Udaan 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khanna asking Singh to manage security well today, the event has to be successful. Singh assures him everything will be fine. Khanna prays to save their guest Salman, bullet rani Chakor and all circus artists. Khanna welcomes everyone in the special show of circus. He says we got something new this time, bullet Rani will be there, our new runner will be presenting it. We present a performance by Salman Yusuf Khan. Lights, music and dance magic will start, which just Salman can show.

Salman asks the staff to come for a quick rehearsals. He rehearses and gets hurt by the nails on the ground. Khanna and Vishaka get shocked. Vaishaka scolds Khasta to clean everything well. Khasta smiles and says I will clean the place.

Bhaiya ji meets Shankar. Shankar tells him about

rainbow circus. Bhaiya ji says this will be Chakor’s last show, sit in the car.

Salman gives the dance performance on the song Morya…. Chakor gets ready in joker’s attire. The joker also gets ready to stop bullet raja act. Bhaiya ji and Shankar reach there. Bhaiya ji gets his gun. Chakor says I m ready to get the killer. The joker turns out to be Khasta, and says I m also ready Chakor. Everyone clap for Salman’s dance act. Salman asks the people to get ready for the bullet rani act.

Khasta says Chakor will die, then bullet raja and bullet rani act will never happen. He says this bullet raja show belonged to just me, no one can do this. Salman calls Chakor and everyone clap for her. Salman wishes her all the best. Bhaiya ji says this bullet is for you Chakor, and loads the gun. Shankar says I will do this work. Bhaiya ji says I don’t trust anyone for this work. Chakor gets the joker nose. Om says why is Sultan restless. Chakor says I will talk to Sultan and come.

She asks Sultan to go to stable, she will end show and come. Bhaiya ji comes there. Chakor talks to Sultan and leaves. Bhaiya ji does not see her. Om asks Chakor is she scared. She says no. Khanna tells everyone about bullet rani act, where one artist will be cannon ball and second artist is the runner, who runs like bullet and puts the net to save cannon artist, any second less can take life, this has risk. Khasta looks on and says Salman thought he will save Chakor, I have another plan ready. He crushes the glass and throws the pieces. He says now run and show bullet rani. Khanna says fire. Om is fired in the air. Chakor runs to put the net.

Khasta looks on. Chakor steps on glass pieces and scream. Khanna, Om, Megha, Ronnie and Vishaka get shocked. Chakor sees Om in air and starts running being hurt. She recalls Arjun and Ishwar’s words. She runs faster. Om smiles seeing her. Chakor puts the net on time and saves Om. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………… Om lands in the net. Everyone clap. Khasta fumes. Khanna, Vishaka and everyone clap for Chakor. Bhaiya ji comes there and looks on, saying Chakor. Chakor waves to everyone and smiles.

Om asks Chakor is she fine. Chakor says I m fine, when I was running then… the power goes and someone throws net on Chakor. Chakor is lifted in air. Khanna asks them to put lights. Vishaka says Chakor is nowhere.

Update Credit to: Amena

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