U & I Will Never Be One (RAGLAK) [EPISODE 16]

Recap: Ragini’s birthday


My life in this week was greatly disturbed. At first Ragini’s birthday went nicely for me but a total opposite for her just because her first ever gifted guitar was ruthlessly broken! The thing that troubled me the most was that piece of sherwani and I didn’t need to think again because I knew whom it belonged to. My dad. Even I took a look a his wardrobe are found that his sherwani was tore from the bottom which took me to the greatest confusion. Why the hell would dad do this. Never ever. Is anyone trying to bait him? Who can do this?

His POV ends.


I asked her to get ready, get ready in the dress which I’d gifted her. She with her usual confused expressions looked at me and I stood there with my dimpled smile. She took the bag and went inside her room. I sighed. There is a lot of work to do.

I was waiting there, waiting for her. There I was saw her descending from her BMW. I was awestruck. Miss Ragini Gadodia was right in front of me in elegant high neck, sleeveless, short illusion back Champagne Dress with White Lace and she wore hig heels and her hairs tied in a messy bun. She is too hot to handle! She came to me and raised her right eyebrow. She looked at the walls of that house.
“What are you looking at?”
“Are these things for me. Today is my birthday? Such a beautiful decoration, and such a beautiful dress”
“Beautiful things for the most beautiful girl on this earth”
“Stop using cheesy lines, I’ve inherited some tom boyishness from your gym trainer” sayings so she winked at me

That’s it! A perfect moment, a perfect mood, the perfect fragrance, the perfect lightings, the perfect she and a perfect me.
I knelt to the ground and took a hold on the red rose which was kept on the nearby table in the vase. I forwarded my hands.
“Is it rose day today?”
I know she is trying to be a bit humorous and what I’ve realised now I’m not in the mood to forget it ever.
“Ragz I don’t know what is today nor do I know any cheesy lines but when I saw you for the first time I instantly fell for you. Your love, your attitude, your anger, your crying face I’ve seen everything. I really love you Ragini. I really love you”
“REHAAN! You are aware about my past and still…”
“Ragini past is past and love just happens”
“You know the wounds are still fresh. Whenever I see him I remember whatever I did with his family. Than you came to my life, helped me in realising who I am, you gave me a new recognition than how could you make a fun of my emotions. Sorry Rehaan but I don’t love you”
And there it happened! The thing I was fearing happened. My life was stucked with her’s. That Laksh snatched my Ragz. He’s trying to get on the track again! No one knew who’d sent that guitar for Ragini. But I knew it was Laksh Maheshwari…….


Ragini’s POV :
And there I received a biggest shock. My best friend was in love with me. I also know that love just happens but why me? Why I’m always targeted? I got into the casuals and took my car keys.
“Ragini Beta” Papaj…. Uncle approached me. I nodded.
“Please keep these papers with you for sometime. Actually I’ve to leave. I’ve an important meeting lined up.”
Why is he asking me to do this? He can do it himself or ask someone else to do this. And what are these papers about? He was nowhere to be seen. I took the papers and kept in the locker safely.

Laksh’s pov :
“Pandit ji wait for 5 mins. He might have stucked in the traffic.”
We were in temple doing Grah Shanti Havan. We were waiting for dad to arrive. He said that he was going to keep our shop’s paper safely and will come taking another cab.
“See pandit ji he has come”
“Dad have you kept the papers safely?”
He nodded. I relieved. We continued our havan.

We returned. I insisted dad to see those papers to proceed our shop work.
“It is kept in my locker”
And I went towards it and opened it typing the password. I was shocked. Papers were nowhere to be found.
“Haven’t you got them yet?”
“Ragini I have checked each and
“But what? I’ve kept them here only”
“But who asked you to keep them. Uncle said”
What the heck! Dad asked her to keep them and where are they……


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