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The Episode starts with Manohar spotting Chakor and showing her to Babu. They smile seeing her. Manohar and Babu stop the taxi and open the dicky. They see Chakor and smile. Chakor gets shocked seeing them. Chakor says I want to go Aazaadgunj. Manohar and Babu scold her and are very angry seeing her. Chakor says leave me. Babu says they will kill her. Manohar lifts her and takes her to the car. Rocky wakes up and says who is this girl, I don’t remember her. He drinks wine.

His mum comes to him and he acts rude. She says its your birthday tomorrow, I made your fav dishes. She made the sweets for him. He throws it. She scolds him. He says your love ended with this, how sad. She says really sorry, listen to me. She planned his birthday according to him, don’t cancel plans today, celebrate it with

your mum. He asks he to stop it and they can never be friends, he has no interest to celebrate birthday with everyone. He leaves. She cries.

Rocky comes to the food stall and asks about Chakor. The man says I don’t know where she has gone. Chakor says Vivaan would be sad knowing this. Manohar asks her to be quiet. He shows something to her, and she closes her eyes. Manohar asks her to just shut up and sit quiet. Rocky says where are you Chakor. The car passes by his side and he sees her pic in phone. Chakor sees the food stall and Rocky. She knocks the window and he does not see her. Rocky says I miss you a lot. Chakor is taken to some old house and kept with the other kids. Chakor says let me go, I want to go home.

Manohar says this is the beginning, see what happens. She asks her to see her friend Billu. She says Billu… Manohar asks Billu to come. Billu cries and says he is her friend. Chakor holds him and gets teary eyed. Billu says save me Chakor, I don’t want to stay here, I want to go to my parents, I feel scared here. Manohar says what will she save you, she is also caught here.

Manohar and Babu come to another room and Manohar says he got good facilities here. Babu explains the arrangements to him and tells about the kidney removed of the kid. Babu tells about Madam, she can give anyone a life and praises her. Manohar asks him to do Chakor’s work as he has to send her pic to Bhaiya ji.

Chakor pacifies Billu. She says she will get water for him. Billu says they won’t give them water, they are taking him to do operation. A boy tells Chakor about operation room and she gets shocked. Billu is scared. Chakor says don’t be afraid and reminds how they got people freedom, they will make these kids free also. The boy says don’t give him false hope, there is no way to get saved.

Manohar takes Chakor for operation. Kasturi lights diya and prays for Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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