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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji resting, while Manohar trains Chunni. Chunni talks like Chakor. Manohar tells about Imli, Chakor’s sister. Chunni laughs. She disagrees to talk like Chakor. He scolds her. Chunni gets angry and asks Manohar to say sorry to her. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar to stop her. Manohar gives the carrot to her and says he will slap her. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar to say sorry. Manohar says sorry. Bhaiya ji says training over, we will go Azaadgunj now, even if we are caught, we will say she got hurt and she has gone mad. She taunts him and makes him angry.

Imli asks Dadi to apply bindi to Kasturi. Dadi asks her to apply bindi which Kasturi likes. Amma compliments Kasturi and says now I feel Chakor will come back. Imli asks how can Chakor come, why is everyone saying this. Dadi says

its good day today, Chakor will come if we all pray by true heart. Imli says they all have gone mad.

They all do puja and light crackers. Kasturi takes a diya and lights more diyas. Imli says she will burn crackers. Chakor’s friends light the crackers near Kasturi. Vivaan says our plan will succeed when Choka becomes Chakor. Sunny takes Chakor to make her change clothes. Imli burns the crackers and miss Chakor. She thinks where is Choka and calls out. Chakor says Imli is calling. Sunny says get in Chakor’s clothes first. Chakor says I will come back, and goes to Imli.

Kasturi gets shocked seeing Chakor coming. Soham, Aditya, Vivaan, Sunny and Tamasha look on. Kasturi and all villagers get shocked seeing Chakor, who is actually Chunni. Soham says Chakor and lights the crackers infront of Kasturi. Imli asks Choka why did everyone say Chakor is alive, Kasturi will go more mad. Chakor sees the crackers lit, and thinks she has to go fast. Imli and Chakor get shocked seeing another Chakor/Chunni. Imli runs saying Didi. Chakor says I m real Chakor, who is she, lookalike?

Imli sees Kasturi’s saree catching fire. She shouts and asks her Didi to save her mum. Chunni gets shocked and moves back. Imli asks where is she going, mum will burn. Chakor runs to Kasturi and blows off the fire by her hands. Kasturi coughs and faints. Chakor holds her and makes Kasturi rest in her lap. Lakhan asks is this Chakor, and am I also imagining. Chakor’s friends get shocked seeing Chakor present there as Choka, and another Chakor.

Chunni says she is Chakor. Lakhan says yes, you are Chakor. Vivaan asks Aditya about new Chakor. Bhuvan comes and cries seeing Chakor. He asks Chakor/Choka to move away, his daughter has to meet Kasturi. Chakor goes away and Chunni sits to act. Imli says you really came Didi and hugs Chunni. Chunni says her clothes stink and scolds her. Imli gets shocked.

Imli tells Chunni that you did not call Maai like this before, you called by love. Chunni says oh, and tries to act. Manohar and Bhaiya ji look on. Manohar says she forgot what all I taught her. Bhaiya ji says they forgot everything being happy seeing Chakor, I wanted them to see Chakor alive to get all blames cleared on me. Vivaan says whats happening Chakor, who is that. Aditya says who got her here. Chakor says yes, we have to know this.

Dadi says Kasturi’s hand burnt, get water. Chakor says she will make ointment for mum, leave me. I will tell everyone I m Chakor. Aditya says no, we don’t know about that girl, and Kasturi will get shock seeing two Chakor.

Chunni gets some ointment. Chakor makes it fall and says this was masala, not any ointment. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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