Udaan 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji saying I have won even after defeat, and you have lost even after your win. He asks Chakor to say who has won? Chakor asks Suraj, how did this happen? Bhaiya ji says I am very much happy today as my daughter gave me a precious gift and caught by escaped son. He says I will punish him tomorrow and asks his goons to decorate basti as a bride, and invites everyone. Chakor cries looking at Suraj. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to see her parrot and says today is his last night. Ragini asks goons to bring him to haveli. Chakor asks Suraj to tell what happened? Suraj apologizes to her. Chakor questions God about the gift which he gace her today. Bhaiya ji tells Suraj that his life’s last chapter will be written tomorrow. Suraj is seen tied up to the long wood. Chakor comes and asks

them to leave Suraj. Ragini asks goons not to let Chakor meet him.

Bhaiya ji asks goons to let love birds meet for one last time. He says let her shed some tears now, and then she has to cry all life. Chakor goes to Suraj and cries looking at him. Bhaiya ji says what a romance, they are staring each other romantically. Vivaan and Emily come there. Vivaan asks what you are going to do with Suraj. Bhaiya ji says chuchundar have come. Vivaan grabs his collar and says you can’t harm Suraj. Bhaiya’s goons hold Vivaan. Bhaiya ji slaps him and says I am bearing you as you are Ranjana’s son else would have killed you. You are nothing without my surname Rajvanshi name. He asks him to look at Suraj and Chakor, and says you are alive today because of me. He says I would have thrown you and your wife from here, and made you stay in basti. He asks him not to help his enemies, and asks goons to keep Vivaan captive. Emily shouts. Bhaiya ji says I will kill both if you do anything.

Ragini tells Bhaiya ji that she called special guards specially for Suraj so that Chakor can’t help him escape. Bhaiya ji says you did good, and warns Chakor not to make Suraj escape again, and says he gave order to his man to shoot on Suraj’s forehead. Chakor asks Suraj why did you come here? I told you that Maayi is fine. Suraj says I was going after talking to you, but Chiku had other plans. A fb is shown, Chiku sells his loyalty to Ragini. Chakor says Chiku…I thought he is loyal to you and apologizes to you. Suraj says why you are apologizing, you thought about my betterment, may be my end is in Kamal narayan’s hands. Chakor asks why he is saying this.

Suraj says I never cared about Chiku and that he didn’t do any mistake. Chakor says what you are saying? Suraj says now I am changed, if I was old Suraj then I would have kill Chiku and Kamal Narayan. He says a girl make him understood that killing is not the option. Chakor asks when did you realize this. Suraj says when she started giving sacrifices for me and I can trust her more than myself. He thanks her for supporting a goon for forever. Chakor keeps finger on his mouth and says you are not a goon. She hugs him. Sweet music plays……..Suraj recalls romantic moments with her. He thinks I wish this moment would never end and thinks if he is scared of death. He says if I love Chakor? Chakor says I will come and will not let you die.

Chakor thanks Suraj for giving so many gifts to her. Suraj asks did you like the gifts. Chakor says best gift was the dream of freeing Azaad gunj. Chakor says he can’t kill you, and says with which weapon he wants to kill you. Suraj looks on.

Chakor says what he is going to do tomorrow. I will hide all weapons in this haveli. Suraj asks why she is talking like a child. He says if this is last night for me, then let me live this night as a tiger. I need a strength and hope, and without you, I have no hope or strength today. Chakor says electricity is off. Chakor asks what happened to lights. Suraj says my enemy father must have get it closed. He asks her to give him some water. Chakor says okay and makes him drink water. She says sorry and says my hand was shaking. She cries and says nothing can happen to you. Suraj says even I don’t want to die. Chakor asks why did you come back, and asks why you haven’t kill Chiku that time. You haven’t thought about me. What I would do without you. Suraj apologizes to her for failing her hope, and blames himself. He says even death is different, it didn’t come when I wanted to die and it is coming when I want to live with someone. Chakor hugs him crying. Music plays again.

