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The Episode starts with Chakor washing Suraj’s car. Imli asks why are you washing his car. Chakor says I m bearing punishment, given by Suraj. Imli says your relation is same, you both are equal, fit like ring in finger. Chakor says I got my Suraj back by someone’s prayers, do you know about Ragini, who helped her, I will not leave that person. Imli says leave it. Chakor says you wanted to kill her and today you are not worried. Imli says yes, if I killed her, I would be sitting in jail, I will help you. Suraj comes and says this is cheat, you can’t take Imli’s help. Chakor says I m not taking help, Imli you go.

Chakor says car got clean. Suraj puts some soil and asks her to clean well. She says soil is applied there. He says you are blaming me again. She cleans the car and asks will I get forgiven

now. He says no, when I was away, someone was trying to come close to you, you did not stop Ajay. She pours water on him and says what nonsense. He pours water on her and says you tell him we love each other. She runs and shuts tap. He holds her in arms. He says Ajay will know it today. She says I love you a lot, it should be between us, there is no need to tell anyone or Ajay. He asks will you not tell him. She says fine, I will say, now leave me. She runs. He says when Chakor tells Ajay about our love, he will forget all counting.

Kasturi asks Tejaswini to sit. She says you should be happy, Bhaiya ji apologized to you, you don’t need to stay here, go to your haveli and manage everything, I regret we could not meet Imli. Tejaswini says you are always supporting Imli, Bhaiya ji always sees his profits. Bhuvan says world changes colors, all people are not sad, they change colors with time, maybe Bhaiya ji changed, forgive him, it does not mean we are asking you to leave, you can stay here.

Tejaswini says I can forgive him, but I can’t trust him again. Kasturi says whatever you have to do, think well, we are always with you. Suraj talks to Imli. Chakor hears them. Suraj says Chakor has to tell Ajay that I love her and she loves me, he was trying to win Chakor’s heart. Imli asks why don’t you forgive Chakor. Suraj says I can’t be annoyed with Chakor, I like when she apologizes and fights with me. Chakor thinks so he is troubling me, when I go to Ajay’s house, Suraj will come, then see what happens. She drinks juice.

Its night, Bhaiya ji comes to room and sees Ranjana. She reminds she supported him always. She says Tejaswini will not come in this haveli, else I will leave from here. He aims gun at her head and asks her to leave forever. She asks him to leave it. He throws her clothes and pushes her out. He scolds her and shuts door.

Ajay asks Chakor does she want to ask anything. She asks about Ragini. He says don’t worry, we will find her. She thinks where is Suraj and sees window. Suraj comes there. Suraj says when Chakor says she loves me, Ajay will be shocked.

Chakor acts friendly with Ajay. She jokes. Ajay says I don’t take bribe, else why would I try to stop gun factory. She holds him and says I like you, you are so honest. Suraj says what is she saying. She gets icecream and sits having it. She says icecream got on your cheek. She cleans the icecream by kerchief. She makes Suraj jealous. Ajay and Chakor smile.

Chakor hugs Ajay. Suraj gets shocked. Suraj says I think you don’t want forgiveness. Chakor says I don’t want, you are not the right guy for me, we don’t have that old thing in between us now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now its Surj’s turn to get teased. ? just hope there doesn’t form a MU between sukor with Ajay. What does KN seriously want now?

  2. Sukorian

    it was after a long time alot of Sukor but I hate the track. First Chakor was asking for forgivness n Suraj was teasing her now she is making him jealous knowing that he is short temper n heart broken n addicted to alc. I don’t know what the CVS want but it’s stupid I really don’t want to watch I miss the bandhua track.

    1. Sukorian

      I liked Bhuvaan n Kasturi in this epi. they r great ?

    2. Sukorian

      me again KN n Ranjana scene was also great don’t know what his plan is I feel pity for Ajay coz he will fall n Chakor is just playing…

    3. I agree with you sukorian, I hate this jealousy track, bandhua track was far superior to this. I feel for Ajay, he’s caught up in Sukor’s childish games. I hope this twist doesn’t last long but i’m not sure.

      According to TOI spoilers, Ajay will confess his love to Chakor so unless Chakor is immature enough not to reject him outright, this twist will not last long.

