Udaan 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj asking Chakor to stay as his bandhua wife if she wants to save Imli. Chakor asks why, you dislike me, then why do you want to keep me as your wife, don’t try to bond me. He smiles. She recalls the marriage and what all happened. She says bandhua wife, now I understood, you have played this swapping game. He asks are you mad, I did not do anything. She says don’t lie, you did this, else you would have not threatened me to trap Imli, you knew what we were planning, you knew I have made Tina run away and made Imli sit in Tina’s place, that’s why you planned all this, tell me truth, did you do this or not. He shouts yes, its true, I did this swapping, you feel you are smartest, you made Tina away from me, so I made Vivaan away from you, now settled scores.

She says

Tina did not love you, she hates you, Imli loves you, scores would be settled when Imli’s baby got father’s name, when I got my love, your hatred ruined everything, your heart has fire that you want to burn everyone around. He shouts yes, some fools want to play with this fire, knowing they will be burnt, go and tell them that I did this swapping, no one will believe, as you don’t have proof. She says I will find out everything, I will take divorce. He says divorce won’t happen. She says court orders will come tomorrow, till we get divorced, you won’t come in my room. She leaves.

Its morning, lawyer asks about Suraj, so that divorce formalities can be done. Suraj comes there. Lawyer says Vivaan is saying this marriage happened by mistake, is this true. Chakor, Vivaan and Imli say yes. Lawyer says fine, do you all want divorce. They say yes, and Suraj ponders. Vivaan asks him to say. Lawyer asks Vivaan not to ask Suraj to say yes. Suraj says yes. Lawyer says wrong marriage can be made null in a week, we will come tomorrow to take signs on your request. He leaves. Chakor and Vivaan smile seeing each other.

Tejaswini opposes the divorce. Ranjana comes and supports the divorce discussion, as no one is happy. Tejaswini scolds Ranjana for marrying Bhaiya ji after Manohar’s death. Vivaan argues. Suraj says enough, if Chakor wants divorce, then it will happen. They all leave. Tejaswini looks at Suraj and asks are you mad, will you give divorce to Chakor, if Vivaan and Chakor unite, they will trouble us. Suraj says don’t worry, this won’t happen, I played my second trick, you will see result tomorrow. They smile.

Chakor recalls Suraj’s words and gets worried. She says Suraj is showing that he is ready to take divorce, but he refused to give divorce, I have to save Imli, what can I do, Suraj has that video, not any other proof, what should I leave that proof with him, I can delete video from Suraj’s phone, then he can’t do anything Suraj comes there and his phone drops.

He picks his phone and says you are eager to leave and I m in hurry to come, I asked you to think, will you give divorce or save Imli. She says I won’t let anything happen to Imli, I told you not to come to this room. He says I told you I will use my washroom. He keeps his watch and phone there, and goes to washroom. Chakor takes his phone and says I will delete the video, then Suraj won’t have any proof. She deletes the video. Suraj comes and asks how dare you delete the video, you did not do right. She says now you have no proof against Imli, come to meet divorce lawyer tomorrow. She leaves. Suraj smiles.

Bhuvan tries to start the fan. Imli comes there. Kasturi and Bhuvan get glad seeing her. Bhuvan hugs Imli. Kasturi smiles and hugs Imli. She asks Imli is everything fine in haveli. Imli says yes. Kasturi says Chakor did all this, I will never forgive her. Bhuvan says have patience, come Imli. Kasturi says Chakor made Tina elope and married Suraj. Imli cries and says no, don’t say anything to Chakor. Kasturi says fine, its not your and Chakor’s mistake, its my mistake to love you, does this happen, you did not ask us and married. Imli says Chakor has rectified the mistake. Kasturi asks what are you two doing now. Imli says we are taking divorce. They get shocked.

Vivaan talks to moon and asks for blessings, I will get my Chakor back. It starts raining. Chakor comes there with an umbrella. Vivaan says I was talking to your moon, don’t know when rain started and you came. She says everyone is trapped in divorce matter, I did not get time to talk to you, whatever happened was wrong, but we should move on. She stumbles and he holds her hand. Saware….plays…………

Inspector says we have to take Imli for questioning, we got to know Imli met Bhaiya ji and she has killed him. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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