Udaan 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ranvijay cages Chakor

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The Episode starts with Imli telling Vivaan that she kept fast for his long life, but she doesn’t know if her life is long, Chakor and Suraj met, they can do anything now, Suraj can kill me. She worries. Chakor recalls Suraj’s words and talks to baby. She says Suraj will love you a lot, what happened to Imli that she is lying so much, I have to talk to her. Imli says I don’t know what I will do, but I have your blessings right. She gets Chakor’s call. She says what will I answer her. Suraj comes and stops her from answering call.

Imli asks what are you doing here. Suraj takes her. She asks him to leave her hand and calls out Vivaan. He drags her. He says I m taking you away from Aazaadgunj, so that I can make you say truth, I don’t wnt family to know you tried to separate me and Chakor,

family won’t let you stay in haveli, no need to make excuse, I met Chakor, she told me entire story. She gets shocked. He says that foolish girl thinks you did this by a big reason, now you tell me the big reason, why did you lie to me. Imli says I had no way. He asks what are you saying. She says I will just tell truth now, I knew Chakor lost her life, I had to know who has tried to kill her, I got to know she is alive, then I lied to her to stop her from coming here to save her life. He says you would have told me truth. She says I did this for your betterment. She sees a temple there.

She gets the diya and swears that she is saying truth. Suraj stops her. She apologizes to him. She says I did this for your betterment and happiness. He says I was wrong to doubt. She asks will Chakor forgive me. He says we will know when she comes. She asks why did you not get her. She says she said my life is in danger. She asks who is he. He says she said she will call me and tell everything.

Chakor talks to Ranvijay’s mum. He comes and asks her does she wants to run again. Chakor says no, I was just asking. He says good someone cares for me. He says I m glad you thought of this house as yours, you have to stay here. She asks what do you mean. He says till you have to live. He stops music and leaves. He tells something to guard. Chakor calls Suraj.

Kasturi says we did big sin to doubt on Chakor again. She cries. She asks Suraj to make her talk to Chakor, she will apologize. Bhuvan says I will pray she comes back soon and your house settles again, we want to see our grandchild. Chakor says there is no network anywhere, how shall I call Suraj. Kavya says I heard this name from Ranvijay. Chakor asks her to give her phone. Kavya says he wanted to kill you and you want to talk to him now.

Chakor says no, all problems got clear now, he can’t think of killing me. Ranvijay’s mum and Kavya say its good, you should go to your husband. Chakor says no, I did a promise and won’t go, you three are tied by chains, I will make you all free from bandhuagiri, till then I won’t go, so I have to talk to Suraj, I want to tell him why I can’t come back. Ranvijay’s mum says I m scared, Ranvijay is like a storm, if anything wrong happens, we can’t face you. Chakor says let any wind or storm come, I m not scared, I will do what I decided, I m worried for Suraj. She says your phone also doesn’t have network. She asks how can this happen. Kavya asks her to call from landline.

Chakor tries to call. Suraj gets junk call. Pakhi laughs. He asks what’s happening, I m worried and you are laughing. She says you should have got her along, did you tell Bhuvan and kasturi about Chakor’s life in danger. He says no, they would have got worried, I just good news that they are going to become grandparents. Pakhi asks what am I for baby, I m baby’s Bua, as you are my brother. He smiles and thinks of Chakor’s words. He says she told me my life has danger, is she in any big problem and lied to me. Chakor says landline is dead.

Preeti says we paid the bill. Chakor says all lines are cut purposely, Ranvijay did this. Preeti asks her to leave, don’t know what will he do, he can do anything. Chakor runs upstairs. She gets her purse. She says I have to talk to Suraj, I will make call from PCO, don’t tell anyone. Guard stops her. He says you won’t go anywhere, its Ranvijay’s order. She says he can’t say such. Ranvijay comes and says I can say anything, I knew you will try to leave so I told guards, I came back to tell two things, you will not step out of this house, you won’t talk to any outsider. Chakor asks why are you doing this. He shuts the door.

He says anyone can come here by own wish but not leave by own wish, you will never leave from this house, I don’t want you to contact anyone in Aazaadgunj so I got all the phones lines cut. Chakor gets shocked. Suraj waits for her call. Chakor says you can’t stop me. He calms her down and says shouting is not good for your baby, did you have food or not. She asks why are you doing this, you can’t stop me, this house is not your lockup. He says you are shivering, have food first. He asks them to get food for Chakor. He asks her to have badam, its good for baby. She refuses. He angrily orders her and feeds.

She asks why are you worried for my baby. He says I value good people, I m caring for you, so I want you not to go out of this house till baby is born. She looks at him.

