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The Episode starts with Aditya hearing Vivaan and Ragini talking. Vivaan says he has hidden the shoes in the grain bag and marked on it. Aditya goes to take the shoes and sees the grain bags getting loaded in truck. Bhuvan takes the grain bag having Chakor and does not know. Aditya sees two bags marked and says did Vivaan put one shoe each in two bags. Arjun asks Bhagya to focus on puja. Manohar talks to Lakhan and asks him to find the papers. Vivaan comes to him and asks can he get colors for villagers by winning the money after getting Arjun’s shoes. Manohar asks him to do anything, as he is his son, he is in tension and getting grain bags loaded. Vivaan says oh no, and runs to get shoes.

Ragini says all grains bags are gone. Vivaan says did it get load in truck and sees truck leaving. Lakhan comes

and stops him. Vivaan asks him to stop the truck. Lakhan says the truck went to Mumbai. Vivaan says Arjun’s shoes are gone now.

Abha tells Ishwar that she recalled their marriage seeing Arjun and Bhagya, does he remember. He says no. She reminds that she is his wife. He says yes, I remember a bit, you were the one. He smiles and says he remembers the song he has sung on wedding night in her request, and how her earring has stuck in his sherwani. She smiles and asks and… He says his sneezing were not stopping and phone.. She asks what. He says call from office, I will just come back and tell special things. He gets to know office has theft and gets another call. He gets shocked and says at home too, what are you all doing, you were made dizzy, it means it was a plan, I m coming. The pandit says puja is over, and asks Arjun and Bhagya to stand. Bhagya says Chakor… Baa says don’t know where she went. Abha says all kids are busy in stealing shoes. Bhagya says she wants Chakor. Baa says she will come, take pheras, mahurat will pass.

Ishwar calls Abha and she goes. Arjun says Chakor will be sad if Bhagya does not take pheras. Abha says what, office and home are ransacked. Ishwar is on the way and says I knew Bhaiya ji has done this, he has sent goons to steal the papers. Abha says Lakhan and Manohar are here. Ishwar says maybe has has given this work to someone else and recalls the goon. He says the man was following me, he can do anything with Chakor, where is she. She asks Aditya. Aditya says I m finding her. Ishwar asks Abha to find Chakor. Abha worries and asks Aditya to find Chakor.

Babu comes to the truck and meets his goons. The goon brings the marked bag. Babu says we will kill her here. Aditya says Chakor is nowhere. Ishwar calls Abha and says this plan was to kidnap Chakor and steal all documents. She says what, Chakor is kidnapped. Ishwar says if they know we came to know, they will change plan, don’t look tensed, if marriage stops, Bhaiya ji will succeed in his plan, I will find Chakor, wait for my call. Aditya asks will anything happen to Chakor. Abha says no, Ishwar is Chakor’s Lord, he will not let anything happen to Chakor.

Ishwar calls Sitapur police station and asks them to stop truck with grains, and arrest everyone in that truck, I m reaching there. He leaves. Arjun and Bhagya take the pheras. Abha tells them that Chakor is hiding shoes, she will get her and asks Bhagya to take rounds.

Abha and Aditya try to find Chakor. Arjun and Bhagya get married by all rituals. Baa finds Kasturi worried. Kasturi says she is just getting some what worried. Baa asks her not to worry. Babu shoots at the grain bag and it falls.

Ishwar and Vishnu find the truck and the grain bags. They see the bullet marks and Vishnu says did they kill Chakor. Ishwar is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Aditya hs hiddn chakor nt shoes

  3. Ya i think so dia,finally argaya married i so happy and plz save chakor…..

  4. Finally arghya got married!!

  5. Now ds KN cnnt stp argya frm unitng

    he wl kill ishwr…….. 🙁

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