Udaan 10th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj spies on Vikram

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The Episode starts with Vikram leaving in his car. Bacha gets hit by his car. Vikram stops the car and sees him. Vikram asks Bacha are you fine. He says I will call doctor for him. Chakor says its not good that we are seen together. Vikram stops Suraj and asks who are you, why was Bacha running away seeing you. Rajjo says Bacha got drunk and ran after me, he took me to jungle and misbehaved with me. Vikram questions Suraj about his identity.

Bhawri says he is Jabbar Khan, its not his mistake, your man was misbehaving with Rajjo. The lady says this man has saved our respect, permit him to stay here. Vikram gets angry. Rajeshwari stops him. Suraj goes to some house. He calls Tejaswini and asks for Anjor. She shares Anjor’s painful state and cries. Suraj says Anjor will be fine soon, we will soon

get the cure of her pain, tell her that we will be soon there with her. Suraj opens the window and sees Chakor. She calls him and asks about Anjor. He says Anjor’s pain didn’t get less, we will soon make her fine. They hear Bacha screaming in pain. Vikram comes there and sees him. Chakor says Vikram and Rajeshwari made us like this, I m getting peace hearing someone’s scream. Suraj says he has given pain to our daughter, I wish he gets more peace.

Rajjo says we should go there to show pity. Chakor asks why shall I go there. Rajjo says its a village rule. Chakor asks Suraj to come. Doctor checks Bacha Pandey and says don’t know what’s happening with him, his pain isn’t going, take him to city hospital else he can die. Suraj and Chakor come there and look on. The man asks Vikram to take Bacha to hospital. Vikram says no, don’t worry, I will treat him. He goes. Rajeshwari says Bacha is like a brother for Vikram, I will talk to Vikram. She goes to Vikram. She says villagers will think why you are not taking Bacha to hospital, I know our secret will come out. Vikram says no, I m not scared for our secret coming out, someone gave him hormones injections, I have seen this mark, I also went through the same pain when Suraj injected me, but how did someone get this hormone injection. Rajeshwari says maybe this happened by Bacha’s mistake.

He says Bacha isn’t mad, he values his life, don’t forget, our men were with Bacha, still someone injected Bacha, I will get answers when Bacha comes to senses, we will give him antidote. She asks did you go mad, they think these medicines are for kids. He asks her not to worry, he will go godown and get antidote. Suraj hears this. Vikram goes to villagers and says I will get Bacha treated, we can know the truth by listening to Bacha first. He takes the doctor with him. He asks him to give the antidote injection to Bacha, he will just get it. Doctor gets puzzled seeing Bacha’s case. Vikram convinces him. Doctor sends the nurse away.

Suraj says I have got a good news, our daughter can get fine, Vikram has antidote of hormone injection, he is going to give it to Bacha, we should reach godown first and get the antidote. Rajjo says you can’t go there, you are special guest here and have to be here. Chakor says we will make everyone busy by the entertainment, so that no one looks for Suraj. Rajjo likes the idea. Suraj comes to Bacha and reveals his truth. Baacha gets shocked. Suraj goes to Chakor. They have a moment and recall their past. He compliments her. She asks how will I know you got the antidote. He says I will pass you a signal, until then you don’t let Vikram reach godown. She says yes, just take care. He says Anjor will get fine soon. She says yes, she will be fine soon. They smile.

Chakor stops Vikram and asks him to take prasad. Vikram throws the plate. Chakor says Suraj didn’t come out with the antidote yet. Vikram gets in the godown. Suraj gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally a Sukor moment after so long. Wish Rajjo wasn’t there.
    Suraj’s face when Bhavri introduced him 😂😂
    Hope Suraj didn’t kill BP, because it’s murder and because it scares me of CVs plans.
    Why didn’t Suraj go straightaway before Vikram goes?
    I’ll miss BP. Hope they don’t get rid of all of the villains. Hope Imli doesn’t return.

  2. Safiya Hosein

    Good episode.
    Would really like to see ‘gun toting’ Suraj now and again. These goons mean business and Suraj is a pro at handling a gun; at least for protecting Chakor and himself.

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