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The Episode starts with Suraj feeling cold. He says my vest also got torn. Chakor and Suraj argue. He goes away and sits. She sees him shivering and thinks he is already weak, I did not think he is really feeling cold. She gives her shawl and asks him to cover himself. He refuses to take it and says let me feel cold, you sit and laugh on me. She smiles and says I got a stubborn kid, use this shawl. He refuses. She says fine, I will wrap it, I m feeling cold. He sits shivering. She thinks and says I will not laugh, take this shawl, you will get ill. He refuses again. She says be quiet, you always show smartness, take this shawl. She covers him. He looks at her. Music plays…………

They see the sky. She feels cold. Suraj sees her. He thinks she gave me shawl and feeling cold now,

I have to do something. He sees stones and ignites fire. Chakor smiles. They sit near the fire. He sees fire blowing off and puts her dupatta in it. She asks why did you burn my dupatta. He says fire was getting off. She asks can’t you put anything. He asks is this fire necessary or clothes. She says fine, we will put all clothes in it. She gets dry grass and throws over fire. Fire blows off. Suraj says what did you do, now die in cold.

Vivaan laughs and asks Tejaswini how is this victory that’s failure also. Kasturi asks Bhuvan did Vivaan go mad. She calls Imli and says Vivaan came here. Imli says I was worried, I m coming home to take Vivaan. Suraj falls unwell. Chakor rubs his hand and asks him to open eyes. She removes his shoes. She asks him to rub his hands, if he dies, then she will not leave him. She gives warmth to his feet by heating her clothes by the minimal fire. Suraj opens eyes. She asks are you fine and hugs him. He says yes, I m fine, I knew you do not let me live with peace, how will you let me die with peace. She laughs.

He takes her under the shawl. He says its matter of some time, sit with me this way. She says don’t lose courage, if villagers did not help us, any passerby can help us, we should call for help. They shout for help. Bhaiya ji’s men are sleeping outside.

Vivaan says you know I m going jail for rape blame, I did not do any rape, then I will need those drugs, will you get that for me, will you give me drugs by mixing in milk. Tejaswini says forgive me, I can’t think to give you drugs now. He scolds her and says I will kill you, you have to die so that you don’t do more sins. He suffocates her. Kasturi and Bhuvan get shocked and stop Vivaan.

Kasturi says leave her, Suraj and Chakor are dying in well, and you are killing her here. Vivaan leaves Tejaswini and asks what did you say, Chakor is in well. Kasturi tells everything. Vivaan says its so cold, they are in well, do you have rope, ask someone and get it. They all go to the well.

The villagers talk that Suraj can die, but Chakor should be fine. Vivaan says nothing will happen to them. Servant stops them. Vivaan says none from villagers will save them, but I m not from villagers, I m from haveli, get away. Imli comes there and asks where were you, I called you many times. He says its not time to talk, help me in saving Chakor and Suraj. Bhuvan asks Chakor to wake up, Vivaan has come to save you both. Chakor wakes up Suraj and says Vivaan came to save us.

Vivaan throws the rope inside the well. Vivaan and Imli pull the rope. Servant informs Bhaiya ji that Vivaan is getting Chakor and Suraj out. Bhaiya ji says I will do something. He tells Ragini that Vivaan is trying to fly, cut his wings. Ragini says I have cut his wings, he is now restless. He says Vivaan did our work, but I can sense danger, Suraj and Chakor are getting close, Suraj is hungry, he can do anything for food, now we will see if his hunger is bigger or his fake wife.

Suraj asks Chakor to go first. Chakor comes out of the well, followed by Suraj. Tejaswini hugs Suraj and cries. Villager lady says thank God Chakor is fine. Chakor scolds the lady for pretending now. She reminds what she did for them till now and what Suraj means to her. Suraj faints. Chakor holds Suraj and says Suraj has high fever, he needs medicines. He asks Imli to tell Kasturi to make kada for Suraj. Servant asks Chakor to move. He takes Suraj to haveli. Chakor thinks to make Bhaiya ji lose in his way to keep Suraj alive.

Chakor accepts her failure and cries. She asks Bhaiya ji to give food to Suraj. Bhaiya ji says fine, but Suraj will slap you first.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice epi and sukor nok jhok and suraj dialogue when he said about peace and feeling bad for vivaan he is soo hurt but still want to help sukor and go to help them love precap suraj wont slap chakor and again kn plans will go in vain..

  2. Janani9789

    amazing episode tha!!! they will tease eachother in every situation….?don’t leave any chance to fight with eachother!!! suraj!!!?he burned chakor dupata!!!??chakor reaction!!!??can’t stop my laughing!!!!??
    their care for eachother and affection(love they didn’t realised yet!!)are increasing for eachother…day by day!!
    kn is slow in planning!!sure kn plan will be flop!!!!
    really enjoyed when chakor scolding villagers…for suraj..they need this ungrateful villagers…
    want this bandhua torture to end soon…pls team udaan…

  3. The song which playen in the backgroung when sukor put they sit near the fire reminding me of Dahleez *o* for the episode it was asome

  4. Sukor

    Loved it from the core of my heart.
    I loved sukor expressions?.
    Kamal narayan should die he is very old now.????

  5. Oh sukor koi moka nahi chod the fight karne ke liye…jab dekho fight…dekh ne me bhi maza aaya…eise fight karthe rehna. …luv uuuuuu???

  6. Beautiful couples and beautiful episode, want to say that where as hate and there is a love, this culture cultivation followed by history beginning, i hope in soon sukor will have feel their love and live together.

  7. Vivaan joins hands with Ragini and KN

    1. Janani9789

      thanks varshu for the link…

    2. i think this is the reason to vivan join with KN to know about further plans and their activites. Lets hope for the best.

  8. i love how Suruj i Cakor are conectedd.. bound like that can not be broken so easily.. Suraj finally dectovered how is when somebody loves him.. And when also he loves someone.. Peple change people.. Just like Chakor changed Suraj for better.. Everybody need sometime people like Chakor in life..Kn still can not believe that chakor and suraj suport eAch other,chare about each other ,and they are child to each other.. Ragini needS(his daughter) TO find heeself a life and leave those people alone..and Kn need to be banish for evel..

  9. share new spoiler

  10. Hello friends,there is a good news dat sukor are coming in today’s episode of Rising star at 9pm

  11. Guys Sukor are coming in rising star today!!!

  12. Hello friends,sukor were looking so hot in Rising star

  13. Sukor in udaan makes me worth watching of the show hi sukor fans more information i get from u r comments

    1. Wlcm rani

  14. Epi was worth watching , though sukor hv hard time thy bring the light to the epi , and it was fun to watch. I cudnt cm to the page fr two days so I thought there ll be lot of comments to read bt Wht hpn to everyone ?

  15. spoiler of udaan – chakor is treating suraj wounds and suraj is thinking of all incidents that happened earlier like how chakor does everything for him.so suraj asked to chakor why she helped him? but she doesn’t answer .

  16. and guys I think team udaan is much focussing on sukor love track now a days..

  17. so guys get ready for sukor romance

  18. one more thing guys suraj asked chakor not to leave him

  19. one more thing guys suraj asked chakor not to leave him.

  20. Wht happen gys last 4 days se mere comments he post nhi ho pa rhe udan page change ho gya I couldn’t able to coment wt i want n baki SB khaan hai guys.

  21. Kriti mene bhi dheka dat link..dil kush huyi

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