Udaan 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Suraj cooks food at a dhaba

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The Episode starts with Suraj going to get food. He helps a watermelon seller. The man blesses him and gives a share. Suraj thanks him and gets watermelon for Chakor. She cries. He asks what mistake did I do now, I will feed you. She says you got sweets, I want something spicy. He says I have no money, thank for this. She says my life will pass like this, did you think of going home, will we sleep here. He says I have phone, I will call mummy, she will send car for us. She says you always need help from others, you know hardwork, I wish my child is independent, unlike you. She eats watermelon and scolds him. She says don’t know you deserve to become father or not. He says say anything, but not this. She asks him to show then. He says I will show, I will earn money. She asks him to get water.


man scolds the cook. Suraj hears the problem and says I will make food. He stops the people. He says I will cook. The goon keeps an eye on Chakor. Suraj says I can cook anything, I m Lord’s avatar for you, I want money, show me where is the kitchen. The man says you don’t look a cook. Suraj says I will make tasty good. Chakor comes and takes Suraj aside. She asks are you mad, will you cook. Suraj says yes, I will make food. She asks how can you cook, will you send them to hospital. He says if man gets determined, he can do anything, you showed me the mirror, I have to become good father, I will even break stones, don’t worry, none will go hospital, I will earn money and take you to Aazaadgunj. She recalls her words. He makes her sit. He asks her to see how he proves he can become good husband and good father. The goon tells Imli that they are at dhaba. Imli says keep an eye on them, I will say what to do.

Suraj says the man agreed, I will make tasty good, you will be proud. She goes with him. Suraj says I will make veg pulao, I used to see Girja making it. Chakor says if anything goes wrong, it will be bad, sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. He says I do what I say, I gave commitment. The man gives order. Chakor asks can you make this. The man says cook fast, customers will start shouting. Suraj says maybe you were right, I had a long jump. She asks him to tell the man that he doesn’t know anything. Suraj holds her stomach and asks baby does he also think so. Baby kicks. Suraj says it means he can hear us, so he answered. The vegs fall.

Suraj says I got an idea, I can’t make all items, I will make veg pulao, they will forget all dishes. He asks her to sit, he will make side dishes also. He asks the man to write veg pulao and pudina raita are special today. He starts cooking and sings Wah jii wah….. He makes her taste. He goes. She adds salt in it. He gets done. She makes him wear his jacket. She says I wish everyone likes the pulao. The customer asks what’s this. Waiter says its special item, eat it or go. The customers refuse to eat pulao. Chakor asks them to please have it once and not pay if they don’t like it. The man asks will you pay for it then. Suraj says Chakor, we have no money to give them. Chakor says let them have it once, I m sure they will pay money. The customers eat pulao and like the taste. They order more pulao. The man gets happy. Suraj and Chakor smile. The customers pay money. The man gives money to Suraj. He says if you work permanent, I will give more.

Suraj and Chakor laugh. He says the man got scared when you lied about Bhaiya ji. She asks what would be our future if you really became a cook. He asks her not to think, he fights with every problem, he knows his responsibility increased. She smiles. Chakor praises him. They say I love you. She say we will make a new home. He says yes, we will know who tried to kill you and why.

Bhaiya ji adds poison in kheer. Chakor eats the kheer and gets dizzy. Kasturi shouts Chakor. Imli smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved the episode, it was highly entertaining. Suraj does all he can to make Chakor happy. Chakor said some harsh words but he didn’t get angry and instead worked to prove her wrong. Loved how Chakor helped him without his knowledge and how she had faith the customers will like the food.
    Sukor felt the baby’s kick ???.
    About the precap, if it’s true then at least Sukor got married before it and if it’s a dream the no harm done.

  2. I think chakor don’t eat poison kheer.and ab tu chakor pregnant he so she get dizzy.agar chakor ko kuch hogaya toh imli&kn jeet jayenge.ab yeh log ki kahaani kho anth karne ki samay aagaiyi

  3. Wow! Suraj knows how to cook. He proved he is trying his very best. The baby kicked and Suraj felt it. So cute! Precap is freaking me out! Is it a dream or real?

    Have a great weekend everyone

    1. I loved the bit of the baby’s kick. Suraj got scared. ????? The baby kicked twice. ????

  4. Today’s episode was superb about Sukor loved their romcom.But that precap hope nothing bad happens to chakors baby n if anything happens to her baby if its bad I think it’ll be my end of watching udaan

    1. This would be the third unborn kid they killed and the 4th kid to die in the show (remember Chakor’s twin). I don’t like how all these production houses over use the miscarriage storyline

  5. Aleya.marzan

    whatta epi yaaarr maza aaa gaya
    yeh log 2 months dukh dete hai aur 2 din sukh dete hai
    pata nehi agey kya hogaaaaaaaa

    1. Sukorian

      wah u nailed it ? exactly that happens in udaan unfortunatly ?

      1. Aleya.marzan

        unfortunately but we still watch udaan n wait for those 2 days !!
        udaan is doing good yaar trp is increasing . i’m loving this. these two epis were best ever .
        although a bad thing is waiting for us

  6. Yes it’s true chakor eat poison kheer and behosh hogayi suraj ushe utta ge room chali gayiiii

    1. OMG! I hope nothing happens to Chakor ?

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