Udaan 11th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying she has to iron Ragini’s clothes. Bhaiya ji asks driver to take him to Charan Siungh’s haveli, its Roshni and Prince’s dad. Chakor looks on and says why is he going there, Roshni can help me and prove me innocent. She gets inside the car and hides. Bhaiya ji reaches there and goes to meet Devi. Chakor gets down the car and looks for him. She says does Roshni and Prince stay here, it looks scary place. She follows Bhaiya ji.

Bhavani greets Bhaiya ji. Chakor says is this Roshni’s mum. Bhaiya ji asks is everything fine. Bhavani says its new place for Devi Maa, so she is having some problem, she woke up at night and said she is hungry, so I gave her fruits, she went for bath, you need to work. He says fine. Chakor says whats this, why is Bhaiya ji standing

like postman, Roshni’s mum did not call him inside. Bhavani asks him to come. He goes and locks the door.

Bhaiya ji meets Devi and tells about her prediction being right, and takes advice about the coming times if he builds the institute. Devi worries and Bhavani thinks Devi should give some sign, else Bhaiya ji will run. She thinks Devi likes golden things and she will take Bhaiya ji’s watch. She asks him to take flowers and if Devi takes it, then it will be her blessings. Devi smiles seeing his golden watch. Bhavani says whichever hand she chooses, will be the answer for him.

Devi chooses the left hand. Bhavani thinks its happening as she is thinking. Bhaiya ji smiles and thanks her. He says I will take this fruit as your Prasad. She worries. He leaves and Chakor hides. Bhavani asks for some money for food and other things. He says its in car, I will give, come. They leave. Chakor says she is not Roshni’s mum. She goes inside and says there is no one here, no idol of Lord, then why did Bhaiya ji come here. She hears the anklet sound and goes to see. She sees the girl running from there.

Tejaswini wakes up and does not see Bhaiya ji. She calls out all the servants and asks about Bhaiya ji, to find him. She asks the guard did he see Bhaiya ji. He says he went in car to Charan Singh’s home. She says he did not tell me. Charan Singh asks Roshni to sit in lawn and study. Roshni starts reading. Devi comes there and sees mangoes on tree. She tries to pluck them. She sees a servant taking milk and goes.Roshni says she does not want milk and fruits and scolds the servant. She asks Devi Maa to help her, so that she remembers everything. She sees the girl and gets tensed.

She says who is she, save me from ghost. Tejaswini calls Bhaiya ji and says he left his phone here. Roshni asks the girl to go. Chakor looks on. Roshni says I m sorry Devi Maa, I will not do anything wrong, you want to punish me as I did wrong. She says sorry and closes her eyes. She says I m ready to say sorry to Chakor. The girl leaves. Chakor fools Roshni and talks to her as Devi Maa. Roshni says she is sorry. Chakor asks her to write an apology, else she will fail her in exams. Roshni says no, dad will beat me, I will write now. Roshni writes an apology and accepts all her mistakes. Chakor smiles.

Girja tells Tejaswini that Chakor has run, she is nowhere. Bhaiya ji gets angry and says did she hide in my car and go to temple, if she saw Devi Maa, then what will happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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