U & I Will Never Be One (RAGLAK) [EPISODE 3]

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Raglak faceoff.. Ragini throwing water at Kavlak

Kavya and Laksh both were fuming in anger while Ragini smirked… For the first time in her life she was proud of herself by insulting him…
“He deserves this” Her inner voice said which made her smile..
“U’ll pay for it” Laksh yelled
“Well… I dont take things for granted” Ragini bluntly
“Baby.. leave it… we should talk to the one who is of our class” Kavya eyeing Ragini
“Kavya.. Are u suffering from amnesia” Ragini sarcastically “Well… I was just asking this because it was started by you” Ragini shot at her
Ragini smirked and left from there with her scooty..

“Disgusting” Kavya “How on earth she can change so much”
“Let it be.. I wont mind about any comment of her… Its just her frustation which she is taking out on us” Laksh giving a side hug to Kavya…

Ragini stood infront of a big building…
Their was a hoarding with ‘KAPOOR GROUP OF INDUSTRIES’ written on it…
“Take a deep breath Ragini…” Ragini trying to calm her anxiety
She stepped inside the building
“My name is Ragini Gadodia… I m here for the interview session” Ragini asked at the reception
“This way ma’am..” Receptionist instructing her
Ragini nodded and went in the said direction…
She took her seat beside a lady in her mid 30s..

“You seem to be very young… How old are u” Lady asked
“hmm… I m of 22” Ragini
“Well I guarantee u ll be rejected soon” Lady said confidently “This job looks for someone topper as well as the one who has experience”
“Experience.. I dont have any.. This is my first time… Plz god help me I want this job at any cost this is the first step of my life” Ragini thought
“Ragini Gadodia” Receptionist asked
“Yes” Ragini replied
“Ma’am plzz go inside ur no. has come” Receptionist said
“Thanks” Ragini replied and followed the receptionist..
As soon as she entered the room she saw a fellow stairing her with serious expressions sitting on the Revolving chair…
“Good afternoon Sir” Ragini greeted
He just nodded and raised his hands in air asking her to sit
“Thank u sir” Ragini said

“So what is ur experience” He asked
“I havnt done any job before” she said politely
“Hmm… u r a university topper.. u could have applied for some other position” He said
“Sir I want to learn” Ragini replied
“I have seen u somewhere” He said
“May be” Ragini
“Yeah… u r the wife of Laksh Maheshwari” he said

“Ex Wife” Ragini in an aggressive tone
“Watever.. u were… u can easily get a job by taking his name..” He
“It’ll be better if u keep my personal and professional life aside” She in a high pitch
There was a silence for few mins… Ragini was fuming in anger while the man was smirking..
Man: (rising) Hello.. my name is Avinash Khanna…
He extends his hands…
You are finalised for this job… They shake hands..
“I am delighted to meet u… Our company wants candidates like you… You just have to keep your personal life aside as u just said now… You will assit Mr. Ahan Kapoor. The Managining Director of this company” Avinash
Ragini was glad as she has qualified the biggest examination of her life…
“Our company will give you an apartment..” Avinash “If u r interested than inform us”
Ragini nodded

She was riding on her scooty when she suddenly saw a sweet shop
She went inside the shop and bought a sweet box.. It was her dadi’s fav sweet shop..
“Everyone will be so happy when they will hear about this” Ragini thought
But soon she realised that her happiness was short termed.. she was alone in this world…
She reached her home
“Dadi I have got a job” Ragini exclaimed “and here are ur fav sweets of fav shop”
Dadi got furious listening this “We are letting u stay in this house that doesnt means that we can let u do watever u want. The girls of our house do not work, so it will be better for u if u dont work”

“Dadi maa” Ragini said in broken voice.. She didnt even thought that her dadi will react like this. She thought that her dadi will appreciate her but no everything went opposite for her..

