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The Episode starts with Suraj being happy with Imli for getting all info from her. He says he will gift her some good thing this time. She smiles. Chakor stops media midway and Aditya asks the reason. She says we will keep it here, as Bhaiya ji’s house is behind. She asks Aditya her plan. He calls her great. Suraj and Imli wait for Chakor. He asks why did they not come, did you hear right time. Imli says yes.

Chakor starts giving the statement and talks in press conference. Servant tells Bhaiya ji that Chakor is saying something to press infront of haveli. Bhaiya ji gets angry and goes to see. Chakor tells the media that she is taking part in national marathon. She shows Bhaiya ji who took oath today and has come here to give his blessings to me. She says Bhaiya ji has come to announce something.

Ranjana looks on. Chakor says Bhaiya ji announces something along with me, this time also he has something big to announce, he is opening a hospital for ill villagers. She smiles. Bhaiya ji gets angry.

Suraj gets the news and gets shocked. He tells Imli that Chakor is doing press conference at my haveli. They leave. Chakor says Bhaiya ji will run hospital free for 10 years, villagers will get free treatment. Bhaiya ji fake smiles and fumes. Aditya signs Chakor and smiles. Chakor asks Bhaiya ji to say few words. Suraj and Imli come there. Bhaiya ji says what shall I say now, Chakor said everything, I can’t see pain of poor people, so I made a hospital for them. Suraj gets angry. Imli holds Chakor’s hand and says you lied to me. Chakor smiles and says you also did not say truth. Imli asks when. Chakor says you did not say why did you come to have food at home, I know you wanted to know where I m doing press conference, I knew Suraj will use you any way, mistake happens once, I can’t hit on my leg again. Imli threatens her. Chakor says I m facing this fear since last 18 years, you are doing wrong.

Its night, Bhaiya ji fumes and says Chakor made me dig wells and now made me helpless to make hospital here in Aazaadgunj, that took free treatment for 10 years, its my money. Suraj says media is with Chakor, don’t know why did media stick to her, I want to shoot them. Bhaiya ji says no, else she will get us on road, don’t let her go to participate in marathon. Suraj asks him not to worry.

Chakor goes home and it rains. She says its good I had this umbrella. Vivaan is angry as his car broke down. He calls Tejaswini and his phone drop in water. Chakor looks on. He thinks whom to call now. She says I m here, I was passing by and saw you. She gives him her umbrella and checks his car. He says strange girl, she thinks she is mechanic. She says she repaired the car. He asks what, really. She asks him to start car and check. He starts the car and gets glad. Her umbrella falls away by the wind. She dances in the rains and smiles. She runs to Vivaan, who picks the umbrella. He says I thought you run well, I did not know you are mechanic. She says I have come to make everything fine here. He asks what. She says nothing, I used to help a mechanic at shop and learnt all this. He says fine, take your umbrella, I will leave. They have an eyelock. He recalls Tejaswini’s words and gets angry on Chakor. He thanks her and asks her to take money of car repair from haveli. He leaves.

She thinks why is Vivaan calling Tejaswini as mum, I will find out. He goes home and says I like milk a lot. Tejaswini stops him and asks did you go to Chakor’s home. He says yes. She asks why. He recalls Ranjana’s words. He says just like that, can I take that milk. She says forget it. He asks why, what sin did I do. She says you lied to me, did I serve you for this, you have hurt me a lot, now you won’t get anything till you tell me why you went there. He says I went to give letter I got from Suraj’s room, I don’t know why I did that, will they beat me. She says no, tell me. He asks why did Ranjana tell this then, sorry I will not do anything without asking you, its Ranjana’s fault, I m sorry. Tejaswini records everything and smiles.

Imli sharps the knife and gets angry on the goons. She apologizes to Suraj. Suraj keeps knife at her neck. She closes eyes and gets tensed. Suraj holds her face angrily and says its not your mistake. Chakor fooled you, whatever you did was not intentional, I know it, but you have to take revenge from Chakor. She cries. He asks her to say. She says yes. He smiles and leaves with the goons. Imli shouts Chakor did wrong with me.

