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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji getting glad receiving a friend’s call and asks him to come home. He recalls about Devi Maa’s future prediction and thanks Lord. He tells Tejaswini that some NRIs are coming for lunch and she says its good thing, don’t know which Devi Maa blessed this. She goes. He smiles thinking. Ragini asks Chakor to go school by other way. Chakor asks what. Ragini asks her to call Arjun Sir and go school for running race. Chakor gets glad and thanks her. Ragini leaves.

Chakor sees Tejaswini doing all arrangements and making servants do the work. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to welcome NRIs well. Laali scolds Chakor and asks her to work. Bhaiya ji says how will we do all arrangements so soon. He sees Laali keeping crockery in rough way and scolds her. She asks did she know to keep

it well on table. Laali says she does not understand. He explains her how to arrange crockery and asks about Girja. Laali says she went to market. He says there is no servant who can arrange table. Lakhan says guests have arrived and Bhaiya ji panics and shouts on servants. Chakor looks on and smiles.

Chakor says she will arrange, she learnt in Aditya’s home. Tejaswini asks her to run, its about their respect. Bhaiya ji says she is saying right, she was in judge’s house and she will learn. Chakor says she remembers. Bhaiya ji asks her to do it fast and goes to welcome guests. Chakor thinks she has to fool Laali to call Arjun. Laali asks does she know or not. Chakor says I forgot, I have a solution, I will call Lucknow and ask. Laali says no need to call.

Chakor tells her that Bhaiya will scold her. Laali says fine, go and call. Chakor calls Arjun’s home and his sister takes the call. Arjun’s sister asks who is she and Arjun is not at home. Chakor says I m Chakor. His sister says I will tell him to call you. Chakor says no need. Laali asks her to come soon. Chakor ends the call. Arjun comes home and his sister tells him that he came 2 sec late, Chakor late. He asks is she fine. She says she was scared and when I said I will tell you to call her, she refused and ended the call. He says maybe some haveli people came, why did she call. She asks him to get Chakor back on track, she will be happy, train her again, like you used to train me. He smiles and says even I want this that Chakor runs to make world record.

Bhaiya ji talks to his NRI friends about expanding business. He says we can open an university in Sitapur, kids won’t need to go far and we will keep it on your name. He says name and work yours, and money will be ours. Tejaswini says congrats to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says this is good, but let me think and then decide. She gets puzzled. They ask him to agree soon so that work starts sooner.

Bhaiya ji asks Laali is food ready. She says yes. Tejaswini asks her to call Suraj and Ragini. She asks Bhaiya ji to say yes, its good chance, education has much money in it. He say you get excited soon, have patience, let me take advice and then we will decide. Bhavani says its good Mahant made me meet Devi’s father, its time to earn and serve her. The lady likes the table arrangements and asks who arranged it so nicely. Tejaswini introduces Suraj and Ragini. Suraj says he is in 9th class. The man says he was in 9th even last time they came. Chakor laughs. He says she is the one whom we saw in jhulan, is she still here.

Tejaswini says she is sweet girl and likes to stay here. She says she likes to do all the work, we made her get school admission. Suraj says but she was caught cheating, so she is removed. The man says what. Chakor says no.

Tejaswini speaks against Chakor. Bhaiya ji says leave it, lets talk about our matter. The man’s wallet falls. Chakor sees it and returns to it. She asks him to see whether money is fine. He says yes. Chakor says she would not returned money if she was liar or thief. She says she is not liar and cheater. Bhaiya ji gets angry and asks her to leave, its enough of her. He shouts on her. The man asks Bhaiya ji to think soon, as he has to go abroad soon. Bhaiya ji says fine, and they leave. Tejaswini thinks why is he thinking, he did not use to think before on such chances.

Chakor comes to her stable and says how can this be, its one more day gone and I did not do anything.

Chakor sees Bhaiya ji going to Roshni’s home and thinks Roshni can help her in proving her innocence. She sits in his car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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