U & I Will Never Be One (RAGLAK) [EPISODE 2]


Thank u all for encouraging me… Thank u all i hope i wont dissapoint u…

Recap: Shekhar’s concern and Dadi’s anger towards the girl..

Episodes starts with a beautiful girl in traditional clothes holding the pooja’s stuff in her hands and making her way inside the temple..
She missed this place the most in these days… Her eyes displayed that with how much pain she was going through… She wished to go back to the hell but didnt wished to see his face which reminded her of the bitter past and all that which was unexpected…
She stepped towards the idol of goddess Durga and folded her hands…

She started thinking:
I am starting my new life from today… I have to focuss on my target on my mission… I will never be weak again… I did a biggest mistake of my life by trusting him loving him but not again.. I ll forget everything as a nightmare.. I want ur blessings and will make my own recognition… Bless me and my family…

She closed her eyes and started singing a bhajan (motet) in her melodious voice…
Yet to her surprise that day no one came out of their rooms unlike the other usual days when everyone used to come in the temple and enjoyed seeing her singing…
She remembered all those happiest moments of her life and tears started to flow from her eyes…
“There is no place of these tears in my life” She muttered “I have to be strong”
She took her purse and collected her scooty keys and went outside of the house…

There was someone who was watching this view hiding behind a thick pillar… It was Shekhar… He wiped his tears and got back to his work…

The sun shone brightly making her work more tough… To increase her problems the level of fuel came to at red point and nearly ended in her scooty… She cursed her fate but to her good fortune the petrol pump was few mins away from that place… She dragged her scooty towards there…

She reached there… The Word “LUCK” was bad enough that her eyes stucked at a black colour Audi… Yes it was his car… He was talking to the manager…
She saw a familiear figure sitting in the front of the car.. It didnt took more than 5 sec for her recognise that she was his newly married wife “Kavya” the main reason for her destruction… She simply ignored them and completed her work…
She turned to leave after paying
“Ragini” He, smirking

(Yes the girl was our heroine RAGINI)
She stopped there for a second and again started to move..
Until she could reach to her scooty which was parked near by her way was blocked by Kavya..
Kavya stood there crossing her arms…
“What is this Kavya” Saying this Ragin again started to move but Kavya took hold of her wrist in order to stop her…
And than they both turned towards each other…
“You think u will stare my Husband and i wont do anything” Kavya pointing finger towards her “Stay away.. Other wise you will have to bear the consequences of it”
Ragini stood their listening to her wihout saying a word… In the mean time he also reached there..
“Wat happened baby” He
“Nothing Laksh” Kavya
(Our hero LAKSH)

“Ohh… Is it about this behenji” Laksh “Leave it.. I pity her… So much happened in her life. Her life changed upside down in a single second. I must admit that Gadodias are very generous and big hearted that they are letting a street child live in their house.” Laksh looked at her expressionless face and continued “aww.. i can understand how helpless you are feeling.. drink water u ll feel better” saying this he and Kavya handed her two bottles of water..
Ragini opened the cap of the bottle and throws the water on Kavya’s face.. She started leaving and saw Laksh from the corner of her eyes… He was fuming in anger… She returned towards him and said
“Baby’s baby is getting angry” Ragini sarcastically, saying this she opened the second bottle and started pouring it on Laksh’s head…


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Credit to: Anaita

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    1. well dear i am so so sorry for the inconvenience… will surely upload after tmrw.. and thanks for ur comment

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