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The Episode starts with Vivaan telling Ragini that they won and made bandhuas again. Ragini says but Imli may change the result of our game. He says she can’t do anything, even if she kills someone in madness, those who are alive will be our servants, Imli will land in jail and then give birth to her child, the villagers will know whose sin is growing in her womb, Imli will die.

Suraj says I m the father of Imli’s would be child. They all get shocked. Suraj says you all wanted to know this, you were hitting her with stones and humiliating her, you were sending her to mental asylum, now you know it, Imli will not go anywhere, she has right to stay in this village. Imli asks what are you saying. He says be quiet, truth has to come out some day. Chakor cries. Kasturi asks Imli is this true. Imli says

no, he is lying. Bhuvan says when Suraj is saying truth, you are stopping him, tell truth Suraj.

Chakor asks Suraj why is he lying, this is not right way to save Imli, you will be trapped, the person whom Imli is hiding will never come out. Suraj says she is hiding my name, I m saying truth. Imli says no, I m saying truth, its Vivaan’s child and cries.

Suraj asks them to trust him. Imli cries in pain. Chakor takes Suraj aside and says you are lying to save Imli, tell me truth. He says no, I m saying truth. She says then swear on my head and say, you are really Imli’s child’s father. He sees Imli in pain. He says fine, if you want this, then hear it, I swear on you, I will be called the father of Imli’s child. They all get shocked. Suraj says I said truth, whatever mechanic saw was true, we were in isolated jungle and committed a mistake. Imli shouts no.

Chakor slaps Suraj and gets away. She runs away from there. Tejaswini slaps Suraj and asks how can you break Chakor’s heart, who got you out of this bandhuagiri, you have bad blood of Kamal Narayan, I hate to call you my son. Kasturi curses Imli and beats her. Chagan stops Kasturi. Kishor says send Suraj and Imli away from village. Lakhan says let them go, its Suraj’s responsibility, now Suraj keeps her in village or not, we should not care, right Bhuvan. Bhuvan asks Kasturi to leave Imli. They all leave.

Suraj holds Imli. She says I can’t walk. Suraj lifts her and takes her. Chakor throws the things in her room and cries. She asks why did Suraj cheat me, how can he do this with me. She sees her face in mirror and recalls Suraj’s words. She shuts her ears and sits. She recalls Vivaan’s words. She asks why did you do this Suraj.

Chakor cries and says I realized love because of Suraj, he gave dreams in my eyes and then broke all those dreams, why. She recalls Suraj proposing her. She says it means Suraj confessed his love to me, he knew about Imli has his child in her womb. She throws things and cries. She says you insulted your own love, not mine, you ruined everything, I hate you. She sees Suraj’s pics and says all these things remind me of him, I should go from here. She steps on glass pieces and runs. Her feet bleeds.

Imli asks Suraj to leave her, she is fine. Suraj asks do you want your child to die. He gets her to temple. She asks why did you lie there, you know its Vivaan’s child, not yours, why did you false swear. He asks what would I do, you saw Chakor begging to everyone, none heard her, even your parents were pushing you away and sending you to mental asylum, I did what I felt right, this was only way to stop you in village, I was helpless and felt you will go mad, would you give birth to child in mental asylum. She asks why do you care, its not your child, you have false sworn about Chakor, whom you love a lot. He says yes, I love her a lot, what could I do, I did not say its my child, I said I will be called the child’s father, I m not the father of this child, whatever I said was for everyone’s betterment, accept this, if I did not do this, maybe Chakor died. Imli asks do you think she will alive knowing you cheated her. Chakor runs crying.

Imli scolds Suraj. She says Vivaan had doubt till now, he will be sure now. Chakor says my trust shattered, Imli’s womb has Suraj’s child, Suraj, my husband’s child is my sister’s womb. Vivaan shoots at some pot angrily. Chakor cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian


  2. Thanks for the quick update!

  3. arrey yaar..this imly always wanted a child.she was selfish before .now got child aand creating hungama………between sukor………

  4. Emotional episode, was heartbroken for Chakor, she won’t forgive Suraj easily when the truth comes out.

    My favorite part was when Tejaswini slapped Suraj and their conversation. I don’t know what Suraj gained; his and Imli’s reputations are destroyed and Chakor is left humiliated and heartbroken.

    I know Chakor was a big reason why Suraj did this, because he didn’t want to see her helpless and begging but how does making her look like a fool and breaking her heart by admitting in public that he cheated on her is better? Suraj acted rashly and he will have to work hard to make her forgive him.

    I know it’s shocking but I enjoyed the episode, it was intense and very emotional. If the shock of this confession only lasts a couple of more episodes and if CVs don’t mess things further, this track can be interesting.