Tejaswini makes Ranjana hears Vivaan’s recording. Ranjana gets shocked. Tejaswini says I would have given this recording to Bhaiya ji, you went against Bhaiya ji and sent Vivaan to Chakor to give the letter. Ranjana says I did not know about letter, I have just sent Vivaan. Tejaswini taunts her and says just I can save you from this tough situation, then you have to do what I want. Ranjana says great, you are threatening me and doing a deal, as if I will come in your words, if you give this audio to Kamal ji, Vivaan will be snatched from you, I don’t think you will do this foolishness. Tejaswini says you are mistaken Ranjana, I made Vivaan away from you, I don’t care for him, I told you snatched my husband, I will snatch your son, Vivaan is just a weapon for me, I don’t love him. Ranjana gets shocked.

Chakor practices to win national marathon. Suraj fires on the ground and she stops. Suraj and his goons come there. Suraj says this time you can’t win without practice, I won’t let you practice in Aazaadgunj, after what you did yesterday. She asks do you think you can stop me. Imli fires there and comes to Chakor. She threatens Chakor. Suraj says even I m scared of Imli, run in your dreams. The goons laugh. Imli shoots on ground and asks her to go home. Chakor starts leaving. She stops and smiles seeing the media coming there. Suraj asks the goons to hide the guns. Imli asks how did press come here, is Chakor going to say anything again. Aditya and media come there. Chakor turns to Suraj and smiles.

Chakor practices her run and media covers her. Bhuvan sees this news on tv and smiles. Aditya tells about champion Chakor practicing for national marathon. Kasturi is glad seeing Chakor. They argue over Imli’s bad earnings and Chakor’s good earnings. He says money is money, don’t break the sisters. She says I m saying right, Imli does wrong. He says Imli is taking care of us. She says Chakor is going right way. He says its no use to talk to you and leaves. She checks tv news and smiles seeing Chakor.

Imli asks why are press reporters after Chakor, they should be after Bhaiya ji. Suraj says you solved my problem. She asks what did I say. He says media is after Chakor, she has someone to help her, we have to find her friend in media, then this media will go away.

Imli goes home and asks Chakor to listen to her. She asks her to leave her dreams of marathon, else she will shoot on her legs. Chakor asks her to shoot and gets angry. She makes Imli aim at her. Imli says leave my hand. Chakor says I m elder to you. Imli bites her hand. Chakor pushes her. Imli gets hurt. Chakor asks her to show her wound. Imli hurts Chakor.

Suraj tells Bhaiya ji that its not easy to get media attention. Bhaiya ji sees news and says Suraj you are right, we have to find Chakor’s friend and plan his accident. Suraj says once I find that guy, I will not leave him. Bhaiya ji says that traitor should know what I do. Tejaswini hears him and smiles. Ranjana sees Tejaswini and gets tensed. She goes. Suraj tells Bhaiya ji that Ranjana is hiding something, I don’t like her. Bhaiya ji asks him to be in limits, use mind where required, go and find that guy who is helping Chakor. Suraj says sorry and leaves.

Tejaswini asks Ranjana not to go in function with Bhaiya ji. Ranjana asks how can this happen, people know me. Tejaswini says I will go along. Ranjana laughs and says Kamal ji won’t go with you ever. Tejaswini blackmails about audio clip. Ranjana stops Tejaswini and says fine, I won’t go, are you happy? Tejaswini says no, I will be happy when you prepare my trip with Bhaiya ji.

Kasturi stops Imli and scolds her for hurting Chakor. She asks Bhuvan to see Imli. Imli cries and says Chakor is shameless, not me, she won everyone’s heart, where was she for 10 years, she run away to fulfill her dreams, she did not turn to see us, what would I do, if I don’t go job in haveli, we would have been dead like Dadi. Bhuvan cries. Imli says Maai thinks I m bad daughter, I did this for you and Bapu, you are calling me wrong, if Chakor comes in my way, I swear on you, I will shoot Chakor, she is liar and cheater, I will kill her. They get shocked.

Imli informs Suraj that Chakor has gone to meet her friend, he did not come till now. Suraj asks Imli to take the guy’s photo and send him. Bhaiya ji says this time, I will not leave Chakor. Imli sees Aditya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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