  3. Great episode I really liked today no vikor scenes only sukor.wow ? great!!loving ? it the way Suraj was annoying by seeing ak and chakor together and how he was spreading water ? to chakor and forcing her to tell ak that she only loves him,I am speechless.I really like their nok jhoks more than their love ❤ affair.eagerly waiting for the next episodes and plz come back aanya di,nidhu di,missing u ? lots.we all love ❤ uuuuuuuuuuuu……

  4. I liked todays episode i dont think sukor will seprate its jus gonna cause more nok joks between the 2 instead of suraj pissing chakor of its chakor pissing him of afterall he did pester chakor alot i think by the end of the week wen suraj gets fed ur up chakor will reveal why she did all that and will tease him i dont mind if cvs show suraj getting jealous but i dont want a separation track again and according to new olv imli will still be upset idk why she is idc bout her totally not relevent but i cant see chakor begging her and kamal wants to use tejswani and suraj against chakor cuz kamal is after chakor according to olvs he will harm her parents the most and the only problem with chakor teasing suraj is that ajay will fall in love with chakor as sukor dont have enough villans in thier life they have vimli thier biggest villains kamal and now ajay will want chakor… guys i posted my ff hope u guys enjoy it

    1. I’m ok with it if it’s just nok jhoks but already they’re making them act as children and imli is giving them advice and trying to get them together, as if she’s the only adult in town. I don’t like how chakor is trying to please imli, she should stop feeling guilty.

      Beside Ajay turning negative, they may use this as an execuse why Suraj joins KN because he and Chakor are not talking so he can’t take her advice.

      Loved the ff, thanks for posting both stories, it was fun afternoon reading.

  5. https://youtu.be/Rqcaocm_3CQ
    Guys this old but they added dialogues for the olv suraj understands chakor is teasing him and is gonna do the same sukor will try to make each other jelaous and will have alot of nok joks i dont think they will have a separation track i think this will be a nok jok track

    1. Thanks for the summary, it’s good it’s just nok jhoks but I’m curious to see how Ajay will react.

  6. Loved Sukor scenes, there weren’t many last week and I think this week we will not get any other happy scene between them.
    I like Bhuvan and Kasturi’s friendship with Tejaswini but I don’t agree with their advice, KN can’t be trusted.
    Loved KN-Ranjana scene, she deserves this and more, she got away with many things through the years.
    I like to see a jealous Suraj but what Chakor is doing is wrong, Ajay is getting wrong signals from her. I hope no MU happens because of this.
    Didn’t like the precap.

  7. I don’t know what CVs are planning regarding Sukor but I hope Ajay doesn’t turn negative after knowing that Chakor is just acting to get back at Suraj. I don’t know how can they justify her behavior with Ajay, she’s hurting him.

    According to TOI spoilers, Ajay will confess his love to Chakor on Friday, so there is a chance that Chakor’s acting will end by Friday, but I’m worried that an MU will occur because of this. I guess either an MU between Sukor or Ajay turning negative, both are options I don’t like.

    Please CVs don’t separate Sukor because of this silly reason and don’t make Imli the peacemaker between Sukor. Let them think and behave like adults and realize they can’t live without each other.

    1. I agree after watching the epsiode ajay aska about suraj and chakor laughs it of her touching and hugging ajay just gave him a confirmation that chakor likes him and he already loved her so its obvious ajay has to turn negative and cvs will show that suraj was right as ajay did love chakor and wanted her as suraj warned chakor about this i like nok joks not childish behaviour and idk what suraj will do to make chakor jealous becuase using imli wont make sense and if suraj finds out about ajay love confession he will kill ajay and imli new track is pestering chakor cuz she cant “forgive chakor” its to hard for her to forget…. i think cvs are starting the love triangle track as after ajay’s entry he wasnt reallu doing much i think aftef this love triangle track ragini wil come bk

      1. Yes, their behavior is childish. Either Ajay will turn negative or worse Chakor will accept his proposal and Suraj will join KN. I don’t know what Suraj will do to make her jealous, they can’t use imli, may be there will be someone new. The best thing Suraj can do is to leave Chakor for a while until she realizes that she misses him but CVs are not sensible creatures.

        KN is back why did they need to complicate thing with these childish antics?

        I too think Ragini will return after this track.

  8. With whom Suraj will make chakor jealous??? If she is Imli again, there will be Imli suraj scene again and I can’t watch it. Seriously, please stop suraj Imli interaction, because I have done with them. Every time I see them, I skip the part.
    I Love their nok jhoks more than their romance, but it’s better after some nok jhoks there is some romance. Hehehehe I miss every scene when they sleep peacefully in another arms.
    Hope there will not other seperation of them.

  9. Dont like the precap and ajay has feelings for chakor wen she wiped the icecream ajay is gonna also wanna be with chakor but tippu seeing the olvs i think sukor are gonna have nok joks instead of separating but the problem will be ajay wen he declares his love for chakor idk why but since sukor are divorced i feel unknowingly her rishta may be matched with ajay….

    1. I fear that too, she’ll get engaged to ajay because she and suraj are too proud to talk to each other and just before the marriage something will come up and she’ll get back to suraj. I don’t want another mu, the show hasn’t yet recovered from the last one.

