Udaan 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vivaan and Chakor cutting the cake. Everyone claps for them. Chakor makes Bhuvan have the first bite, while Vivaan makes Emily have it. Chakor tells Tejaswini that they shall search for the bomb. Bhaiya ji sees Muniya holding the teddy bear and says it is not yours, but of Chakor. He asks if you want to have icecream. Chakor thinks why he is talking so sweetly with her. He brings Muniya and asks her to stand with Chakor only, and asks Chakor to make her have cake. He congratulates them and says I will leave now. He runs towards his car and calls his driver. Chakor makes Muniya have cake, and thinks from where did this costly teddy car came in her hand. Bhaiya ji couldn’t find the driver and runs from there. Chakor asks Muniya from where she got the toy. Muniya signs from there.

Chakor asks Emily. Emily says it came in the tempo, and may be shop keeper sent it by mistake. Chakor understands that it is Bhaiya ji’s plan and that bomb is in it. Muniya runs from there. Vivaan comes and asks Chakor what happened? Chakor says nothing, and thinks bomb will explode in 3 mins. Chakor asks Muniya to give teddy for a min and opens it. She finds bomb in it with a timer of 2 mins left and is shocked.

Ragini asks Suraj if he is shocked to see her here. She says just a phone call. I called chiku and made him understand that I will give him so much money that he don’t need to work anywhere. Chiku smiles. Ragini says he sent message to Chakor that you took a flight and going, and then brought you here. Suraj calls betrayal to Chiku. Chiku says you haven’t done anything for your family. Ragini says I promised to give him 10 times more money than you, it has the power to buy someone’s loyalty. Chiku takes the money. Ragini asks him to leave. Tejaswini, Emily and Vivaan are shocked to see the timer bomb. Tejaswini says I told you naa. Vivaan says we have to make some way. Chakor asks Emily to take basti people far away from here, without telling them about the bomb. Emily says okay and goes.

Chakor thinks where is the remote for this bomb. Bhaiya ji comes back to his car and talks to Ragini. Chakor puts teddy bear in the box with bomb in it and comes to Bhaiya ji. She says she has a return gift for him and handcuffs him. Bhaiya ji is shocked. He asks her to open the hand cuffed. Chakor asks Basti people to run towards their house. She asks him to call his man and asks him to stop the bomb. Bhaiya says bomb can explode at any time and he don’t have the remote. Chakor asks him to call that man. Bhaiya ji says time is not left. Chakor runs away from there holding bomb. Ram Singh comes and frees Bhaiya ji’s hands. Chakor is running at a speed while all the villagers and Bhaiyya ji follow her. Suddenly bomb explodes. Bhuvan shouts Chakoriya…Everyone is shocked. Bhaiya ji is happy and smiles. Udaan song plays……………

Bhaiya ji laughs aloud and says your masiya…savior is gone. Everyone cries. They see Chakor standing when the smoke is finished. Bhuvan smiles happily and says my Chakor is alive. Chakor looks on with tears in her eyes. Udaan song plays…..everyone run to Chakor. Bhuvan hugs Chakor and thanks God for saving her. Emily hugs her and cleans her face. Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that what he thought that she will die with a small bomb. She says you should have thanked me, as if I had left bomb with you, then you would have died. Today you defeated twice, one..I am saved and other is Suraj went far from your clutches. Ragini comes there in her car with her goons. She smiles victoriously. Everyone see Suraj taken out of car by the goons, and his hands are tied. Chakor is shocked to see him in Ragini’s clutch. Suraj looks at Chakor.

Tejaswini shouts Suraj. They bring Suraj. Bhaiya ji smiles. Ragini touches Bhaiya ji’s feet and says I have fulfilled my promise and brought Suraj here. Bhaiyya kisses on her forehead, and says you are really my daughter. He tells Chakor that he got defeated but won, and she won but defeated. Chakor cries and nods no.

Bhaiya ji asks Chakor not to make Suraj escape again and threatens to kill him. Suraj thanks Chakor for helping a goon like him. Chakor keeps finger on his mouth and says you are not a goon. Music plays…….She hugs Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Angel

    Omg precap shocked me suraj finally realised his love for chakor he said ‘ khi hame chakor se pyar to nai ho gya’ and also said i cant live without chakor now and its last time .,woww awesome love it waiting for tomorrow epi and sukor romance.,i m suffering from bad back pain that’s why i cant reply to anyone comment now a days but i m checking them all..