    1. I totally agree with you i actually gonna like this track its getting interesting and its gonna show more of chakor emotion cuz before it was all bout imli happiness and how she felt but now it will be about chakor imli is so selfish suraj did all this for her and she is still shouting at him suraj is getting denamed chakor looks like a fool cuz now it looks like her husband and sister were cheating behind her bk upcoming episodes have alot of action suraj comes in with imli holding hands and takes her upstairs vivaan welcomes them with alcohol before that vivaan forced chakor to danceand was trying to give het alcohol but ranjana and ragini stopped him chakor runs upstairs then wen imli and suraj come chakor comes bk down and asks again suraj says it is his child chakor runs away then chakor confronts imli who says shw went to suraj cuz vivaan couldnt give her a child chakor smacks her i actually liked that part even if it sounds mean cuz chakor always got slapped by imli chakor expresses her anger on imli saying she left vivaan for her and now wen she started again she came bk im gonna enjoy watching chakor in this avtaar cuz it shows she is human and she also has feelings and right now shes feels betrayed by her true love suraj did everything in haste and now has to deal with the consequences and why r cvs color coordinating imli with suraj and vivaan with chakor and one thing i dont like was wen chakor in thd spoiler was getting harassed by vivaan there was no1 der for her but for imli suraj is sticking up for her i dont like the fact that now it looks like suraj cares more for imli than chakor but ik this track will bring alot of sukor scenes

  5. Most painful episode… This shows how immature poor suraj is not thinking of the consequences… Chakor Still tries to understand him but the promise shattered her faith completely…

    Liked how teju was broken for chakor and was feeling sad that suraj has become like his dad KN…

    Suraj has to really really work hard to clear this mess and win over the trust of chakor….

    He is only now realising his blunder after imli stated it…. Felt Very sad for imli… She was so firm in telling that suraj was lying….

  6. I feel so bad for Chakor nd I really want Suraj to tell her the truth. He is worried that she might die bcz of all this bt y doesn’t he realize that Chakor will die without him. She is his soulmate. They r made for each other. What is this? Suraj lifting imli nd holding her hand. Ths is wrong!!! Ths will obviously make Chakor jealous. I cant see her like this. Y is there so many probs in Sukors love life bt when vimli were together , there was no parechani nd nw when Sukor are together thn thee is such a big humgama. Agar aise hi chalta raha na, tho Sukor puri se puri toot jaygi. I wonder wht will Vivaan do as nw Suraj has accepted the whole baby prob? Kya vo Chakor ke saath koy batameezi karega? This weeks epis are going to be very emotional.

    1. I agree vivaan is just gonna bully imli and suraj and at the same time harasse chakor i felt sorry for chakor to i dont like the way suraj picks imli up and also they r gonna hug and leave the place holding hands wen suraj humiliated chakor wen he was drunk vivaan placed his hand on chakor and imli was buring but now she is hugging and holding hands with suraj so cants they see how effected chakor and vivaan will be wen they see this yes i also agree that wen suraj was going through bundua track vimli didnt care much and were more concerned with having a child and now wen sukor are together vimli have problems the only reason sukor are effected its cuz suraj swore on chakor life that the child is his

  7. Really should stop seeing this mental drama from now on…

  8. I missed the show for a few days thinking I’ll catch up but got a glimpse of today’s show and in a few days they have ruined it, to give Chakor that much pain the writers really are narcissists. I get that when he put his hand on her head the way he worded it he didn’t admit to be the father just that he will be called the father and for once it’s not even imlis fault, Suraj has made a bad situation worse, to hurt Chakor like that is unforgivable. Again the writers instead of making Sukors bond stronger they’ve ruined it. Vivaan was going to raise Suraj’s child and now Suraj will raise Vivaans and Imli always has someone to support her and poor Chakor just keeps getting betrayed I actually cried for her because she trusted him and he let her down. What is it with Indian script writers why do they always show couple separations and torture and misunderstandings, they could have concentrated on the gun track. I’m actually so angry, glad he got slapped and I hope Chakor does show her anger and not just accepts it and move on, she gave him a chance and he still didn’t think of the consequences even after she said this is not the way to help Imli, even with imli protesting against him. Suraj is the biggest idiot ever!

  9. susmita Howlader

    hama11may bala uddan pasand nahi aya please dont do this

  10. susmita Howlader

    plz stop this mental torcher for people who like this show very much it will the reason we top watching uddan

  11. It was a Painfull epic.how could suraj do this nonsens.cvs its 2much yaar!if you don’t mind guys can i tell you something?whats happen to pink udaan page.why are so less comment.

