Udaan 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli helps Chakor

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The Episode starts with Imli shooting at the goon. Chakor sees her and faints. Imli goes towards Sweety. Chakor wakes up in the police station. She gets worried and looks around. Sweety says you tried hard to save me, then Imli came there and saved my life, she said she is your sister. Chakor recalls Imli. She says we will talk about her later, what happened after I fainted. The girl says that girl sat near you. FB shows Imli pitying Chakor for falling down again because of her ethics. Imli asks the goons to leave Sweety, else she will beat them up. The goon asks her to get lost, else he will kidnap her too. Imli says you have a good fate to stand in front of me. She asks them to ask anyone about her crimes.

She says Chakor is my sister, we both are poles apart, when our parents are same, ask her

who made her life hell, she will take my name, I have back stabbed her, I have made her husband’s memory go lost to separate two lovers, I have done all the wrong things with her, I have snatched her daughter and sold her, but even then this girl has forgotten everything, I got her husband kidnapped, will you hear further, I have kept her daughter away, I wanted to take revenge on her, she wanted to burn me alive, but I have got saved. The goons look at her. Imli says I m Devi of bad deeds, you can’t clash with me. The goon asks what do you mean, is this girl your sister or enemy, why did you come to save her then. Imli says its our matter, you have no connection with this, Chakor has sent me to jail, I have paid money and came out. The goon goes to stab Sweety. Imli calls her goons there. The goons get scared seeing the other bunch of goons. They leave Sweety.

Sweety falls in Imli’s feet. Imli asks her not to do any drama. She says I have just come here for entertainment. All the goons have a fight. Imli says the world is getting boring, take Chakor, can’t you see how she fell on the ground and spoilt her clothes. Sweety takes Chakor. Chakor’s phone falls there. FB ends. Sweety says that girl didn’t tell her name and gave this to me. She shows the tamarind/Imli. FB shows Imli dropping Chakor and Sweety to the police station. Sweety says you helped us a lot, stay with us, Chakor will thank you. Imli asks Sweety to take Chakor and get lost. FB ends. Chakor says it means Imli has come back to Azaadgunj. Inspector asks are you fine, this girl told that Imli Devi is back, I suspect that she is behind Rajjo’s rape. Chakor gets thinking. Tejaswini asks doctor to save Anjor. She cries. Doctor says we will try our best. Doctor treats Anjor. Chakor gets Raghav released. She sees Raghav.

She says what did you do inspector, Raghav’s crime was not proved. She scolds inspector. Inspector says Raghav was misbehaving. Chakor asks how can you beat someone like this. Raghav says enough, when I shouted and said I m innocent, you didn’t listen to me, now you got Sweety and becoming heroine. He asks Sweety what did she get by framing him. Sweety apologizes for cheating him. Chakor says Sweety helped me in freeing you. Mere mahiya….plays….

Raghav says Lord made me poor, this poverty gives people a chance to tag me criminal, I m greedy and ill mannered, but I m not bad hearted, I have saved you and Rajjo from bad people when I met you for the first time. Chakor cries. Raghav says I help everyone, you trapped me, I got much beaten up today, I m hurt by this cheap blame. He stumbles. Chakor holds him. She apologizes. He says take me to Rajjo, I want to tell her that I didn’t ruin her respect.

Raghav meets Rajjo and promises to get justice for her. He says I will find the culprit, now its our battle. Chakor looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I felt for Raghav today, people look down on people like him, glad they didn’t make him angry on Chakor, Raghav is different from Suraj probably because of the different social status.
    I thought Raghav felt something when hew was close to Chakor when stopped him from falling, Chakor’s expressions were normal but his weren’t.
    Imli is back and the bias has started, close ups from head to toe, unnecessarily long scenes. No need to repeat all her crimes and the scene would’ve been more powerful and effective if it was 5 minutes instead of 12.
    The car scene makes me think Imli is gray this time, she isn’t the main villain.

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