Udaan 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Kasturi and everyone hiding faces and trying to run from the village. They make some sound and leave hurriedly. They hide and walk past the people sleeping. Kasturi asks Imli how did she know this way. Bhuvan says even I did not know. Imli says Chakor showed me this way. Kasturi says yes, she was very smart. Chakor tells Malti that she has to iron the new clothes, as its for her family. Malti says she will iron it. Chakor says no, I will learn it, then I can tell Vivaan that I know many things. Malti tells Abha that Chakor is after her job, and wants to iron clothes. Abha says you go, Chakor and I will iron all clothes. Malti leaves.

Chakor says when my mum comes, we will make medicines and give everyone to shoo their anger away. Abha says good idea, lets iron clothes now.

Bhuvan says its magic route, we came here so soon. They see the bus standing. They see the bus empty and smile. They get inside the bus and a black spider is shown in background. Bhuvan asks them to sleep and hide below chairs, so that no one can see them. Chakor thinks about Ranjana’s words and tells Abha about Vivaan’s mum. Abha says when your mum comes and makes medicine, give it to Vivaan’s mum, her anger will also go.

Abha asks Chakor to switch off the iron after she finishes using. Chakor irons the clothes and feels sleepy. She sleeps keeping the iron on. The Sitapur bus starts and leaves. Bhuvan and everyone get up and are happy that they are going to Sitapur. Imli says now no one can stop us from meeting Chakor. Imli’s dress gets burnt. Its morning, they smile seeing the greenery outside. Kasturi asks Dadi what is she seeing. Dadi says see Aazaadgunj has gone back, we are free of hell, I did not think I would see this before I die. Kasturi says you will see many things, as we are going to see Chakor. They hug and smile.

The bus is rashly driven and they fall. Kasturi says this way is not right, where are we going. Bhuvan asks the driver is the bus going to Sitapur. The driver speeds up. Imli says why is he driving so speedily. Dadi shows them to see out. Kasturi and everyone are shocked seeing haveli. Chakor wakes up in morning, and sees the clothes burning. The bus stops in haveli. Bhaiya ji’s goons take them out. They are scared to see them.

Bhuvan asks what did you do? The driver shows his face. Its Lakhan. He says your Sitapur has come, greetings from Lakhan to Bhuvan and his family. Bhuvan says whats our mistake. Lakhan says someone saw you leaving with your family and told me. Bhuvan folds hands and asks him to leave them. He says leave my family, do anything with me, but please let them go. Lakhan says you should have thought before running. He kicks Bhuvan and says I can’t do anything now. He says now Bhaiya ji has known this, he will decide. Chakor shouts for Abha and shows the burnt dress. Abha is shocked.

Chakor hugs Imli’s frock. Bhuvan, Kasturi, Dadi and Imli are taken to Bhaiya ji. They cry and are asked to get down the bus soon, as Bhaiya ji is waiting. Maut chupi jhaadi jhaadi re…………….plays…….. Imli says she will get down in Lucknow, not here. Bhuvan says come with me, else they will shoot us.

Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini scold them. Bhuvan falls on their feet. Tejaswini taunts Kasturi and takes Imli as interest. She says we give one week time, if Chakor does not come back, then Imli will become Bandhua too. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank god they r nt going to kill chakors faimily

  2. poor chakor i feel really sorry for her.she is so so excited to meet her parents

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