Bhaiya ji asks villagers about the Bandua tattoo. Kasturi says it is a kalang on our forehead. Bhaiya ji says same bandua tattoo will be engraved on my son’s hand too. Everyone closes their eyes, as Bhaiya ji’s men engraves bandua tattoo on Suraj’s hand. Suraj screams in pain. Chakor cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Angel

    Super duper epi😄 full of sukor scenes 😇the way they were lost in each other eyes 😍 the way they were expressing there feelings and pain😘 the way they were consoling each other😞 the way they were fearing to loose each other😥 love every second and suraj think that may be he loves chakor but than he said may he it was bcoz of fear of loosing her upsets me😢😢 .,but soon they both will realise there love for each other😘 and tomo epi will be very difficult to watch as i can’t watch suraj screaming in pain and chakors pain too😭😭

  2. Titli

    Too good.. suraj suraj suraj.. maut bhi kitna alag hai, jab chahta tha tab nhi ayi, ab jab kisike sath rehna chahta hoon, tab aa gayi.. wow..
    Nd chakor suraj rajvansi, tumne ek baar humare bare mei nhi socha, hum kya karenge tumhare bina!!!
    Suraj ki strength chakor <3 waaahh.. par, strength toh wohi hota hai jisse aap pyaar karte hain..
    Loved that part, when suraj said hum ab pehle wale suraj nhi rahe, ek ladki ne badal diya hume.. usne sikhaya marna koi hal nhi hai.. agr hum pehle wale suraj hote toh shikhu aur kamal narayan ko kab ka maar dete..
    Best epi, hope trp"s would be high this week..
    U knw guys, i was studying.. it is xam tym, so tv is not switched on in the evening hours.. bt in my locality, an aunty was watching udaan, nd sukor bg music was there, i was lyk omg, i think its d hug tym.. i wanna see i wanna see.. my concentration broke off.. nd i m waiting when it ll be uploade on voot.. forever sukor :-*

  3. janu

    nice and emotional episode!!!
    i didn’t see what kn,ragini talking,blabbering i only saw suraj and chakor…
    from episode starting!! when chakor goes to suraj i only seen sukor back over kn!!!!
    now suraj also get know that he changed a lot..from the old one…
    both cried can’t see them crying…
    they never failed to miss the chance to fight with eachother…suraj even in this situation likes to fight with chakor!! by asking about his gift for chakor!!which she liked!!he is beyond perfect!!!.
    that hug,chakor hugged him,they forgot all their problem…
    suraj!!! consoled chakor,thanked her,said sorry to her…he became more matured…
    poor chakor….she can’t see suraj in this situation….
    precap…ooops how can i see tomorrow episode!!the way suraj screamed and chakor holding her ears,…crying..my heart winching..in pain… one thing iam happy is only we can see more sukor scenes and emotional side of them …

  4. Tapa

    today’s episode was mixture of many emotions I have no word to describe it best part all SuKor scenes ( their conversation, the fb ,the hug ,their painful look) n precap is like 440 volt ka jhatka

  5. sreeya

    wonderful episode… sukor love you.. what an acting guys… i liked each and every sukor scene in todays episode.. the way suraj tells that a girl chenged him and she was infront of him.. he trust that girl more than his life.. chakors hug, her tears also make my eyes teared.. the way they were staring each other…the way chakor said that what will she do without him.. even chakor who always say that killing is not the solution for every problem,asked suraj why you havent kill chiku at that time… i liked every little bit of sukor… love you always dears
    precap was shocking cant see suraj in this condition he is screaming actually..
    come on sukor back with the bang guys. you were always there for each others support.. so be strong
    the thing which differentiate sukor from other couples is they are not weak.. they are very strong mentally and physically
    sukor is my favourite after arshi after ipkknd udaan is the only serial which im addicted. its because of sukor.. love u love u love u

  6. Tapa

    today’s episode was mixture of many emotions I have no word to describe it. best part all SuKor scenes ( their conversation, the fb ,the hug ,their painful look) n precap is like 440 volt ka jhatka whole episode I was just crying like a kid

