Udaan 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor ends ties with Suraj

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The Episode starts with the villagers fighting with Imli’s goons. Kasturi covers up Chakor and hugs her. Udaan hai….plays… Imli asks Ranvijay and Suraj to come, they can’t win over everyone. Everyone cries for Chakor, who goes away. Kasturi says let her go, whatever happened with her, this shouldn’t happen with everyone, a big disaster happened with her. The villagers feel sorry. Imli slaps Ranvijay and scolds him. She calls all her men mad and foolish. She asks did he not see how the villagers got against her, how will she win elections. He holds her neck. She says leave me, are you mad, do you want to kill me.

He says yes, I should kill you, what to do, I like your love, I can’t live without it, fine beat me, I m mad that’s why I m with you. She slaps him. He asks her to keep beating him, he did a mistake, they will lose elections. She stops him and says enough, don’t say this, I will win the elections, I will rule in Aazaadgunj, everything happens according to me here. Chakor cries and walks on the road. She imagines Suraj and her, and Suraj beating up the goons to protect her. Suraj tells her that when its about her respect, he can’t be calm, he can fight with the world for her respect. She asks do you love me so much. He says yes, I love you a lot, no one can badly eye you. She hugs him. They disappear. Mahiya….plays…. Chakor cries.

Suraj gets restless and thinks of Chakor. Chakor thinks of Suraj and sits crying. Suraj comes there. Chakor senses him and looks around. He sits at other side of the well. She doesn’t see him. He begins to leave. Pakhi comes to console Chakor. Suraj gets a dupatta over his face and throws it away. It falls over Chakor. He goes. Pakhi asks what happened, forgive me, I was not there when you needed me. Chakor says I can never forgive Suraj, he is dead for me, everything got finished, he is not my old Suraj. Suraj thinks of Chakor. Chakor cries.

Suraj says I try to recall the past, but I don’t remember anything, I want to recall everything. He sees Chakor. He says I got hurt, I tied this cloth to my hand, don’t know from where did I get this cloth. Chakor says no, I don’t remember anything now.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Poor Chakor, she’s shattered.

  2. Some1onearth

    4 sure by now Suraj should struggle by himself 2 remember the past and stop being Imli and Ranvijays puppet.

  3. Suraj wants to recall everything
    I just hope he stops listening to them devils
    Chakor’s ignorance towards him might make him realise his love for her
    sukor’s story is heading nowhere at the moment

  4. The best way to gain others attention is to stop giving them yours. Hope Chakor is doing the same with Suraj. But suraj is really struggling to remember his past. Hope he won’t be a puppet of Imli and Ranvijay. Very nice to see Imli slapping Ranvijay.

  5. i dont know what kind of sadist relation they are trying to show between imli and ranvijay. it feels really weird watching them beat each other and then stare with dreamy eyes. and this imli is so far removed from the original imli that the writers could have introduced a complete new villain in her place and it wouldnt make much of a difference. imli doesnt love vivan and is happy that he died. imli doesnt care for her parents and is ready to sell their organs. she has no emotions or feelings for anyone but ranvijay. and even ranvijay’s family are not mentioned.
    anyways, i have a feeling that imli is using tejaswini to control suraj, like i am taking care of your old mother so you will have to listen to me. maybe, then at least suraj wouldnt be a machine listening to his malik malkin but have some reason for doing so. right now even suraj is no longer the person before the leap.
    i am happy that the villagers finally learnt to find their voice and fight back together. hope they a show a change among the villagers after this. i am so done with chakor shouting at the top of her voice and imli trying to match her at times. sometimes even chakor’s words come as empty threats. and imli sounds really comical, like joffrey from game of throne stamping his feat that he is the king. imli’s depiction of a villain is pathetic, she mostly has a mean face or is grinning with stupid over confidence or shouting about her being a devi or trying to look angry but only looks afraid. and ranvijay might seem crazier now but he was way more scary in his home back in banaras. at least he was actively doing something, here he just talks and catches imli’s throat from time to time.
    also, a last thought. kamalnarayan’s goons all had guns. whats up with imli’s goons carrying sticks and only ranvijay having a gun? the villagers wouldnt have stood a chance if the goons had started shooting at them.

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