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The Episode starts with Imli going to Suraj. She cries and says I have to say something. Suraj asks her to say what is it. She tells him that she is bearing his child, she is pregnant. Suraj gets shocked and asks her not to say any nonsense. Imli swears and says I m not lying, I m saying truth. Chakor and Vivaan have a talk about Imli. Chakor tells him that she is worried for Imli, and feels Imli is hiding something.

Vivaan asks her not to worry. He says your love will win over Imli’s love for Suraj, whatever is there in Imli’s heart, she will tell you everything. She says I hope she tells me everything. He holds her hand and says its just nine days now, then we will miss all this. She asks what. He says hiding and meeting, holding you, I will miss our secret meetings and romance. He gets close.

She stops him and says I forgot to show the card. He says you spoiled romantic mood. She says its imp to show this car, Kasturi asked me to show this to Ranjana, I will go now. He says fine, go, I have to call decorator.

Suraj asks Imli not to lie. Imli says I m not lying and asks him to recall that night when he took her on her birthday. Suraj says lie, and holds her neck. She coughs. He recalls the night and says this can’t happen, this hurdle can’t come in between my bright future, I did big mistake to trust you, now I understand why you are doing this, its because of Chakor’s marriage, you want money and doing this acting, tell me how much money you want. She cries and says I don’t want money.

Chakor comes to haveli and hears Imli crying and talking to Suraj. Suraj raises hand on Imli and stops himself. Imli cries. Ranjana comes and asks Chakor to come. They leave. Suraj asks Imli to leave, there is one way now. Imli asks will you marry me. He asks are you mad, did you say this to anyone. She says no one knows this. He says good, you keep this money, have these keys of the car. Imli asks why are you giving me all this. He asks her to go to Lucknow and abort the baby. She gets shocked. Suraj asks her not to let anyone know.

Raichand comes to meet Suraj, and says I m Tina’s father. Chakor and Ranjana get puzzled. Imli asks how can you ask me to kill my baby. Suraj asks her to rectify the mistake. She says this baby is not a mistake for me. He says how to explain you, fine, listen to me carefully, you have two ways now, abort the baby or raise the baby alone. She refuses to abort the baby and cries.

Servant comes and asks Suraj to come, someone has come to meet you from Delhi. Suraj says he has come so soon, and sends him. Suraj scolds Imli and asks whats the proof this is my baby, maybe you are putting someone’s sin on my head, I don’t want to see you around haveli. She gets shocked. Suraj says you are not related to me now, have this in mind, I don’t trust you now. Suraj goes out and meets Raichand. Tejaswini tells Chakor and Ranjana that Raichand is Tina’s dad, Tina is going to become my bahu. Imli and Chakor get shocked.

Chakor asks Imli not to bear any pain, share it with me, lighten your heart, what is the matter. Imli cries. Chakor asks her not to hide anything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  7. Lalitalakshan

    I hate this serial……

  8. Dia

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  10. Love this show but I like Suraj and Chakor not Vivian

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