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The Episode starts with Rathod permitting Tina to go on lunch. Chakor looks at Vivaan. Tina asks Vivaan to give her 5 mins and goes to get ready. Rathod puts water on Chakor’s feet and asks her does she feel good now. He says this is not possible, you can’t make new records, you are willing to win marathon, but this is national level. He tells about his story, he wanted to win marathon and was afraid to lose, maybe this is happening with her, if she loses, she will also go back to the initial point. She says no, I will work hard and run faster. He says I know, you will work hard, but still you may lose, I suggest you don’t participate in marathon this year, then there will be no question of winning and losing, you can say you got foot injury and withdrawing your name, you can take part next year, this

can save your name and respect. Vivaan hears this and gets shocked.

Chakor says sorry Sir, I can’t do this. Vivaan leaves from there. Rathod says fine, as you wish, but remember I want your good. She says I know you are saying this for my good, but withdrawing means I lost before trying. All bandhua people have hope from me, I will practice a lot, I will win and show everyone, thanks for thinking so much for me. She goes and collides with Tina. They have an argument. Vivaan compliments Tina to make Chakor jealous. Tina thanks Vivaan and taunts Chakor. She leaves with Vivaan.

Chakor comes to her village. She sees Kasturi happy talking to someone. The lady says I will tell everyone. Chakor asks whats the matter. Kasturi makes Chakor have sweets and says its good day today, the lady’s husband gave money back to Bhaiya ji and got freedom from bandhuagiri. Chakor says this is great news, its big miracle and gets very happy. she hugs Kasturi. Kasturi says you know I m seeing you smiling after long time. Chakor says I will make everyone freed soon and smiles.

Bhaiya ji tells Tina about Vivaan’s childhood. Tina laughs. Servant says Suraj wants to talk to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says call him here. Tina says Suraj and I had a fight, I think he is not coming here because of me. Bhaiya ji says its your wish to love anyone and fight with anyone. She says I decided whom to love and looks at Vivaan. Bhaiya ji says I will just come and goes. Tina gets her dad’s call and goes. Ranjana tells Vivaan that she likes Tina, she is from good family and equal to them in status, but how did you like her so soon, how did you forget your old love. Vivaan says if you are telling about Chakor, that story is over, our worlds are different. Tina comes and asks what. Ranjana says nothing, come, sit and have sweets.

Suraj tells factory lease matter to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji scolds him and asks did you call me outside for this small matter, what will Tina think, you should have told this to me later or to Vivaan. Suraj argues. Bhaiya ji goes. Imli asks Suraj to give file, she will show it to Vivaan. Suraj scolds her. Tina and Vivaan come out. Suraj gets angry. Suraj scolds a servant to show his domination. Suraj says I will show how much weight a man can lift. He shows his biceps and strength. Servant asks Imli what happened to Suraj. Imli looks at Tina and says now I understand what is Suraj doing and why. Suraj holds much weight and falls down. Tina laughs seeing him. Imli makes Tina fall down. Tina gets angry and says you made me fall intentionally right. Imli says no, I did not know you are coming my way. Tina leaves with Vivaan.

Chakor practices running at night. The girls wake up and get shocked seeing Chakor missing. A girl says Chakor is determined to win, she has passion, she was running on track since night. Rathod asks Chakor to run, and records the time. The girls come there and look on. Chakor runs faster. Rathod says wow Chakor, 9 seconds, that too wearing shoes, fantastic. Chakor says I will get 7 seconds record till night. He says good job. Chakor looks at Tina.

Chakor and Tina run and compete. Tina says no one can make me lose, how to stop Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to do anything and stop Chakor from winning marathon. Someone makes Chakor unconscious.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now who would have kidnapped chakor??

    1. Obviously kamal narayan ney

  2. I got news dat udaan ending soon bcz of low trp :'(

    1. kon bola low trp…. top 10 me hai udaan

  3. Oh my God is udaan ending so ? ? ?

  4. trp check nahi karte ho kya last week slot leader tha…..8:30 ka…..with trp 2.0……& top 10 may tha…….yea its timimg cng 6:30 star plus ki suhani ko takkar dene ke liye……eiye afba mat failao…..shakti start hoga 8:30 may

  5. Its a very nice and inspiring serial… but m scared that change of time slot may harm its trp.

  6. yea trp is little bit diff i also miss ds show i am nt home at 6:30 due to my swim classes….like me many more r there who r not reaching home at 6:30……i will watch it in repeat telecast….

  7. Yeah its nice serial about freedom

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