  10. This love triangle track does not make sense sukor in hospital expressed thier unconditional love and made a pact to always love and trust each other no matter what the love triangle would have made sense wen sukor were separated and then we could have seen an insecure suraj but cvs kept ajay away and brought him bk i think cuz of cvs suraj will use imli (so dumb) to make chakor jealous or some1 new etc and chakor will use ajay who will confess his feelings suraj will be hurt and emotional and may join kamal bk which will get chakor angry and upset and ahe will approve ajay confession in anger etc then ajay rishta will be fixed with chakor and then sukor will realise what thier childish behaviour has lead to and in the making kamal has made a super evil plan to destory sukor
    One thing i dont like is imli butting in sukor life atleast vivaan doesn’t but this imli acting like the mature responsible adult hate it and imli should be altleast 4 months pregnant where is her belly day by day she is looking more thinner ?

    1. I know right! So many bloopers in the storyline that it is hard to connect with any character. The only main character who isn’t butchered is kn. Hope they don’t destroy him.
      Is the show ending or did the ph lose interest in the show?The way the storyline is moving,although there are so many tracks,hardly anything is put to use.

    2. I agree why did they have the hospital confession if they’ll separate over a silly thing. If this happened right after the divorce it would’ve made sense, not now. CVs can’t think straight.

      I don’t think he’ll use imli, she’s married. I think he’ll use someone new. CVs are now portraying imli as mature and she will be the one to bring them closer. I think your scenario is what is going to happen. CVs is so stupid chakor is not a teenager to accept a love proposal to tease her boyfriend.

      Imli should stay in bed and stop interfering in sukor’s life.

  11. Interview…
    Meera is so right i can see she is fustrated about imli cuz she is irrelevent meera doesn’t seem to happy working with these forgiveness scenes for imli and it became awakward for vidhi to justify her onscreen character it sounds so dumb that she forgave chakor but needs time to foget meaning she hasnt forgiven chakor and wants chakor to beg her until she is satisfied this olv shows that the main lead is also fuatrated with imli and finds it dumb to do all these crying scenes for imli to forgive chakor sukor went through divorce cuz of imli and imli still thinks chakoe needs to beg i agree with meera she really doesn’t wanna do these scenes chassing imli

  12. Lov lov lov sukor n udan.its a super dhmaka epi.for me. Kya bolu words he nhi hain.lvly precap their nok jok.bs ak 47 k saath chakor kisi prob mai na pdh jayen .agr pd bhi gai to suraj babu hai naa.i lv u [email protected] sory gys i knw muje yahan is page pe aana alwd nhi pr aaj mujse cntrol nhi hua to mujhe page pe aana pda.mere paas koi nhi ghr pe ye share krne k liye to mai yahan sory [email protected] i mis u too infact i mis u all .

    1. Sukorian

      agay wapis ????? was waiting for ur comments n keep commenting

    2. Ola aaya! Gud to see you back dear.

    3. hi aanya welcome back!

  13. The episode was nice.The sukor scene was also nice.The ajay scene was ok.Loved trio in the entire scene.Regarding the precap,I agree she went overboard with the hug because it’s not right to play with emotions of 2 people.I wish she could have told ajay in advance of this plan of making suraj
    But I strongly feel that we are going to get the old suraj back .After this,I think he is most probably going to revert back to his old avatar.

  14. Ola aanya !Gud to see you back

  15. It means riana aap gussa nhi ho can i cment here?

    1. obviously not!I told you not to take things to your heart.And i must say, you have a whole lot of friends who care about you.So once again, welcome back!Mind if i ask, how old are you?

    2. Sukorian

      don’t be silly no1 was angry with u it was a heated argumentation.

  16. I liked the first part only.. Now chakor will make suraj jealous.. But the problem is that ajay is already fall for her and her behavior will make him think that she also liked him..I agree with you riana I also wish the same that she should told about her plan with ajay..I hope there will be no separation track again.. It will reduce the interest in the show.I hope that CVS will not creat any messes again

  17. i was enjoying the episode until the final scene, so wrong to use people like that and it doesnt fit chakors character profile. i understand her wanting to get suraj back but you cant use other people without their permission. the writers even if ajay gets hurt by being used they should still not turn him negative and keep him as an honest person, i hate when writers butcher characters to justify the appaling behaviour of the leads and chakors behaviour at that point is disgusting

    1. The episode was really good, apart from the icecream scene and the hug in the precap. That’s so unlike Chakor. I don’t want Ajay to turn negative, they can explore his past or let him investigate KN.
      Sukor’s childish behavior will either end with Imli bringing them together because CVs love to paint her in good light or Chakor getting closer to Ajay to spite Suraj who’ll respond by joining KN and a month long separation track between two immature people who treat relations as a game.

