Udaan 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Girja asking Chakor to run away. Chakor sees the servant sleeping and leaves. She collides with Imli. Chakor asks Imli to run. Imli says I have come to free you, come with me. Chakor asks Imli to go. Imli says Bhaiya ji will kill you, come. Kallu sees Chakor has run away and gets angry. Kallu sees them. Chakor asks Imli to run fast. Kallu asks them to stop and runs to catch them. Chakor pushes Imli. Imli hides. Kallu catches Chakor and scolds her.

Bhaiya ji comes there and gets angry on Chakor. He scares her, saying her death will shaken up other’s soul. Tejaswini gets sad seeing the servants decorating the bed. Tejaswini says the flowers Bhaiya ji likes. Girja asks her did you not empty the cupboard, where to keep Ranjana’s clothes, she is new owner of haveli, sorry,

but I have to stay here and walk with time, come with me, I will help you. Tejaswini says I will arrange my things myself. She packs her bags. She cries and leaves from room. Ranjana smiles and taunts Tejaswini, asking where will you stay now, I arranged storeroom for your stay. Tejaswini cries and leaves.

Bhaiya ji takes Chakor to the village. He says he will punish Chakor. Kishori runs to call Bhuvan and Kasturi. They cry. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to come out and scolds him. Kasturi and Bhuvan cry seeing Chakor. Chakor shouts Maai, Bapu… Bhaiya ji asks her to shout, this is her last scream infront of her family. He asks Lakhan why did he dug this pit, did he get water, this land gave me gold, what do you think doing all this, will these people give you support, no one supports cheaters, see Chakor, she has no one to support her. He says I m your king, you are my Praja to serve me. I m your owner. He asks Lakhan about the pit, I will make this sign of my rule very soon, generations will remember what is result of flying high.

He says Chakor has flown a lot, then fell on ground. I will bury this Chakor in soil, in this pit. Everyone get shocked and cry. He asks Kallu to throw Chakor. Kasturi begs to Bhaiya ji. He says you will always be bandhua, I will do what I want, who will stop me. Bhuvan says we know Chakor troubled you a lot, leave her for last time, I will beat her and save her, she will not do anything. Chakor says no need to fall in his feet, get up. Bhuvan asks her to shut up and scolds her. He says I will change her. Bhaiya ji says that time passed, now its time to punish her. Kasturi asks Bhaiya ji to leave Chakor, she is little kid. He says I should have killed her at her birth time, you will also get punished for giving birth to such cheater. He asks the men to throw Chakor. Chakor says leave me. Chagan tensely hugs Lakhan. Bhaiya ji asks Ram Singh to tie Chakor’s family to pole. They all cry. Chakor shouts Maai. Bhaiya ji beats Chakor on her head with a gun. She screams and faints. They all get shocked. Bhaiya ji says she is alive, bury her. The goons throw Chakor in pit and put soil over her. Everyone cry. The men fill the pit with soil and surface it. Kasturi cries.

Ronnie tells Arjun that Chakor is in Aazaadgunj, with Bhaiya ji. Arjun says tell me where is she, I will save her. Ronnie says she is dead. The villagers cry for Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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