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TheEpisode starts with Tejaswini asking Bhagya not to say anything, and let her think. Bhagya holds her hand. Tejaswini leaves as Bhaiya is calling her. Bhavani asks the people to go, if they doubt on Devi, they can’t visit her. The people say they trust Devi. Abha asks them not to trust them. Ishwar asks Abha to calm down. Chakor asks Lakhan does he not trust her, Bhavani fooled them. He asks her to stop it and sends her. Abha asks Ishwar why is he doing this. Ishwar says situation changed, the video did not come good, what can I do, Ranjana did not get any proof, they have to run this game till they get some proof, he will make sting operation done again.

She says Lord helps people in finding the way, we all are with you. Bhaiya ji recalls Bhagya and comes home. He greets the Lord idol and says

he has regarded his daughter as Devi for 18 years and became her devotee, but today his belief is shaken up today, his trust is breaking, the thing cleared today, only he knows what pain he bear to keep this lie, he can’t meet Tejaswini’s eyes as he lied to her, today he feels he was wrong, truth is different, Bhagya is not Devi, she is human, she is my daughter, my blood.

He says I wish I could hug her and cries. Tejaswini asks him to hold his emotions. He says no, I can’t meet your eyes. She says we should thank Chakor who proved this truth that Bhagya is our daughter. He gets a call and leaves. Chakor hears them and smiles. She says congrats, I m glad that Bhagya will be back. Tejaswini says yes, I m happy and get her back in haveli.

Ishwar talks to Bhaiya ji and asks him about university work, they want labor. Bhaiya ji says he will try. He says now it will happen what should happen. Tejaswini asks when will we get Bhagya back in haveli. Bhaiya ji calls Bhavani and asks her to come to haveli. Tejaswini asks why is he calling her. Bhaiya ji says you will get answer in some time. Bhavani says what will happen now, Bhaiya ji is calling me.

Bhavani says Bhagya is not any Devi and goes. Chakor comes and hugs Baa. She shares her happiness with Baa and tells that Bhagya will come back to haveli. Baa says Chakor is Devi for her, as she can do anything. Bhavani apologizes to Bhaiya ji and says devotees are still respecting Devi. He says fine and tells her to keep things the same, as he wants his business to do well, and relations are not more imp to him. Chakor and Tejaswini are shocked. Bhaiya ji says he can make his child bandhua too to run his kingdom.

Tejaswini asks what is he doing. Bhavani says he will do as he says and leaves. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to understand him, he can’t let his business get down, what will he answer villagers, they will take money back, I can give money back, but they will know the truth. Tejaswini asks is Bhagya not imp to him. He says its their business, they are not different, she is not his life partner, but also business partner. He asks her to believe that Bhagya is real Devi. Chakor asks Tejaswini not to come in his words, Bhagya calls her Maa and needs her, my mum is ready to do anything for me, you also do something, bring Bhagya home. Bhaiya ji gets angry seeing Chakor.

Chakor talks to Baa and says she can’t leave Bhagya alone, she has to do something. Baa asks her to do hair massage like before, then her mind will work. Chakor asks how does she remember this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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