Udaan 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli kidnaps Anjor

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The Episode starts with Gumaan saying Suraj, you can go, I will handle this. Suraj goes. Anjor signs Chakor. Chakor pushes Gumaan. He falls on the weapons. Police and Suraj stop and see everything. Gumaan calls Imli. Chakor says I was right, you are responsible for this, this is your godown and land. Suraj gets shocked. Imli hears Chakor on call. Suraj says my family has many enemies, who can do this. Chakor gets Anjor and says you won’t believe me but Lord resides in children, Anjor told me about weapons. She asks Anjor to say the truth, and not be scared. Anjor runs away. Chakor says why did she run away, start investigation. Suraj says find the culprit, I won’t go anywhere till I find real culprit. He tears the ticket and says I will stay in Aazaadgunj and help police. Imli says this didn’t happen

right. Chakor goes to Anjor’s house and find it locked. She asks people about her and calls police to file missing report.

Police is at haveli. Suraj says I have to find Anjor and talk to her. Inspector gets a call and tells Suraj that Anjor is missing. Gumaan smiles. Chakor prays for Anjor. Tuntun comes and says Anjor is kidnapped, I have seen goons taking her. Chakor asks who are those goons. Goons bring Anjor and Sugna to the lake. Imli meets them. She gets angry and says I will see your tolerance now. She gets a gun. Anjor and Sugna get shocked. Chakor says thanks tuntun, I won’t let anything happen to Anjor. She runs. Suraj thinks of Anjor and leaves. Chakor sees some white paint on the road and says Anjor knew that I will find her, she left these signs for me. Udaan hai…plays…. Chakor follows the paint marks. Imli loads the gun and points at Sugna. Anjor says don’t do this, I cheated you, not my mum.

Imli plays game with Anjor. Chakor runs on the road and comes in front of Suraj’s car. She falls down. Suraj gets shocked. He gets down the car and holds Chakor. He asks are you fine. Mahiya…plays…. He asks why did you come in front of my car. She says I want to save that girl, else they will kill her. He says I will come along. She says I m enough to save Anjor. He says I need to find her, you tried to stain my family, sit in the car, because our destination is same. He sits in the car. They leave. Imli says I will ruin everyone. She shoots at Anjor. Anjor gets saved. She takes a stick and beats goons. She hits on Imli’s hand. She picks the gun and throws in lake. She runs away. Anjor sees Chakor and shouts to her. Chakor and Suraj hear her voice. Chakor says you heard her, it means Anjor has succeeded to get free, its easy to reach her now. Anjor gets caught by Imli. Suraj and Chakor shout Anjor….. Chakor says did they catch her again…

Imli says I did big mistake to throw your dummy, today I will throw you down. She pushes Anjor in the lake. Suraj and Chakor get shocked and shout Anjor…..They jump in the lake to save Anjor….. Imli smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukor were magical today. How I missed them
    Don’t know what I’ll do after the show ends
    Thank you Meejay for all the memories.

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