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The Episode starts with Chakor telling Billu that she will get freedom for all of them. A man comes and asks who is Chakor here. He asks is she new, so she is Chalpr. He shows the syringe and she gets tensed. He says it will not hurt her much and asks her to forward her hand. She signs no. He scolds her. Billu asks Chakor to take the injection, else it will pain a lot. Chakor gives her hand, and the man injects the syringe. She shouts Maai.

Kasturi wakes up and says Chakor. Imli says Chakor has come in my dream too, nothing happened to her. Kasturi says nothing happened to her. She says Chakor loves this doll a lot, so I made clothes for her, this is protective shield for Chakor. Imli asks her to go and pray. Kasturi goes. Imli hugs the doll and asks Chakor to take care.

The man takes the

blood sample and says we will do operation if it matches. Babu talks to Madam and says he will get the kidney. He asks doctor to take Chakor’s kidney if it matches. Rocky looks for Chakor. His mum asks him to come home. He says you found me here, great. He says there is nothing great that I m born today. She says I got reborn on this day as your mum, come home. He says he won’t celebrate and asks her to leave him alone. She cries and leaves. He drinks wine.

Chakor and Billu have a talk. He says they kidnapped her and Kasturi did not accept Chakor died. Chakor says my mum is smart, how is Imli. He says Imli prays a lot for you. Babu comes there and asks man to take Billu. Chakor holds Billu’s hand and asks them to leave him. They take Billu. Billu says Chakor I don’t want to go and is taken away. Manohar smiles.

Chakor says I will tell Vivaan and he will not talk to you all his life. Manohar gets angry and scolds her. He hurts her and gets his anger out. Chakor is taken for the operation and she asks why did they bring her here. Manohar asks doctor to remove her organs and scares her. She gets tensed.

Babu comes and says he has done Chakor’s deal for 20 lakhs. Manohar says he will give him 40 lakhs and wants her killed. Babu says fine, we will kill her. Manohar says Bhaiya ji wants her dead, he wants her death pic. Kasturi prays to Lord for Chakor’s safety. Chakor calls out Maai and the diya blows off. Kasturi gets worried. Babu holds Chakor and she gets unconscious. Kasturi prays to Lord.

Imli tells Bhuvan that Kasturi has gone to pray. Bhuvan and Dadi ask her to come and they go to Kasturi. Chakor takes Maai’s name. The doctor says she is still conscious. Manohar asks him to take out kidney soon and kill her. Babu says if she dies now, her organ is of no use to me. Chakor says Maai… Manohar tells doctor that this is Chakor and asks him to give her more injections. Bhuvan asks Kasturi what is she doing here. Kasturi says diya is getting blown off by the wind. Imli and Bhuvan hold the diya to save it, as it can save Chakor. They all hold the diya safe.

Manohar comes home and shows the operation video to Bhaiya ji. Vivaan sees this and cries. He says no, Chakor can’t die, and faints in the shock. Manohar shouts Vivaan….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg

    manohar is a fooool much more than this blo*dy KN

    vivaan ragini aditya abha arjun roshni (chakor’s vaanar sena) plz do smthng

    rocky………i thnk he wl sv chkor

  2. I think Rocky saves chakor

  3. Poor chakor……..any1 save her plzzz…….

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