U & I Will Never Be One (RAGLAK) [EPISODE 5]

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Recap: Ragini got slapped by dadi, Her family fighting because of her.

“Hmm” He “Take these files, I want u to work on it, and start doing it from today. I want no excuses, and if I found any mistake than u ll be fired.” He gives some of the files to her. “Is that clear” He, while receiving a nod from her he continues “Good”.
There was a room attached to his cabin, which was now her cabin. There was a transparent glass door in between.
She sat on the chair and started looking at the files. She was lost in her work or she was trying to forget whatever happened in the morning.

Soon it was a lunch break. She kept doing her work. Ahan got up to leave but soon his gaze went on her. She was working there didnt even cared what was happening around. He thought to talk to her but dropped the idea because he never wanted to interfere in anyone’s life. He left.

She was alone in that room. She didnt ate anything since morning, she wasnt hungry too. The only thing she was worrying about was where will she go.
“Where will I go now? And I have to complete these files also. I dont have any shelter. I dont my family to fight again because of me. I wont go there.” Ragini thought.

She leaned her head on the chair and closed her eyes. Her brain wanted her to think of her future but her heart didnt allowed her to do so. She remembered each and every moment when her dadi supported her..
“Dadi maa” Ragini screamed “I am going to university”
“Ladoo” Dadi panicked “First eat this dahi shakkar (sugar mixed in curd, I guess ?)”
“Okk dadi maa i am leaving” Ragini, collecting her bag.
“Eat ur lunch on time” Dadi exclaimed
“Okk bye” Ragini

She opened her eyes and tears started flowing from her eyes but soon she composed herself, still she was alone. For her time was passing slowly. A minute was like an hour for her, she missed her family. She felt like killing herself for hurting her beloved dadi. Suddenly something striked in her mind. That apartment which Avinash offered her.

Lunch break got over. Ragini’s ‘where she will live’ problem was finally solved. She’d consulted Avinash about that flat and he assured her that she can live in the flat from tonight.

Her first day got over. She entered in her so called house. Everything there was covered with thick plastic sheets. She got whatever she needed still she was alone there. It had 1 bedroom 1 kitchen and a small drawing room.
There was nothing for her to eat except a bread loaf and bottle of jam. She grabbed it made a toast and ate it.
She went to her bedroom, laid on her bed, though it wasnt a double spring matress but something is better than nothing, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath an dozes off.

Nothing was same for Maheshwaris. Kavya behaved more rudely than Ragini. Laksh only sees but doesnt take a stand for his family members.

Laksh’s room:
Laksh enters his room and sees Kavya doing her makeup.
“Makeup at night” Laksh, loosening his tie “Are u going somewhere”
Kavya comes and hugs him from back, Laksh doent restricts
“I am not going anywhere” Kavya naughtily
“Is there anything special” Laksh, blankly
“There is something more than special” Kavya seductively.
“I am not in mood to do anything” Laksh turning towards her “I am very tired baby, not today” and he kisses her forward
They were disturbed by a phone call
“Hey buddy, how are u??” Laksh,
“Dont ask yaar” Ahan
(Guyz it was Ahan on the call)
“What happened?” Laksh
“Yaar Avinash has appointed a new assistant” Ahan “She is super s*xy”
“Is it! I also wanna meet her than.” Laksh
“Done, u can meet her day after tmrw” Ahan
“Day after tmrw!! It is our presentation that day” Laksh
“Yes.. she ll only represent it” Ahan
“Okk tell me something about her” Laksh
“If I ll start saying about her than a day will pass still I wont be able to complete.” Ahan
“It was her first day right” Laksh “U came to know many things about it, isnt it?”
“The whole day, I have observed her only. Her heavenly body, perfect curves” Ahan “And soon she ll be with me on the same bed”

Precap: RagLak Face Off

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    • Anaita


      I will write it asap… and i ll try my best to make it intresting as much as I can… Thanks for commenting!! ☺

  1. archi

    awesum epi
    ahan feelings were so unexpected but thats good
    hope she doesnt get weak on seeing lak
    i wanted to know will it be laksh or ahan

  2. lovely

    omg ahan shared his feelings with laksh, he is gonna die with jealousy


    I can’t wait. next part

  3. lovely

    omg ahan shared his feelings with laksh, he is gonna die with jealousy


    I can’t wait for next part

  4. Fats

    It’s great to see an independent Ragini. Lol I can’t wait to read how Laksh reacts after seeing that Ragini is the assistant. Jealous and angry Laksh will be fun to read. Please update soon if you get time. Thank you xx

    • Anaita


      Thanks for commenting!! I am glad that u all are liking this story and specially this bold and strong Ragini… ??I am sure that u will like it in future also… I will surely upload asap… ??

  5. Piya

    |Registered Member

    Awesome nd ahan is disgusting but laksh will be jealous when he come to know abt ragini but make ragini strong

  6. Amna

    I shoudn’t say this but Is laksh not too cheap in the story? First he betrayed Ragini, then betraying kavya? No mattle u wrote it amazingly.

    • Anaita


      As for now he just asked about Ragini, he didnt had any bad intentions towards her and he isnt betraying Kavya… I am sorry to make Laksh behave like this but he has to…
      Thanks alot ?

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