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The Episode starts with Suraj getting some kids. Chakor asks him whats the matter that he is getting friendly with the kids. He asks her to become his friend. She gets silent. He says I have much work and leaves. She thinks he is doing something with the kids and she should find out.

Imli goes to villager’s house and asks the man to repay the loan by working in fair and haveli. The lady asks Imli not to do this, they will work hard and repay loan. Imli laughs and says you sold your kid’s freedom, what can I do now, stop crying, have sweets. She goes. Chakor comes there and looks on. She asks whats happening here. Imli says I was giving them invitation to come in fair. Chakor asks why is the lady crying. Imli gets tensed and lies to her. Chakor goes to the house and sees the family crying and talking

that the boy is going to become new bandhua. Chakor thinks so this is happening. Bhaiya ji is making everyone busy in fair and get more bandhuas. She thinks I won’t let this happen.

Vivaan looks for something and goes to Tejaswini’s room. He gets the drugs and hears Tejaswini coming. Vivaan hides from her. Tejaswini comes and gets shocked seeing the cupboard open. She looks around.

She says I forgot my phone in kitchen, if Ranjana gets it and does anything then….. she goes from there. Vivaan opens the cupboard again, takes the drugs’ bottle and leaves. Kasturi asks Chakor what can you do now, I said its imp for you to win the race, what can you do alone now. Chakor says I don’t need anyone, I have learnt that I have to make the way, no one will make way for me, this is about kids’ future, if I lose, the kids have to win. Kasturi asks what will you do, you did a lot, maybe kids want freedom or not, you went to villager’s house and they have shut door on your face. The lady comes and says that time I was scared and did not say anything to Chakor. She asks Chakor to save her son from becoming bandhua. Kasturi says if anything has to be done, Chakor we have less time and should do something. Chakor gets thinking and says Suraj will find some way for me.

Chakor comes to meet Suraj at the haveli, while he is shooting at the pots. He aims at her. Chakor says this game has become very old, you can’t shoot me, you know I run so fast, remember how I made you run after me in village. He says you are saying a lot, you lost a race and we will make you lose every race, people will forget you. She says I will be ahead in every race. He threatens her and asks her to leave.

She taunts him and asks him to compete with her by keeping his name and money away, then they will know who wins. Suraj says its no fun, leave. She thinks its not affecting him, and calls him a coward. He gets angry. He says if you want to lose again, come we will compete in my game of shooting, take this gun, oh you can’t even lift the gun, what will you aim. She asks what will I get if I win over you. He smiles and says you will win over me in shooting. He starts laughing and shows a pigeon over the tree. She says I can’t see. He says liar, you can see, I can shoot it without seeing it. She says no, you can’t kill bird, shoot the pot. He shoots the bird and says heart should be stone like to shoot, you can’t do this, come on bet. She asks what will I get. He says anything you ask. She asks him to think. He says I don’t deny my words, think what you want if you won, I thought what I want if I win. She asks what. He gets close to her and says a kiss. She gets angry and shocked.

Suraj smiles and says I will kiss Chakor if I win. Imli hears this and gets shocked. Chakor asks who will teach me shooting. Imli comes and says I will teach you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode.

  2. I want to see Suraj will fall in love with imli …I don’t like Suraj and chakor pair

  3. I think suraj will be pair with chakor….kyunki burayi ko teek karne ke liye achchayi ki zaroorath hai. ..and maybe imli with aditya. ..kyunki stubborn imli keliye sulja huva aaditya hi teek hai. ..


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