  12. Now i think chakor will come on vivaan s side and both couples will make fake love drama to make one another jealous….same old story repeating…hope the gun track brings some fresh story…i cant tolerate this imli crying drama…and suraj s concern for imli more than chakor…

  13. Stop stop stop this track end this SuKor separation track unite them ..dnt drag imlis baby track n imraj track cvs..

  14. Hola sukorians.guys now i can’t ber this stupid track.udaan on rishtey is much betr.i started watch it just coz of choco .sorry guys but i can’t comment for this irritating sepration track.i will definaly comment for lovely sukor moments ok.don’t know why she is so much intrested in this boring & emotional track.sorry guys if anybody hurt with my words.

  15. Stop stop stop this track of SuKor separation n unite them. End imlis baby drama n imraj track cvs.

  16. i am sad today epi. feel sad for surej

  17. hello all I am Nandini here I have been reading this page since 3 months and I like all your comments so I wanted to ask that may I join you? Today’s today episode was fully emotionaleven I started crying when I saw Chakor crying badly. This Suraj he is really a fool he doesn’t know what to do and how it should act…..I had been waiting for Suraj Chakor scenes since 3 months but because of vivaan imli Suraj Chakor scenes got disappearedI want a boy but the Suraj is worrying more for imli than Chakor..now I think vivaan Chakor and Suraj Imli scenes will be seen more

  18. Emotional epi. Suraj took decision without think about rslt ..just like vivan who easily trapped by evils…feel sad for chakor….i liked tejswani ‘s dialogues…..

  19. Welcome Nandini and all new comers to our family.

  20. Suraj has proved by taking this decision he has no brain as chakor always saying….please cvs solve this bachuva prob as soon as ….and focus on sukor unity and mian theme of udan……we can.’t see sukorin pain …..

  21. I too liked tejaswini dialogues

  22. Imvan always think about thier happiness first….chakor always think for others happi ess frst …..suraj know this about chkor ….but he broke her heart ….. as he should think about chakor first but he try to solve othrs prob without caring of ckor s feeling as suraj clearly knew that chkor suffered a lot through out her life nd he gave her enough pain which would breakdown her trust on love nd may be she cant blieve in love agian as it happned second tym with her

  23. Wlcm nanadini to our udaan family.

  24. Very emotional nd heart breaking episode…….. Bichaari chakor…. How she fully trust him…..seriously I can’t see her crying badly…I liked teju convo with suraj…..big claps for her….i hate suraj this is not right way to save imli…I think this statement is going to be very trouble for suraj and imli….he never think about chakor feeling….suraj very bad husband , his concern for imli more than chakor…even he is hiding truth from chakor that is d worst part….he said he loves a lot chakor, what d hell he giving his name of imli child…really very disappointed with suraj decision…. Fully fed up with this imli (boothni) Bachaa track….

  25. TRP impressions decreased to 4456 (2.025) and in 8th place (dropped 1 place). Udaan is not the slot leader this week.

    1. Shreya.

      Thank u Soo much for dis information dr…

  26. Shreya.

    Welcome nandhini to our udaan family…hope u will enjoy here dr…

    Hii guys…sry for d late cmnt…I watched dis episode…too much of emotions….both sukor ND vimli r in pain jst bcz of that heartless selfish women ragini ND ranjana ji…dnt know if kn ji is also d part of dis plan…in dis episode when Suraj swear on chakor I started crying…nd when chakor slaps Suraj I just closed my eyes tightly…nd hw chakor cries in her room…can’t bear dis nd she told na “I hate u Suraj”when these words came from chakor’s mouth I just hold my ears tightly…nd I loved when tejaswini ji took stand for chakor…even I closed my eyes when she beats her son Suraj…she is d best mother…Suraj loves both teju nd chakor…dnt know hw he face their haterness towards him…bt he deserves dis punishment also…can’t see our sukor in pain…

    Thank God atleast cvs gives dis much explanation…I mean suraj told na I did these all for my chakor…I dnt want to c her begging, helpless etc etc…guys I didn’t justify tat our suraj’s decision is right…he did these all for chakor bt he proved that he is budhu…he didn’t think abt d result…sometimes in our life v all r also took these types of decision lyk Suraj…Suraj loves chakor alllooot…bt his sudden decision (without thinking) makes both of their lyf hell…nd i know imli shout at Suraj bt in my pov she is right at her state…every girl react lyk dis…nd I won’t tell anything against imli…bt I will thank imli hw she explained Suraj what he did is wrong which makes chakor far from him…love u imli for dis one…guys am a fan of both sukor nd vimli…thn guys “I said I will be called d child’s father…I’m nt d father of dis child” he swear lyk dis ryt…soo I hope soon our sukor’s reunion will happen…

  27. Shreya.

    Zoya dr… Just nw only I saw ur cmnt in previous page u know what I used to go musical classes dr…guitar is my life na tats y…

    Sadhna dr…our aanya met with an accident (head injury)..tats y only she is nt able to cmnt here…