Shekhar, Sharmishtha, Dada ji also reached there. The only thing they can see was Ragini was crying uncontrolably while her Dadi was standing her back towards Ragini..

“Wat happened maa” Sumi worried “Dont tell me that this girl did something wrong again”
Ragini stood there shocked listening to Sumi’s taunt… The one whom she gave her mother’s place was now behaving like a stranger to her…
“Now all her love is for Swara” Ragini’s mind told her “Thats not new for u.”
“No she might be behaving like this because of the recent happenings” Her heart scolded her mind
“Yes sharmishtha. This girl wants to join the office” Dadi said
“Why the hell are u after our reputation.” Sumi yelled
“wats wrong in that. You should be happy that ur daughter is getting independent” Shekhar said politely

“Oh plz Shekhar u think after all these things she did to my Swara i ll regard as my daughter” Sumi “One thing that cannot be changed is that Ragini is not my daughter”
Finally Ragini’s mind won…
Ragini rushed to her room… She was crying heavily and she didnt wanted to create any other problem for her family..

Ragini’s room:
All the incidents flashed in her mind… her planning her plotting EVERYTHING…
“I have not done these things purposely. I have done these things for my siblings” Ragini’s mind stated
“But your love for Laksh was genuine” Ragini’s heart answered
All her thoughts were disturbed by the suddent knock on the door…
Shekhar came inside the room with the sweet box in his hands.. He came forward and wiped her tears with his thumbs..
“You dont look nice when u r crying” Shekhar said
No response.

“Ragini I dont know what made u turn into an evil. The thing I know that my Ragini cannot do this. She was the one who cared for her siblings. Though that time u didnt knew that swara was ur sister but u always cared for her. My heart doesnt agree that u can do this” Shekhar said emotionally fixing his eyes with Ragini’s.
Ragini replied with a faint smile..
Shekhar opened the box of sweet and picked a piece and kept it in the mouth of her..
“I ll always support u. U will do this job” Shekhar assured her and left the room
“Yes dad. I can never do this with my Swara” Ragini muttered

She got into deep imagination
“Dadi result is out nd u know what i have acquired the first position” Ragini happily..
“Cngrats Ladoo” Dadi
“Congrats wont work, Give me my gift” Ragini demanded
“Gift.. I will give u that once u get married” Dadi
“But..” Ragini, “okk i will wait till than. I have something for u”
“For me?” Dadi
“Yes.. your favourite sweet from your favourite shop” Ragini exclaimed

“These moments wont come back to me again” Ragini, tears flowing from her eyes


sorry again for late updates… Guyzz i was alot busy today nd i havnt read it again so forgive me for all typos and grammatical mistakes..


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  1. awesome! i think ragini deed this bad things to save her sibblings! she was forced! make ragini confident and bold

    1. thanks!! lets see what happens

    2. thanks.. lets see what happens

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    1. thanks Nistha.. I always wanted Ragini to be like this… so i made her like this

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      about avinash and ahan i ll tell u in the nxt part

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    1. Lisa he will just play a side role… well he is the interiview incharge nthing else..

  5. Tuba(RagLakian)

    Anaita I read all 3 parts and guess what they were fabulous awesome superb!
    I need the next part as soon as possible!
    This what I wanted in the show! I hate Sharmishta how mean she is! She cant forget Ragini gave her a mothers place! And Aww poor babys baby got angry!! I just loved Ragini confidence the way she handled the interview! And Shekhar is shown sensible for the first time.
    Whereas in the show all care only for Swara Ragini never got that love! Mainly because of that she changed!
    But you are doing an awesome job! Love you anaita I wanna give you a bigggg huggg for this!
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    1. Thank u so very much Tuba… i ll upload asap…
      A big hug from my side too☺

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    1. thnks alot Sonia really didnt expected that this ff will go like this… now u dont have to curse urself… i ll try to be regular… i ll upload the next part asap ?

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      I will tell u about Avinash and Ahan in the nxt part…

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