out of temple, I don’t know what to do. Baa says lets think together, do forehead massage and we will think. Chakor asks how did she remember this. Baa says I don’t know. Chakor says you will remember everything. Baa says it will happen if Ishwar wants. Chakor says Ishwar Mausa ji and runs. Baa says where did she run. The kids have a talk. Suraj packs the gift. Vivaan says about friendship day, and Suraj and Prince gift each other every year. Chakor smiles and says Roshni is your friend too, its good plan right. They join hands.

Ragini and Vivaan tell Suraj that they want to give anything to Roshni on friendship day. Suraj says fine, sit in the car. Vivaan says Chakor is not coming. Ragini asks Chakor to keep the gift box in the car. Chakor sits in the car hiding and leaves. Vivaan and Ragini fool Suraj and get down the car. They worry if Chakor is still in the car. Chakor says I was hiding behind the tree, lets go to Aditya’s home to save Bhagya. Girja tells Bhaiya ji that Chakor has run away. He asks Lakhan how did she run. Lakhan says I don’t know, just Suraj and kids left in the car.

Bhaiya ji calls Suraj and asks is Chakor with him. Suraj says no, Vivaan and Ragini went, they were troubling me. Bhaiya ji says Chakor has run by their help, but where did she go, she should not reach temple. Tejaswini says I know she has gone to Aditya’s home. Bhaiya ji says the kids have troubled me a lot and gets angry. Ishwar says he has a way to save Bhagya. Vivaan asks what. Ishwar gets Bhaiya ji’s call. Bhaiya ji asks him did the kids come to his home. Ishwar looks at them and says no, they did not come, why, is everything fine.

Bhaiya ji says no, I m scared that they can do anything wrong. Ishwar says if they come, I will send them to you. Bhaiya ji says thanks and ends call. He says where did they go, are they making plan to make Bhagya run, Chakor will do something. He asks Lakhan to increase security at the temple. Lakhan says I think she will make Devi Maa run. He leaves. Ishwar says he made the plan to make Bhagya run, a truck will come to take coconuts, so they will take Bhagya along by acting as laborers. Chakor says great plan and smiles.

Arjun asks Bhagya to run with him, and Bhavani comes there. Bhagya drinks water and is shocked seeing Bhavani. Arjun sees her too.

Update Credit to: Amena

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