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The Episode starts with everyone dancing with Arjun and Bhagya on the song hello hello…. Manohar introduces Ranjana to Babu. Baa introduces Ishwar. Babu says everyone knows Ishwar, he is famous. Ishwar says I did not know. Manohar asks them to talk, as he is to go and see other guests. He asks Lakhan to see Babu fooling Ishwar. Lakhan laughs.

Babu says he has come to stay here, as Manohar did all arrangements, but I think I have to go today after ending my work. Manohar asks Lakhan to go to Ishwar’s house and ransack it. Chakor tells Girja that she will give the drinks. Girja says no need, you play with kids, I will give drinks. Chakor insists to help her and Girja agrees.

Imli asks why is Chakor doing bandhua work again. Chakor says she is doing work by her wish. Imli says I m guest and

I can drink. Imli helps her. Vivaan and Ragini plan to take Arjun’s shoes. Aditya hears them and smiles. Chakor helps Aditya in saving Arjun’s shoes. Imli gives drinks to Vivaan and Ragini. Vivaan says I don’t want. Imli insists. They take the juice drinks. They see the shoes gone and argue. Aditya claps and asks did they lose shoes. Vivaan says no. Aditya smiles and goes. Vivaan says we lost it. Chakor runs with the shoes and thinks where to hide it.

Babu calls his goon and asks him to catch Chakor. The goon uses chloroform on Chakor and she faints. He ties her in a grain bag and marks on it. Vivaan looks for the shoes and comes there. He finds the shoes and smiles taking it. He says Chakor has hidden this at an easy place, I thought she is smart, now it will be fun, I will show by hiding shoes. He puts the shoes in another grain bag and marks on it, exactly same like the goon did.

The goon calls Babu and says he did the work. Babu asks him to load the bags in truck. Ishwar hears him and asks can he get truck loaded soon, guests are coming and they need parking. Babu says fine. Babu tells Manohar that he has got Chakor. Imli talks to Manohar that she will not give him drink till he says on whose side he is. She asks Babu to take the drink. Babu says he does not drink juice and holds her cheek. Ishwar stops him and says he can’t go, as Ishwar’s eyes are on him. Babu gets shocked.

The grain bags are loaded in truck. Vivaan and Ragini look for shoes. Ishwar calls Abha and says Chakor is kidnapped, and they planned to find the proof. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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