  7. sia

    One of the best episode….superb,aaj ye dono ne mujhe rula diya😢 loved all Suraj’s dialogues very emotional ….especially the last one this death is different when I wanted to die it didn’t near me…but it is coming when I wanted to live with someone….I was literally in tears when he said this. Loved how chakor hugged him and BG was well suited there😍😍
    VJ ‘s expressions are awsome….the fear,guilt,emotions

    Finally the D-Day has arrived which sukorians
    never wished to…. I will definitely cry tomorrow by seeing Suraj in pain…mera Suraj😭😭 ….koi kn ka murder kardo yaar,😡😡 along with Ragini..darti ka bhar bi kam hojayega aur hame bhi shanti milegi

  8. sanya

    I am a silent reader of udaan….but I wud luv to join the forum….I just love d serial so much…. feel so connected ….today’s episode was amazing..just loved it….when suraj referred to chakor as Ek ladki…love d changed suraj …their emotions..suraj realising love for chakor nd being confused about his emotions..awesome…also when he refused to eat like a kid..
    Sukor rocks…VJ and Meera they just rock…

  9. sanya

    Loved d way suraj said “maut Bhi kitni alag h n..ab hum marna nhi chahte ,kisi ke Sath jeena chahte h “………Just wish this kn and ragini track ends soon ..only then will our sukor reunite and realise that they cannot go apart frm each other…aaj Toh Dono ne rula hi diya ..the precap gave me goosebumps…
    Guyz just wanted to ask a question..what do u think chakor can do now to prove Kn guilty …how will she free suraj???

  10. Aqua


    |Registered Member

    im new to udaan show. today’s episode was very emotional. I got teary when Suraj and chakor is slowly realizing their love and care for each other.

    I loved how Suraj and chakur is ready to give each other support and encouragement when one of them is down. Such an amazing friendship and partnership… real relationship goals.

  11. Titli

    Did anyone in the last part of the epi noticed suraj.. i felt he slightly kissed chakor.. his eyes revealed the pain he was having.. he is wanting to live with chakor.. bt he cant tell her, so when she hug him, i felt lyk he kissed his head.. maybe am wrong, bt i felt it.. it may be due to vj’s expressions..

  12. Titli

    Did anyone notice suraj brushing his lips on chakor’s hair? In the end hug of the epi.. maybe am wrong, bt vj’s expression were lyk that only.. excited

  13. sachi

    hi i am a silent reader bt i am a huge fan of sukor. true TItli even i noticed suraj slightly kissing chakor’s head. dont know whether it was the angle of the camera. todays epi was soo emotional.

  14. Kkkkkkk

    this is a most emotional episode.cream of the episode was very sorrowful somehow i enjoyed this episode as the romantic movement. it was a very emotional scene.

    suraj told that he is changed. it’s the biggest victory of chakor.somehow shiku should be punished. what do you think guys??????
    today will be suraj’s bond slavery confirmation day(episode)….(I am waiting for today episode with fluttering heart.)

  15. Sai

    S titli…. I too felt it…he kissed her….sukor were awesome today…even in this situation their cute fight… Make them unique… Lv sukor…

    Bt precap… Feel so bad…suraj nd chakor n pain…

  16. Aanya

    Too good epi. With full of emotions.i wish it’ll b a hit o hit track after bridel track.i love team udan.gys i want to make u laughed in udan style i ope u enjoy it. Bcoz next two epis r hurtfull.i just try to make u smile gys. Hum e cahi hain k e team udan sukor ka agee bhotee tkleef deaia hai par hum janut rahe ki sukor e sub se lad jaee hai.par humra ke paresani e baat ka hui hai k hmar qute jodi vimli ka kya hui hai un chota bchvn ka rulai rahe hain sub un dono ko kon vacha e hai uka romance to khtam hui jae hai. Uka madad kri a k leye kon i hai.ragni uka etna bagai hai ki vo dono bhi chkor ki tarha dodaak bn jaee hai.phir sukor ka u ki madd kri k padi hai. Sory udan fans if u hurt gys.i love team udan.n i hope tapa u r well now please do what ur family says its about ur health dear nothing is importent more then family n health.am i right gys.

