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The Episode starts with Rocky drinking. Sunny stops him and reminds him of promise to Chakor. He thinks of Chakor and says what did Lord do with Chakor. He asks them not to stop him now. Chakor comes and says Rocky Bhaiya….. They get shocked seeing Chakor there. Chakor smiles. She says Bappa saved me and I have come. He says this can’t happen. Chakor laughs and says wipe your eyes, I m safe, I m alive, I m not any dream. They all see again. She says I m not ghost, hug me and see. Rocky touches her and hugs her. They all happily cry and hug Chakor. Rocky asks how is she alive.

Kasturi recalls Chakor dying in bomb blast. She imagines Bhaiya ji and Manohar laughing. She gets up from the dream and says they have killed Chakor. Chakor tells everyone how jailer saved her and told her to make her new

identity. Sunny asks about jailer, how did he turn soft hearted. Rocky apologizes to Bappa. Chakor says now make me reach Azaadgunj soon. Rocky says its risky, if Bhaiya ji can plan your murder here, will he leave you there.

Chakor says I have an idea, I will go as Choka. They like the idea as no one identified Chakor, even Rocky’s mum. Rocky says I did not feel bad, I have to regret for her sins, I will do arrangements to send Chakor to Azaadgunj tomorrow. Chakor says Chakor died for everyone, but alive for her mum. He says yes.

Kasturi says I won’t leave them. Tejaswini asks Ranjana to take Vivaan to Lucknow for treatment. Kasturi comes there and throws stones at the haveli, asking Bhaiya ji to come out. Manohar says I will not leave her. Nayantara says she has gone mad for her daughter, let me talk. Imli wakes up and shouts on not seeing Kasturi at home. Bhuvan and everyone look for Kasturi. Kasturi asks Bhaiya ji to come out.

Nayantara says they did not do anything and explains her. Bhaiya ji comes home and asks whats happening. Kasturi cries and angrily hits a stone on his head. Bhaiya ji gets wounded and scolds Kasturi. The men catch Kasturi. Chakor wakes up and asks Rocky to take her to her Maai, she has seen bad dream. He says your flight has still time. She asks him to take her by car. They leave. Nayantara says she has gone mad, leave her. Bhaiya ji asks Nayantara to go inside the house.

Lakhan says if anyone dares to hurt Kasturi, I will break his hands. Bhaiya ji looks at him. The villagers come there. Bhaiya ji looks at Lakhan. Lakhan says the villagers will throw stones at Bhaiya ji and asks him to leave Kasturi. Bhuvan apologizes to Bhaiya ji and asks him to beat him instead Kasturi. Bhaiya ji holds his hair and pulls him. He asks him to take away Kasturi. Bhuvan takes Kasturi. Lakhan scolds Bhaiya ji. Manohar comes and looks on.

Manohar scolds Lakhan and sends him. Bhaiya ji says he will see them. Rocky reminds Chakor that she is going as Choka and no one should know she is alive. Rocky. Chakor, sunny, Soham and Tamasha are on the way. Chakor recalls his words.

Bhaiya ji tells villagers that he will show who is their owner and burns Kasturi’s hand. Chakor comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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