  2. sia

    Today’s episode is good for nothing 😂😂
    The precap.. Mai mar java sukor ke chemistry pe..so Suraj wonders he fell for chakor or fear to go away from her Mai toh bolti Ho Ki donon ka matlab ek hi hai😉 itna kyu sochte Ho Suraj babu just realise that u fell for ur jungli billi..no no tumhare chakor 😃
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode 😍 😍
    Suraj’s dialogue is superb”thank you chakor hum jaise gunde Ki madad karne Ki”
    C: Tum gunde nahi ho😍
    Suraj:kya hame chakor se pyaar hone lage ya use door Jane ka dar hai…shayad yahi hoga😚😚😚

  3. janu

    sad episode!!! really shikoo is betrayer how can he do this!!!
    i already had doubt how can suraj send message,when he is near to aazaadgunj…
    shikoo totally betrayed both chakor and suraj for money whom they trusted most…
    tomorrow whole village will betray chakor for their selfish motives…who have done lot of help to them…and support kn and ragini…selfish people…
    i want both chakor and suraj not to help the selfish villagers here after…
    chakor courage and guts towards kn i like it…
    can’t see suraj and chakor in pain…the way they eye each other was so sad…(want to kill kn and ragini)
    precap is emotional that hug gives sukor some relaxation from their probems…
    tomorrow episode surely make me cry…

    • Kalika

      This is why I am so irritated with Udaan, these villagers, Chakor must sacrifice everything for them, they can’t do a thing for themselves. Chakor should leave them and run away with Suraj and their parents. Villagers are spineless morons. Freedom is not fought for by one person, it’s fought for by everyone

  4. sreeya

    waiting for tomorrows episode.. finally suraj realised that he is in love with his chakor… when did he confess his love with her…
    eventhough the upcoming twist is emotional Im happy that this will definitely make sukor realise their love.. like the way suraj realised it chakor will also realise. fingers crossed

  5. Nithya

    Angel or sia anybody cn explain the dialogue bw sukor in precap and also detailing 2maro episode plz.I cnt see the aerial.my bro will not shw thw serial.oly im reading ur comments.and the written update will makes short every dialogue and expression.so plzzazz.helpme sia or angel plzzzzz.nt only 2maro episode.all cmg episode also tailor track.

    • sia

      Nitya in precap kn warns chakor not to make Suraj run away otherwise he will kill him
      Then Suraj thanks chakor for helping and doing so much for a goon like him(his hands are tied up and he is standing)chakor says ur not a goon and puts finger on his lips😍 and hugs him tightly 😘 Suraj thinks did I really fell in love with chakor or having fear to go away from her forever….and thinks may be the second one😍😍

  6. pari

    I am a silent reader and a big fan of udaan but today i am not able to control myself after watching this epi ……….. excited for tomorrow

  7. Ashu

    Im silent reader and on sbs i seen latest spolier that suraj is still hanged and chakor feeds him but he refuses then chakor gives him water chakor cries and hugs him

  8. Renu

    Episode – 696
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 11 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Bhaiyaji instructs his men not to let Vivaan leave the haveli as he does not want anyone to spoil his plans for Sooraj. Later, Chakor assures Sooraj that everything will be fine.
    Episode – 697
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 12 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Chakor is determined not to let anything happen to Sooraj. Later, Bhaiyaji announces that he plans to enslave Sooraj. Meanwhile, Pooja pretends to be scared of her husband in front of Vivaan.
    Episode – 698
    08:30 PM – 09:00 PM, 13 Jan Set Alert
    More show timings
    Ragini, Bhaiyaji and Ranjana get happy when they hear Sooraj screaming in pain. Vivaan accompanies Pooja to meet her former husband.

  9. Aqua


    |Registered Member


    Can I join your discussion? I just recently started watching this show. Love Sukor chem. 🙂

  10. Sareka

    Udaan is always so fun to watch… I loveeee sukor too much! It is so awesome yaaron!! Thank you to amena di for updating

  11. Kkkkkkk

    actually this is a disgustful episode .this drama always going to reality side because this drama’s beginning also sorrowful as well as middle of the drama also same type.
    till now I haven’t watch this episode as I can’t tell too much but 99 present guarantee suraj will be a slave

  12. Titli

    Guys, actually am having my sem exams dis week, so couldnt comment.. bt precap is so awesome.. i mean seriously, suraj thought of his love.. and the satisfaction in suraj’s face when chakor hugged him, i guess he forgot that he was standing with his hands tied.. he was living that moment!! Amazing.. i said, this bandhua track is gonna bring them close.. it is happenning.. <3

  13. gurjeet

    hi, i m silent reader of udaan but compell to tell my feelings baout sukor. villagers are useless but our sukor are togehter and they dont need anyone they are enough to support each other. Am i right

    • janu

      yes u r right,they don’t need anyone…they always solved their problems by themselves without anyone support…
      the villagers are ungrateful and selfish…
      so both suraj and chakor are enough for each other support…
      i don’t want sukor to help any villagers problem,they always forgot their help…

  14. kriti

    really when I watched the precap I was like wow! finally suraj realise his love .anyways this track will make sukor closer..