  17. Riya

    Yes Sreeya and titli I also felt like he was kissing on her head but Chakor did said anything so may be he did not kiss her just hugged her

  18. kriti

    hey I can’t tell you all what a fantastic episode .chakor hugged suraj twice in a single episode .it is treat for sukorians.

  19. Kkkkkkk

    guys….. today is a full moon day because don’t look at the moon directly if u look udaan this episode will be more painful☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  20. Dil dhanushi

    The epi was so emotional. Sukors dialogues was awesome n their expressions they nailed it. Evn I’m gng to watch each repeat telecast f this epi.loved it . Yeah titli evn I saw tht in last hug. Actually it didn’t matter Wht others were doing evn my eyes were n sukor

  21. varshu

    Udaan’s trp is 2.66 at 9th position(hindi GEC urban)

  22. Tapa

    Suraj ke bina TRP to decrease hona hi tha

    u r absolutely rit aanya no one is bigger than family… am fine now …also got permission for…….n swety wat about your health

  23. Neema

    Ohhhhh….😔😔😔 the epi ws sooo sooo sooo emotional my eyes ws a little teary😢 while watchng th epi especially whn chakor look at suraj wth Teary eyes😢😢😢sukory bth of yur feelings touch me a lot….😔itz only bc of yur tru luv whn com to yur real life u both r tigers🐯🐯 in acting nd xpressns Tats y v r always focusing🔭 u nd gttng emotional 😔whn Somthng happens to u actually both of your talents r touching really sukory u both r bst actors. after thm kn nd ragini r good actors evnthough thy r in -ve role especially kns acting whn fght wth vivaan in yes epi ws awsm…wat a acting mannn!!!!

  24. priya

    Really I couldn’t tolerate his sudden love for imli that doesn’t make sense at all. But this article convinced me about Suraj and his feelings… I’m totally free from imraj mess
    Looking forward for sukor love story😍

    Guys I really want to know about your opinions plz share na

  25. janu

    yes thanks priya for sharing it….
    suraj always cared imli as caretaker…
    its imli age that she thinks that she fall in love with suraj…but its actually a infactuation or attraction….
    suraj never ever loved her its a true fact we can’t hide it,because chakor is the one who continuously telling and makeing him to prove that he loves imli,because she want imli to unite with suraj…and there is some selfish thing is hide with chakor…she want to reunite with vivaan as soon as possible…even she very much upset seeing vimli together….
    its right suraj doesn’t know about his own feelings…he admitted himself because of chakor…
    samething with vikor both vivaan chakor think that they love eachother but not its the affection for eachother since childhood….vivaan realised true love from imli,….
    surely chakor and suraj will realise their true love for each other soon…waiting for it

    • sia

      When yadav attached Suraj we got first sukor hug😍
      Then chakor broke down in front of Suraj and hugged him when she was banned
      Then in dhol bajhe song we got back hug in last step
      That night when Suraj fears her by making animal sound she hugged him
      When she was drunk she hugged him 2 times
      When Suraj was leaving to Patna she once again hugged him😍
      Ofcourse yesterday she hugged him twice again 😘😘
      I have one dream…want to see Suraj initiating the hug😍😍

  26. sia

    Thank you so very much priya, I was really irked with imraj story and even stopped watching udaan after Suraj confessed imli,I was not satisfied how really CVS closed imraj chapter, I really got some satisfaction after reading this article.. I’m some what convinced now about Suraj’s feelings now

  27. shanu

    OMG……i jst luuuuuvvvvv sukor…..ummmuaah….😘😘……being here aftr a liking time…..I always longed for these sweet romantic moments b/w them…..And finally…..it’s happening….they are….jst the BEST……out of words…..❤😍

  28. Dwight

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