    Nidhi.. u didn’t hurt anyone dr…v respect ur feelings…dnt wry…hope our sukor reunions will happen soon.. atleast they will show some sukor moments…

    Guys, I want one scene…where Suraj can’t tolerate chakor’s haterness towards him…at that tym he came to chakor (Suraj in drunken state) nd tells everything that am not a father of imli’s child…am nt able to c ur state tat u r begging to d villagers nd helpless…tats y only I suddenly took that decision nd told lyk tat way….that tym I didn’t thinks abt d result…am really sry tat ur heart (dreams) breaks bcz of me…I cant tolerate ur haterness anymore towards me…plzz forgive me chakor for breaking ur dreams”…dnt know y am thinking lyk dis guys…bt I want to c dis type of scene…bt dnt know what was in cvs mind…

  28. hey guys sorry for the late update.. how u all.. to those who are new here, welcome to udaan family..
    i saw the episode and its an emotional one.ye suraj kitna stupid he..he doesn’t think about the consequences ..poor chakor she is so much broken..when suraj says that its his child ,i can see a smile on chakors face and she trust him alot.and after that she asked him why should he take the blame by himself.we can get any other way to solve imlis issues at that time i.was literally cried and that stupid suraj he messed everything .he broke her trust..he should atleast tell this to chakor.. but with these scenes we can see chakors emotional side too..now she is not a jagatmata she becomes a girl who lost her love…please cvs dont drag this track too much.. we cant see sukors seperation for longtime

  29. Shreya.


    Guys dis is our vj’s interview with Meera nd vidhi…

  30. Oru nalla serial’s ipadi kola pandreengale pa….en indha kola veri, my fav couple sukor…pls avangala prichudandhinga…

  31. Guys new spolier a fight breaks out between suraj and vivaan over imli guys suraj is doing alot for imli and she can also speakup against vivaan but she just standing thier quietly and i feel sorry for chakor theres no1 with het evrn though suraj is saying he is doing this all foe chakor

  32. So sad shreya.hope she will recover so soon.i’m agree with nidhi.she is realy very intrested in every situation .don’t get wrong guys you all are sukor fans and me too.and we are realy very upset with this separation track and also were upset about bandwa track.but she is realy very positive.i used to read her(ananya’s)comments through the bandwa track and others too.but realy her comment were positive about suraj’s condition.i’m wonder how can a person positive like this………even in terible conditions.i want to ask nidhi realy is she such a positive girl?i have a doubt that noone can positive like this in his/her life.so how can she?sorry guys i know this is off topic but i couldn’t control myself. I’m sukor and omri fan but now i also become fan of this dmbo girl even i know i can’t see her but i can’t forget her ever.

  33. Thanks shreya and lily for the spoilers.

    I too feel sad for chakor, she had no one to protect her when vivaan was harassing her. Sruthi, I too am glad that she was angry with suraj and slapped imli, that’s what a normal woman will do. Chakor will not forgive Suraj easily, he’ll hhave to work very hard to make her forgive him, so as Tippu said we’ll get many sukor scenes.

    I felt sad for imli too, she was being beaten and she was very close to losing her baby. On top of that nobody wants to believe her. I wish suraj thought of some other solution, now the four of them are in extreme pain. I even feel pity for vivaan, although if he went to another doctor may be all of this would be avoided.

    Shreya, I like your scene, I wish we get something similar.

    Like everyone here I don’t want them to drag this track or to separate the couples for long. My assumption is this drama is bringing them high ratings during the IPL and once it is done, they solve vimli’s problems and start sukor reconciliation. So hopefully next week will be the last week in this torture.

  34. Aanya dear, hope you’re well. We are all missing you, please try to comment and let us know you’re ok.

  35. Shreya.

    Thanks for d latest spoiler informations nd links both tippu nd Lily k…

    Sadhna dr….aanya is such a positive girl…u know wat sadhna in my lyf I saw two people’s with dis much positive attitude dr…first I met my clg frnd she always thinks positively even in hard situations…second one is our aanya…she also lyk my frnd…I can understand anyone can doubt if anyone thinks always positive…bt am sure she is such a positive girl dr….

    Welcome Viji… don’t worry dr..seekramae cvs namma sukor ah sethu vachuruvanga…hope for d best…nd try to cmnt here everyday…

    1. Hi shreya!!!! Neenga Tamil girl a ? Romba sandhoshma irukku pa….naa chennai ..neenga?… Udann serial my fav show ..don’t know day by day its getting boring yaar , am jabra fan of sukor…thanks enna welcome panadhuku…..tc dr….

  36. Shreya.

    Nemo even I hope they will end dis torturing scenes…after tat if they will bring tat gun factory track than v got some sukor scenes…hope so..

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