Udaan 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with everyone crying. Bhaiya ji says if anyone tries to remove this soil and get Chakor out, then I will bury that person too. Kallu asks Imli to come along. Imli leaves with them. Kasturi. Bhuvan, Dadi and all villagers are in shock and cry. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…….plays…….. Arjun sees the circus truck and looks for someone. He asks a man about them. Ronnie says this is my truck, what happened. Arjun says you had little girl Chakor with you, where is she. Ronnie says she is not with us. Arjun asks then where is she. Ronnie says Bhaiya ji caught her, she is in Aazaadgunj. Arjun says where were you all when Bhaiya ji caught her, she has given life to your circus as bullet rani, did you not save her life, atleast tell me where is she, so that I can save her. Ronnie says you

can’t save her, she is dead. Arjun is shocked. Ronnie says its shocking, Chakor saved Bhaiya ji’s life, and he has buried Chakor. Arjun says Chakor can’t die, this can’t happen.

Kasturi smiles and says I m thinking about Chakor. Bhuvan cries seeing her. Kasturi cries and says I did not go mad. I can’t live without Chakor, seeing her die. They cry. Arjun digs the soil alone, and tries getting Chakor. He says nothing can happen to you Chakor, where are you. He shouts Chakor, you can’t die, you have to be alive. Chakor moves her hand and Arjun sees her. He gets shocked.

He says nothing will happen to you Chakor, you have to be alive, you are sole voice against Kamal Narayan, and brings her out. He moves her and asks her to open eyes, get up, we will not lose. He checks her pulse, and makes her drink water. She gets conscious and opens eyes. She smiles seeing him. Arjun smiles and hugs her. He says I know nothing will happen to you, we have to leave from here before anyone sees us. Chakor hears Bhaiya ji shouting. Bhaiya ji shouts Chakor. Chakor hugs Arjun.

Bhaiya ji says see she is still alive, she was buried 10 feet deep, she came out alive. He says so Arjun got her out, tie them Ram Singh. Arjun asks Chakor to come fast. Chakor says I have to meet my parents. Arjun says save your life first, sit fast. They leave on his bike. Bhaiya ji asks the goons to get car and follow them. Chakor asks Arjun to take her back, Bhaiya ji killed Chunni, he will kill my parents. Arjun says sit quiet, I can’t take you there, they are coming. The goons shoot at Arjun. Arjun races the bike. Arjun takes Chakor by rough way and the bike falls. Bhaiya ji gets Chakor’s dupatta and shouts Chakor. Arjun and Chakor run away.

Suraj and the men come there. Bhaiya ji shouts I won’t leave you. Suraj asks where did Arjun go with Chakor. Bhaiya ji says wherever they go, I will not leave both of them. He sends the goons to find them.

Chakor and Arjun hide from the goons. Kishor says its big miracle that Chakor is alive. Kasturi says danger is still there, pray for her. Dadi says don’t worry, Lord gave her life. She tells Imli that Chakor will always be free. She says we are bandhua from 4 generations, but we are not bandhua by heart and soul, Chakor is like us, we are bandhua just by body. Bhaiya ji looks on and asks her what did she say. Everyone get shocked seeing Bhaiya ji there.

Bhaiya ji scolds Dadi as she has encouraged Chakor, she is cheating me and death too, but till when… I m talking to you old woman, when I apply stamp on hand, its on heart too, if you are not bandhua, then you have no right to live. He says I will make you such an example that no Chakor will be here in this village. They all get shocked and scared.

Arjun shows Chakor about Prasiddhi/fame of Gandhi ji, and asks Chakor to get fame to face Bhaiya ji.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Damn xcited fr d leap….hope pairs r chakor vivaan nd aditya ragini

  2. I want chakor and aditya pair.. but vivaan is also good.. but grown up chakor has no match with this little angel spandan.. m gonna miss u spandan and tasheen..

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