    2. I missed your comments Lucy!It’s been months you don’t comment.

      1. Was unable to comment for the last 6 weeks but am back now. I still need to catch up on all the episodes but caught yesterdays

    3. Yes Lucy i totally agree with you from all people chakor should understand how bad heartbreak is wen she thought suraj betrayed her and now she is playing with ajays feelings this is not like chakor behaviour and it is odd seeing her like this now it will be hard for me as a viewer to see ajay getting lead on cuz of sukor childish irrelevant behaviour and to justify sukor behaviour cvs will totally turn ajay negative and seeing new olv idk how many times every1 has to beg imli the show is losing its touch i liked seeing suraj old avtaar wen he was angry and flirty towards chakor and seeing sukor behaviour it seems likely that chakor will accept ajay confession in anger cuz suraj Will do somthing to make her jealous…. this track would have made sense wen they separated and it would have made sense suraj getting angry then… sukor are behaving like foolish teenagers and chakor was always the maturw one who would never play with anyones feelings!

    1. Sukorian

      I saw it too thx for the link let’s see how she reacts like with Vivaan or will she really forgive her…

      1. Imli is given too much importance, she’ll spend this week forgiving people. Out of the three themes running this week, KN’s is by far the best and most logical one.

  18. Oh aanya di u don’t know how happy ? I am to see u back.I was missing ur comments….??

  19. Me too madhu agr firse jhgda ho gya [email protected] gys aapke pass SBAS ka sukor painting sag link hai?

  20. Shreya.

    Nyc episode guys…loved it…bt I don’t want to c Ajay in a negative role…

    Thanks for d link nd upcoming spoiler information guys…

  21. Shreya.

    Welcome back aanya…am really happy …nd don’t think too much no one was angry with u…don’t do dis again I mean don’t left us again plz ok…nd one more thing in dis page silent reader who msgd me in IG she said tat she was missing aanya nd nidhi in dis page so plz ask them to cmnt dis page…nd she said tat she loves u nd nidhi nd all of us alllot…am just conveying her msg to u dr….

    Welcome back sruthi…after a long time u r cmntng dis page ryt…hw was ur studies going on…

  22. Shreya.

    I loved bhuvan kaka kasturi kaki nd tejaswini ji’s bonding…such a lovely bonding…bt am not agree with bhuvan kaka’s word bcz kn ji is a most selfish nd heartless man…

    Yaa they’re showing imli as a matured girl…nd at d same tym they’re trying to show chakor playing with ajay’s feelings which is not right…honestly am feeling tat makers r just creating d messes nd fight between chakor r Suraj r imli’s blind supporters….

    Honestly I don’t like d precap…CVS just ruining everything…..looking forward…

  23. U gys r soooo lvly n riana aap meri age kyun puuch rahe ho m 20 years old. Wish aap mujse bde na ho aap to bilkul nidhu di jitna gussa krte [email protected]o di aap mera kitni bar welcm kroge gys m not guest here naa. If m not udan family so u can welcm me evrytime ok.

    1. Oh god!You are in fact older than me. Anyway no probs.So can anyone send me the link of the painting video?I havent watched it.

  24. Gys ek baat bolu is it posibile that kn ji becm knw about ranjhna that she killed her own husband thts y kn ji treating ranjna like this wt u think gys is it posible orn’t.

    1. It’s possible, but I think he remembers how she treated him while he was mad, she ignored him and didn’t take care of him.

  25. @Sukorian aapne bola tha shreya di wapis aagai hai where is she i missed her.

    1. Sukorian

      aagay tumse phele ?

  26. @ shreya di nidhu di bhi cment krengi pr vo kisi entrnc exam k liye prepration kr rahi hai or delhi jane wali hai n di silnt readrs silent kyun hai silent rehne mai mja nhi hai m to bore ho jaati hu.di mai aapko chodke nhi jana chahti bt agr fir se jhgda ho gya to mai nhi reh paungi mai nhi chahti hr jgah meri bjha se nya jhgda start ho.di u knw bt mujhe jhgde se bhut dr lgta hai,jgda ho to mtlv akele rehna pdega na.or pata hai vo to unhone gini ne bola tha na k mujhe yahan cment nhi krna [email protected] redrs aap silent kyun ho aapko aacha nhi lgta cment krna?agr aapmai se kisi k paas vo sukor painting sag video hai to ples link share kr do pleees mujhe vo bhut acha lga.

  27. Welcome my sweety dmbo.

  28. U r right nemo di maine ye to socha hi [email protected] di thnku.

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