  15. janu

    this week suraj will become bandhua without doubt,next week vivaan secretary pooja will trap vivaan with false molestation…, i think imli will try to save vivaan,but iam sure kn,ragini will make imli helpless like they made chakor…so both brothers now will become bandhua and slave….
    this will bring lots of twist in story…
    sukor will come closer…
    vivaan should be know that imli can do anything for him..

    guys anybody as latest spoilers means share it yaar…

  16. kriti

    I have just seen on E24 that kn is going to tie suraj in a shed and chakor came to meet suraj there and get emotional then suraj pacifies her by saying that he is alive .

    • janu

      thanks sia for the link,
      can’t see chakor crying..the way suraj wipe her tears..waiting for that scene..
      chakor can’t see suraj in this state..
      so now suraj will stay in tabaali,its difficult to meet suraj for chakor here after…so surely she will come by without no one knows i think..its my guess because she can’t stay away from him and without seeing him,..
      kn and ragini torture are not able to tolerate that..

      • sia

        Ha Janu ur guess is right she brings food for him at night time (I wasn’t able to see Suraj’s state,he was sitting down with support of that rod and so much exhausted😢😓)and Suraj was about to eat and one of the kn goon comes there and throws away the food😒😠 she brings sweater for him 😨 poor sukor😡

  17. Dil dhanushi

    Precap was awesome . I feel very bad fr sukor. These villagers r ungrateful , chakor should never help them. Only gd thing happening is sukor becoming close .

  18. Aanya

    Sorry to comment late gys mujhe bukhar tha.after bcome bandua suraj can feel chkor’s pain n they’ll bcome more close what u say gys.now udaan bcome mor interesting gys .we’ll enjoy mor gys after all these badness.

  19. Neema

    Angle take care dear….🙁 nd yes epi ws ok…bt nt soo good…bt precap……. eventhough the precap is emotional😔 I jus luvd ❤when chakor put hr finger on surajs lips and huggd hm…wat a luvly scene nooo…😍😍😍nd chakor I have 1 reqst when u hug hm plz tell hm tat I… luv…u…. surajjjjjjj….💖v sukorianz ar eagerly waiting to hear tat 4 months…so plz mak us happy😊😊😊 by saying tat sweet🍰🍭🍨🍦 wordssss….

  20. Tapa

    yesterday I faced with an small accident so I couldn’t comment. episode was gud bt precap is like superb I think Chakor missed a tight hug from his Suraj

    aanya & angel u both get well soon praying 4 ur speed recover

  21. r

    guys I can’t wait to for today’s epi .but I don’t think that they are going to show their hug today.

  22. r

    one more thing to say guys that at least we will try to increase comment more than 50 .otherwise 50 should be the deadline

  23. ishana

    suraj was looking so innocent in yesterday’s episode. How he looked at chakor was awesome.and chakor’s expression was mind blowing…can’t explain in words.

  24. Dil dhanushi

    As I saw meera was 1st position yesterday when I voted, let’s make her win. Bt y didn’t thy nominated udaan in best serial n suraj in best actor? Cz thy also deserve it right. Get well soon aanya

  25. Sai

    Tq sia for precap translation… Take care angel…chakor hugged so tightly…suraj realised his love… Happy for it

  26. Aanya punjabi

    Thanks dil d and neema.pleas kkkk my name is aanya punjabi is there any cnfusion in my name gys.

  27. Tapa

    welcome angel
    n TY guys. I think am not OK
    ghar per sab rest karne ke lie keh rahe hain koi phone ko touch vi karne nahi dete vo to main bathroom pe chhup ker sabki comments padh rahi hun
    plz don’t laugh at me after reading my comment

  28. Nithya

    Take angel.we mis u a lot.😢😢.and meri jaan thks alot dr 4 accptng my request.😍😍😍😍😍😍.cn u jst explain the sukor events oly detailing 4 me forever dr?????reply me im waiting…

    • sia

      Nitya I’m free now so I may explain you in detail,once my college starts again I might become impossible dear bcz we have a hetic schedule from morning 7am to evening 7pm and at times I will check all the comments of the previous day and comment in the present day at a time. I’m sorry as I can’t do it forever but I may clarity ur doubts dear

  29. Dil dhanushi

    Thnx fr the link sia. Its really hurting to see them suffering bt excited to watch hw sukor will win againt kn n ragini n also sukors clossness n support fr each other.

  30. Nithya

    Takecare angel.we mis u a lot..and sia meri jaan thks alot dr 4 accptng my request..cn u jst explain the sukor events oly detailing 4 me forever dr?????reply me im waiting…

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