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The Episode starts with Soham and Tamasha planning with Chakor. They see JJ busy talking to the people of his locality. They get the kids out of the truck and people request JJ to do some magic. JJ says sure and does the magic. JJ fools Tamasha and laughs. Chakor comes there as Choka and argues with JJ. JJ does magic to know her history. Tamasha worries that Choka will become Chakor and asks him not to waste the magic on girl. JJ asks girl. Tamasha says boy. Soham asks Choka to go, they will get Amma. They take Chakor and leave. JJ says Choka…..

Chakor asks the kids to have water, Amma will bring the food in some time. Someone knocks the door. Chakor says it may be Amma and hides all the kids. A bald man comes there. Chakor asks who is he. The man asks who are you. Chakor says I m Choka. The

man asks where is Amma. Chakor scolds him for coming inside the house and says Amma is not here, go. He laughs and sees the kids hiding there. Billu says Chakor save me, this man looks dangerous. All the kids come out. The man says there are many kids and asks Chakor whats going on. Billu says leave us Kaka. The man asks whom is he calling Kaka. Chakor says leave my friend, do you know me, I m Thela Bhai’s right hand, I m Choka Bhai.

The man laughs and asks Thela Bhai’s right hand, do you know me. Chakor asks him to say. The man says I m Thela Bhai. Chakor gets shocked and says Thela Bhai. She faints there. He laughs.

Vaibhavi talks to Bhaiya ji and says Imli did not come here, and we could not get Chakor. Bhaiya ji says don’t worry, we will send her soon. She says early will be better. Thela Bhai talks to Amma and likes the tea. Amma asks why did he scare the kids. He says I just said my name and this Choka Bhai fainted, and laughs. He says I will say sorry to Choka Bhai if Amma says. He says sorry and shakes hands with Chakor. Amma says this is Thela Bhai, he looks solid but he is like wax inside.

He says the story Amma said, anyone will melt. He gives the money to Amma and says you are doing lot for the kids. She refuses for the money. He says its my hard earned money, I earned this by my honesty, which you taught me, when everyone called me goon and murderer, that time you gave me a lesson of honesty, I have left all the bad things, I will earn money by honesty again. Amma asks her to help her in taking the kids to their village Aazaagunj. The kids smile. He says fine, I will go now and do the arrangements to take the kids to Aazaadgunj. Chakor than ks him. He leaves.

Bhagya does jaap and Bhaiya ji asks her to stop it, he is getting head ache. He goes to her and puts water on her sindoor. He says I have got Arjun killed, he is dead now, stop this now. Bhagya continues the jaap. Tejaswini comes and asks Bhaiya ji what is he doing. Bhaiya ji says I m saying her the truth, her namesake husband has died. Tejaswini gets a call and asks who is it. Arjun says its me, Arjun. Tejaswini says Arjun ji, my son in law. Bhaiya ji is shocked.

Bhaiya ji asks who Arjun, whom are you fooling. Tejaswini asks Arjun how is he. Arjun says I m fine, I m glad you came back. Tejaswini says I will be glad to see you and Bhagya together. He says I felt you are against my and Bhagya’s marriage. She says no, now I m against those who hurt my children, when are you coming. Arjun says very soon, along Chakor. He says sure and blesses him. She asks Bhagya to talk to Arjun. Bhagya gets glad talking to Arjun. Tejaswini scolds Bhaiya ji and says she is trying to do good deeds. He says he can send anyone to hell. She says you just think so, you could not manage Chakor. He gets angry.

Chakor prays that she finds some way to help the kids. A box falls down and she sees a hole in the wall. JJ tell the guys about a magical box, the one who get inside this disappears. Chakor looks on through the wall hole. JJ explains the magic. Chakor says now see how I fool everyone.

Chakor goes in JJ show and asks him to make her disappear. JJ says fine, come. Chakor sees Babu there. Her cap falls. Chakor thinks what to do now, how to go without the cap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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