U & I Will Never Be One (RAGLAK) [EPISODE 6]


Guyz I forgot mention some important points in previous epi
* Though Laksh and Ahan are best friends but they are the competitors for the contract.
* Ahan is unaware about the relationship of RagLak

Recap: Ragini got an apartment to live. Ahan’s cheap feelings about Ragini.

She entered into her office. The starting of her day was lil wierd. She could see many eyes staring her in disbelief.
She ignored them and moved towards her cabin. As she stepped in the cabin she collided with someone.
“I am sorry” Ragini lowering her gaze
“Its ok” The reply came
Ragini looked up and saw him, he was smiling
“Sorry sir” Ragini again lowering her gaze
“U dont have to be sorry all the time” He “Be careful next time” and he left

Ragini’s POV:
Is he the same Ahan Kapoor about whom I have listened so much. Arrogant, Agressive, Cruel, Rude, Crack, Nuts. Why do everyone in this office calls him like that, Ruthless. Ragini dear, Never judge a book by its cover. After all every men is the same.

After an hour:

“Sir, the files you gave me yesterday”
“Completed??” He asked
“Hmm” He said, after some minutes he continued “Well done”
“Thank you Sir” she said calmly
“There is a presentation tomorrow” He leaning backwards “And I want you to represent it! ”
“Sure sir” She said, everything got cleared, why everyone was staring her? She felt like jumping in whole office, she could see her future becoming secured.
“Be careful this is the first time I am trusting someone that too a girl.” He “I want this contract at any cost”.
“Yes sir” She confidently
“So prepare for the presentation, no one will be there to help you, you have to do everything alone. I don’t want any mistake.” Ahan strictly.
Ragini nods.

Next day

They were outside the conference room. There were many other
“Is everything done” He
“Yes sir” She assured
She left

Laksh and Kavya entered the hall. Yes, because now she was 51% shareholder of Maheshwari group of companies.
“Ahan” He shouted
Ahan soon responded.
“Hello” Ahan extending his hand.
They shook their hands. Kavya was in her own world of gossips. They interacted for a few seconds.
“Where is your assistant” Laksh asked

“There” Ahan pointed towards Ragini. Her back was facing Laksh but that was enough for him to recognise her. All the incidents flashed in his eyes. He lost his control on himself. His eyes became red he clenched his fingers.
He dragged Kavya from there who was busy in showing off to other Ladies.
“What happened Laksh” She asked releasing her hand.
“What the heck is she doing here” He asked in an angry tone.
“How do I know” She said calmly.
Laksh shook his head and went to Ahan.
“What happened dude” Ahan asked “Is everything okay” He asked.
“She is your assistant?” He asked pointing towards Ragini who was busy in checking her presentation.

“Yes, any problem” Ahan
“Ahh no… nothing” Laksh said composing his facial expressions.
“She ll give the presentation today” Ahan said naughtily, but these things went unaffected for Laksh. The one whom he rejected to rot in hell was now trying to be independent. The one who he wanted to get humiliate by the society was now trying to make her own recognition apart from a daughter of Shekhar Gadodia or daughter in law of Durgaprasad Maheshwari. The one whom he wanted to take revenge was now there to compete him.
He told everything to Kavya, because his mind became numb in anger. The anger of not getting what he wanted. The anger of betrayal. His wounds became fresh. He didn’t knew what to do at that time, he didn’t wanted Ragini to win so easily.
“Let’s confront her” Kavya suggested and she smiled.
They walked towards Ragini

“Hey Ragini!! Watsupp haa?” Laksh asked
Seeing him her hands began to tremble her heart beat started racing. No she couldn’t take it more. She left.
Kavya smirked.
“You saw that Laksh, how she was shivering like we are some ghost. We ll surely take advantage of this situation. She wont be able to do anything in the conference hall because we’ll be there, infront of her eyes. She’ll definitely lose it.” Kavya said folding her hands. Suddenly Laksh’s gaze went on the laptop she was working on. He opened her laptop but it asked password. Unable to operate he started searching for anything useful, soon he found a CD with ‘Presentation’ written over it. He replaced it by the other one. Soon he hid the lap hided the laptop.
He smirked.

Conference room:
Representatives gave their respective representations, now it was Ragini’s turn. She took the CD with ‘Presentation ‘ written over it. She inserted in tge CD player. Everyone was waiting for her to start.
The presentation started, but everything was blank. Everyone started gossiping, Kavya smirked and eyed Laksh.
“Sir, I think there’s some technical issue.” Ragini said covering up.
Soon the presentation started.

Everyone applauded her, she took a sigh of relief.
“How did she got the presentation” Kavya muttered sotto voce. “Laksh u r disgusting. U can’t even handle a single CD” She rolled her eyes. “Dont behave like my boss” Laksh criticised “I am because I am the owner of the 51% of this company, so be in ur limits” She fumed. The contract was given to Kapoor Group of Industries. Ahan smirked while Laksh crushed the paper in frustration. Kavya clenched her fingers and she was fuming. She left.
Everyone left except Laksh. He was about to leave but Ragini blocked his way. She sat on the chair leaned backwards and crossed her legs.

“Confused?” She emphasised, she raised her right eyebrow “U are..” she narrowed her eyes. She got up from the chair. “I pity you.. U r stucked with her.. cha..” she raised her hand and pointed towards the door indicating Kavya “U deserve her” she tilted her head and smiled. “A perfect match”
“Well she was right u r of no use.. you can’t even change the CD.” She shook her head. He fumes. He starts moving but stumbles, but at the correct time she holds him. They both were standing and were lost in their own world, they both stared each other. Ragini was giving her aggressive look while Laksh was falling for her innocent face. Ragini’s hands were on Laksh’s chest while he held her by her hands.

“What u thought ha.. your presence makes me nervous. No Mr. Maheshwari no” She in low yet aggressive tone. ” Those days are now gone when you were successful in fooling me.” She fumed. “I will surely take my revenge Mr. Maheshwari”. They were still in that posture.
Suddenly the door opens it was Kavya on the door. Laksh gets away from Ragini. He walks towards Kavya. “It is..” He was stopped by Kavya. “Miss Behanji dont fly so high, I can do anything, you’ll fall so badly that there’ll be no one to support you.” Kavya told pointing her index finger towards her. She comes near her and intentionally falls on Laksh, unable to balance he drops her and she falls on the ground. “Ouchhhhh…” Kavya, Laksh comes to help her but she jerks his hand.
“How can people harm anyone when they can’t handle themselves”. Ragini threw at her.
Ragini went towards the exit but stopped there, KavLak were eyeing her, she turned towards them and took her phone and clicked Kavya’s photo in that position and smirked.

Aaj se ab se
Aan meri main tumko na choone dungi
Jaan ko chaahe chhalni kar do
Maan ko na choone dungi (x2)


Choo ke dekho dil mera
Tumhe dil mein apne bhar lungi
Par chhed ke dekho tum mujhko
Main tumko nahi chhodungi



Thank u all for ur support and love… I know I told that I ll post my ff in July but I got free a day before ? I know u all were waiting for RagLak’s face off and Laksh’s expressions so sorry for making u wait…

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