Ranvijay says you will be punished if Chakor gets hurt, the baby has to get born here. Chakor asks why does he want to cage her. He shoots. Suraj shouts Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    oh shit so confusing what is wrong with rv. Imli i want to lill u foolish suraj shouldn’t believe her

  2. Chakor is so dumb wen suraj told her to comr she should have left made a plan and with help of suraj help rv family imli lied again and im sure she will lure into causing a mu from suraj point of view again rv knows everything about kn suraj etc suraj aint safe no where cuz rv has been planning his murder for a long time?so now we gonna see suraj getting pissed of but according to toi chakor tells suraj everything about rv and he goes banaras to help chakor and rv family! Rv after suraj family i mean his wife and kid wth he will force chakor to marry him and says if she dont he will kill his family chakor is stuck with him whilst he plans the wedding??lame and dragged i feel bad for suraj chakor u have a child in u by doing such tasks ur putting ur child in danger? i feelat this rate she will lose her child in all this mess i feel rv and suraj face of will revolve chakor losing her child

  3. Thanks for the fast update. I don’t understand Imli’s logic, how can she expect Vivaan to be happy with her actions. Her excuses to Suraj were lame and don’t explain why she wanted them separated or why she wanted to convince Suraj that Chakor married RV. I don’t know if RV jammed the phones on his own or Imli informed him that Chakor will call Suraj and why does RV want the baby to be born in his house.

    I enjoyed Suraj-Paakhi scene and how he’s her brother, she was correct too that Suraj shouldn’t have left Chakor in Banaras.

  4. new promo: Suraj gets into RV’s house


  5. The show has become confusing again. RV is absolutely freaky. Why on earth does Imli keep swearing on things? Paakhi was cute when she said that she’s going to be the baby’s Bua…She’s also Massi too but I feel this baby will never enter the world…Serials always do something bad with the first baby plus Meera is too young to play a mother on screen. Is imli with RV or not?

  6. Aleya.marzan

    no comments
    is also a comment
    what to do except watchinggg

  7. Imli needs to axed of the show she thinks she is right about what she did i really wanted chakor stabbing and body dumping to get more importance then getting ignored! Chakor should have left with suraj cuz rv is danger and hes planning the death of suraj for sometime suraj does sneak in his house chakor manages to tell suraj the truth about rv but the call gets cut of and imli is seen around suraj! In olv imli did say she is with rv meaning she is helping him that cant be blamed on kn and wen she hired gooms to kill chalor again it was all her planning kn didnt even have a clue! She is helping rv and it’s being said that she will cauze chakor a life long pain by harming chakor child which will die soon?and cvs still show sukor believing her r they for real?what she is doing is unforgiving rv callrd sukor marrige a fake he knew nothing about thier camp marrige it’s so obvious imli told him about all this so he wants to damage suraj and kn by showing he took the dil and heir of rajvanshi whilst he will kill suraj this is so lame considering suraj death wont affect kn it will only affect tejswani and chakor once again imli needs to be axed for the show to surive in future i will seriously stop watching even if sukor unite if imli receives no punishment

  8. This plot is also stupid becoz kn dont care for no1 all of a sudden rv new plan to hurt kn is to kill suraj as kn dont give a shit about no1 it makes no sense for this….imli is a cheap useless piece of self pitying crap of shit that needs to get kicked out the show she is so dumb idiotic all she wants is money and all her problems accroding to her r cuz of chakor but all that woman did was sacrifice everything for this cow she lost a race for her freedom gave up vivaan and now she is buring seeing her sister life cuz of sukor love and thiet child imli lowkey always burnt seeing sukor even wen she was acting good i always saw it in her eye she uss to burn seeing thier love also she is a hypocrite she is dying for vivaan and she’s the one who so sickly damaged this guy by faking his accident etc and breaking sukor…and now attacking a child even wen she was carrying suraj child chakor never thought bad for a innocent child and now she will kill her sister’s child cvs trying to show she is smart they just showed how jealous sje was cuz this was an excuse for her to do what she always wanted to do to chakor as vivaan told her he found the torend papers in the basement but she put blame on chakor?what i hate is how sukor will forgive her and so will vivaan this show became a joke with these stupid long dragged tracks rv is very good actor im actually watching cuz of his skills look how evil he is bur still can enjoy acting whilst seeing imli for the past month wanted me to skip all the episodes show lost its touch as many sed if cvs kept damaging sukor for imli the show trps r stable for sukor and rv as he is a popular actor

  9. I don’t know if this is true or not but new spoilers say that
    RV forces Chakor to marry him by threatening he will harm his family. Suraj gets into contact with Chakor but all she says to him is to not come Banaras as RV is his enemy. He worries about her, imli asks him what happened and Suraj tells her to mind her own business. (I’m glad Suraj is ignoring her ?)

  10. This drama has no moral values. Like swearing in the name God has become a joke. Evil has the upper end. There is no happiness at all. There is no love. It is bitterness n revenge all the way. Killing babies is norm , which means babies should not be brought into this world. I m sick n tired of hoping for the best. BP high

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