U & I Will Never Be One (RAGLAK) [EPISODE 4]

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Recap: Ragini got a job

Next morning
She got ready in Black shirt and blue jeans. She did a pony tail with no makeup. She collected her accesories and stepped out of the room to take the blessings of her Dadi maa.
She was searching for her when she came to hall and found her reading newspaper. She came towards her and touched her feet.
“Bless me Dadi maa” Ragini said “Today is my first day at office”
Dadi raised her hands only to slap her.
Ragini lost her control and fell on the ground. That slap brought a tsunami of tears in her eyes. It was the first time her Dadi slapped her. Everyone gathered there.
“I told you na that I dont want u to go office. Because of u people still taunts us. And see your clothes, you still want to destroy our image.” Dadi Shouted
“Whats the big deal in these clothes, even Swara wear these types, why did no one point out her” Shekhar, ttaking a stand for Ragini
“Dont even dare to compare my daughter with her. She is inauspicious” Sharmishtha shouted
Shekhar wanted to say further but Ragini holds his hand and nods negatively.
Ragini wipes her tears and takes her files and heads out of the house.
“Stop” Dadi yelled. Ragini stood their and she was somewhat happy inside that her Dadi will bless her, appreciate her. “If u stepped outside of this house than dont dare to come again”
All her happiness was destroyed in a single moment.
“Where will I go? How will I be able to live alone, without Dadi? How will I manage all these things in a single day?” These thoughts were continuously running inside Ragini’s mind
Shekhar stepped forward and hugged Ragini “Dear, U dont have to worry. I am and will always be there to support u. U just have to move forward. Every parents want their child to be successful and happy. I know Janki is not with u today (and he eyes Sumi) but till my last breath I will always support ur decision”
“What do u mean by that janki is not their with her” Sumi
“Maa u know it very well” Shekhar threw at her

Ragini couldnt bear it further, her family was fighting because of her,
“Stop it! I am the main cause of these problems. I will leave this house FOREVER” Ragini

She stepped out of the house and sat in the auto. Tears were continuously flowing.
“How many times should I say that these tears have no place in my life.” Ragini scolded herself

In office
“I am the new assistant of Mr. Ahan Kapoor” Ragini asked the receptionist “Can u plz show me his cabin”
“Sure ma’am” Receptionist replied
She took Ragini to his cabin.

She knocked the cabin. She got inside it to see a man sitting their busy in his own world of files and documents.
“Good Morning Sir” Ragini greeted
“Hmm” He ” Who are u”
“Sir, i am ur new assitant” She

Precap: RagLak Face Off

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Many of u wanted to know about Avinash Khanna and Ahan Kapoor. Well Avinash will portray a minor role and u can assume him as a interview incharge and about Ahan Kapoor he is the managing director of the company and Ragini will assist him. Ahan Kapoor is played by Karanvir Bohra.

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