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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji saying he has promised Chakor just to give education and do their admission, but he did not promise he will pay fees. Chakor asks about fees. Tejaswini says they also pay fees for Vivaan and Ragini, and if they want to study free, they can go to orphanage. Baa scolds Bhaiya ji calling him inhumane and he scolds her asking her to stop it. Tejaswini says its Chakor’s mistake, she has studied in Lucknow school and know all the rules of fees, she did not tell anyone, ask her why did she not tell the villagers.

Kishori says you did not want our kids to study and get free from being bandhua, be afraid of Lord. Kasturi cries and requests them. Tejaswini scolds Kishori for supporting Ranjana and now with them, but if she speaks again, she will forget Lakhan is her loyal

servant. Chakor says I m not against you, I heard what you told to Tejaswini on phone and recalls it. Bhaiya ji says I knew you were listening, so I told all that intentionally. He recalls how he told Tejaswini not to take his words seriously. He smiles and Baa scolds him calling him worst than Raavan. Bhaiya ji says you started again, I will forget you are my mum if you say any one more word, sit in the car.

She says she won’t sit now, she has to take bath is she sits in his car. She scolds him and asks Chakor to apologize to her, as she did a big sin of trusting a sinner. She leaves. Bhaiya ji says we should leave now, we wasted time. Chakor holds his feet and says this is cheating with everyone, what will I answer them, they saw a dream and gave votes to you, how can you tell them they won’t get education and they will get the bandhua stamp like me. He asks her not to worry, as she has shown them the dream, once it breaks, they all will come to their own place, nothing changed here, I did not change and won’t let you all change. He laughs and leaves.

Chakor says kids won’t get education, don’t go. She recalls how she gave hope to everyone. Dheere dheere…………….plays………….. they all get upset and cry. Vivaan asks the principal about Chakor and all kids, why did they not come. He says go to your class. Vivaan says tell me what happened, you were happy with Chakor’s admission. The principal says the admission was done, but Bhaiya ji kept fees for them. Everyone start blaming Chakor for making them vote for Bhaiya ji.

Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini talk to some businessman and are excited as Bhaiya ji will take oath as minister soon, and they assure that they won’t end bandhua trend, and it will always go on. Kishori defends Chakor saying Ranjana called us insects, and she has opens our eyes by showing Ranjana’s true face. Kasturi thanks her for defending Chakor, but villagers are not wrong, its not their mistake, their dreams broke and they are feeling bad, its Chakor’s responsibility. Chakor says yes, I will fulfill it by talking to Bhaiya ji, I will go to haveli now. Kishori asks will he agree now. She says yes, I will explain him and Vivaan says I trust Chakor, she will convince Bhaiya ji as she did before.

Baa scolds Bhaiya ji, and he laughs. Ranjana says you are saying as if you did not do anything, you provoked Chakor to fly by giving her false hope, its bigger sin than breaking heart. Baa is shocked.

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  1. I really want to punch bhaiya ji!
    Chakor will fly soon, nothing can hold her down

  2. I think tejaswani put sumthing in baiyajis drink cuz i think he had chngd…

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