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The episode starts with Chakor saying its good you rejected the baby, else he would have not got Vivaan as his father. Suraj gets angry. Vivaan and Ragini get Imli home. Chakor asks Imli how is she. Vivaan says its all fine, we have seen baby and heard his heartbeat too. Ragini says we got his pictures and shows Chakor. Chakor sees the reports and it falls down. Suraj sees it and Imli takes it away, saying this baby is not yours. She scolds Suraj and says I don’t want your bad shadow to fall on my baby. Imli stumbles and Vivaan takes her. Suraj tells Chakor that he does not want to see baby and Imli. He goes. Ragini says I m not feeling good seeing this, but this will result by Suraj’s doings. Ragini tells Chakor that I know you will support me when time comes.

Everyone sit to have dinner. Tejaswini

asks Vivaan about Ranjana. He says I don’t know where is she, she will come when she gets hungry. He asks Imli what is she eating. Ranjana comes and says I made this dish for Imli. He says it would be good if any servant made this. Ranjana gets upset. Imli says we should not insult food, I will eat it. Vivaan stops Imli and checks food. He says you can have it now, you won’t have anything made my mummy till I taste it. Ranjana goes. Ragini comes and joins them. She says I stayed alone and got habitual to eat alone, sorry. Vivaan says I m glad you will dine with us after many years. Ragini says yes, I also missed you all. Tejaswini looks on.

Chakor cries and says whats this Dharm Sankat, there is happiness that Vivaan is keeping good care of Imli, but its sorrowful that he is going away from me, why did relations get tangled, Imli hates Suraj, Suraj is hurt too. She sees Suraj and goes to him. Suraj hides something and leaves. Chakor says why did he go to Imli’s room. Ragini stops Chakor to talk.

Ragini talks to Chakor and says I know everything, you wanted to bring hope in village, why did you change, Chagan told me that villagers hate you, they think you are cheater and selfish. Chakor says if my own life is ruined, how can I make their lives better, Vivaan and I have seen big dreams for them, but Lord made me marry Suraj. Ragini says I know, even then I want you to support villagers, I know Chakor will not leave villagers alone. Chakor thanks her for reminding her the aim, I have to find some way and help them. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………….plays………. Chakor goes. Imli looks the baby pics/sonography report and says I did not get the pics in my room, I tried finding everywhere. Chakor recalls Suraj.

Ragini asks Tejaswini why did she not sleep. Tejaswini says since you came here, my sleep is gone, I want you to leave from here. Ragini says we can make a fresh start. Tejaswini scolds her and says I know you very well, our relation will end. She says I will kick you out of this haveli before 12 noon. She goes. Ragini says Maa did not change, its fun to fight with her, I will see how she makes me leave from my haveli, I did not come to leave from here.

Chakor goes to Suraj. Suraj smiles seeing the baby pics. Chakor smiles seeing him, and says baby is so small. Suraj says yes, does all babies are such small. He realizes she has seen him with pics and asks why did she not knock. She says this is my room, you did not hear when I opened door, as you were lost seeing your baby pics, you went to steal this from Imli’s room right. He puts the pics there and says don’t run your mind, I wanted to see is Imli saying true or not, is she really pregnant or not. He sits drinking.

She says I understand your emotions, if you did not reject Imli, you would have not needed to steal pics and see your baby, you lost the baby now, you go and return the pics. He asks her to go. She says I heard problems get less when person drinks, I will also drink today. He says fine, its good. She drinks wine without adding water. He says wait. She says one more. He serves her more wine and says let me add water. She drinks and says one more. He says great, my wife is ahead of me in everything. He drinks and finds taste different.

He says whats this, its apple juice. Chakor says yes, I changed wine with apple juice. He asks do you think you will stop me from drinking, I have more bottles. She says you will find apple juice in every bottle, you can’t drink here. He says I will drink, I will teach you a lesson. He puts apple juice on her bed and goes to sleep. She gets angry and says no one can change him, I m worried for tomorrow, I have to win villagers’ trust tomorrow. She thinks to talk to Aazaadgunj people.

Its morning, Chakor tells the villagers that she is not cheating them, just give one chance to help them, clear all the doubts. The villagers don’t believe her. Bhuvan asks her to go. Chagan comes and says we are ruined, godown is robbed, its all empty. Bhuvan asks how can this happen. Chagan says I have seen it, all ration is gone. Chakor says don’t worry, I will come along. Kasturi and Bhuvan ask her not to come, as she is not their daughter now, she is haveli’s bahu. Chakor cries.

Tejaswini says this girl can’t stay with her, she has stolen my necklace. She shows the necklace in Ragini’s bag. She asks Ragini to get lost.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Cool
    but the villagers shld not do lik this and vivaan

  2. Wow sukor fight was amazing 2no ek dusre ko tang krne ka koi mauka nai chodte pls cvs jaldi jaldi sukor ke romantic scenes shuru kro,and pls now make suraj character positive..

  3. yes i totally agree with u

  4. I going to stop watching this serial ifor Chakor and vivaan don’t reunite

    1. Bye bye, no one will miss you. No one cares about what you want.

      1. loved ur comment…haha

  5. Sukor I want them to unite they are awesome pliz give there romantic scenes❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????☺️

  6. awwwwwww , they look soooooooooooooo cute when they fight , i only liked sukor scene from yesterday’s episode . the expression on suraj’s face when he realises it’s apple juice …lol………….i really really want them to unite , and please cv add a little more sukor scene every day , otherwise i really get bored seeing tejaswini , ranjana , ragini and mostly the ‘perfect idiotic couple’ vivan and imli .

    1. Never have Vivaan and Imli been described so aptly LOL. There is no point to having Vivaan and Imli in the story unless they plan on making them turn negative in the near future. I think Ragini will be negative until Kamal Narayan returns

      1. haha ya…….they r appropriate to be regarded with the title , from all corner . like seriously man ……..how can one be so boring ?…….whenever i see them , i just feel like throwing the remote on their faces

    2. we want more romantic scene from suraj and chakor…

  7. I wonder why Chakor is the heroine of the show. So useless, so irritating heroine Useless character

  8. I wonder why Chakor is the heroine of the show.So weak, so irritating, so useless heroine of the show

  9. who wants me to do a sukor ff ?

  10. Me pls do sukor ff

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