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The Episode starts with Chakor and Imli making small black slates and showing the kids to make such. The elders make the uniforms for the kids by stitching it all night. Chakor says its first day for us to get free from being bonded and talks to the moon smiling. Its morning, Bhaiya ji gets ready and talks to Tejaswini. He asks is Girja preparing to go to school that she brought the tea. She says I wanted to try for the last time. He says yes, tell me what you want to say.

She says I don’t understand why are you doing this, you took the elections very serious, you promised them, but whats the need to fulfill it, forget to educate the bandhua kids. She says you will get weak doing this, if you are worrying, then think about the landlords. She says you insulted them, you can use bandhua anytime,

I don’t know why are you doing this.

He shows her a necklace and makes her wear it, as a gift from his side. She smiles and says its beautiful, but its not the answer. He leaves and she gets puzzled. Vivaan and Ragini talk at school saying about Ranjana taking back school uniforms and the kids could not come to school. Vivaan says even Bhaiya ji did not come. They are happy to see Chakor leading the kids and clap for them, seeing everyone in uniforms. Yeh houslon ki udaan hai…………..plays……………

Vivaan and Ragini get happy and does high 5 with Chakor. Chakor says we all did this magic, where is Bhaiya ji. Vivaan says don’t know why he did not come, don’t worry, he was getting ready, he will come. The school bells rings and they all run towards the gate. The guard stop the kids. Vivaan says Bhaiya ji is coming. The guard says when he comes and permits, then you all can go. He asks Vivaan and Ragini to go, and Vivaan refuses to go without all kids.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Kasturi says no, you can go. Vivaan and Ragini go inside. Imli asks what if Bhaiya ji does not come. Bhaiya ji’s car comes there and they all get happy seeing it. Chakor claps and says Bhaiya ji has come. Chakor says Bhaiya ji always keep his words. Bhaiya ji, Tejaswini and Baa come there and everyone greet them. Chakor says I will always remember this day. Baa says I m very happy that I feel proud to stand here at my school. Bhaiya ji says Tejaswini is more happy than me, you are responsible for my victory.

Tejaswini asks him to do work soon, and they will go back home as its very hot weather. Chakor asks him to tell the guard to allow all of them. He says he will talk to principal and asks Tejaswini and Baa to come. Chakor asks everyone to thank Bhaiya ji. Abha is worried and tells Ishwar that she can’t believe Bhaiya ji changed.

Bhaiya ji shows the school form and says you all give your thumb impression and they will get the form filled. He asks Bhuvan to come first as Chakor is always first. The villagers smile. Baa gets glad seeing her son go a good deed. Bhaiya ji says I kept my promise, now I m leaving. Everyone thank him and he says welcome. He asks principal to see the work ahead and leaves. Chakor and the kids dance happily and the guard closes the gate again.

Chakor says Bhaiya ji got our admission done, why can’t we go. The principal says no, you all can’t go. Chakor asks why can’t we go. The principal asks them to pay the fees, and they all are shocked. He says the kids who submit fees, can sit in class.

Bhaiya ji says he kept his promise to give them admission, but I did not promise I will pay fees. They are shocked.

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