U & I Will Never Be One (RAGLAK) [EPISODE 15]

Recap: Swara and her jaasoosi

It has been 5 days since that incident. Everyone talked to me normally but the people who matters to me didn’t. My Ragini and My Sanskar. Though that day Ragini came to me and forgave me. I knew what I did was unforgiveable but she forgave me but she was hurt deep inside and she made herself busy. About Sanskar, he know that I’ve realised my mistake, this is the reason he behaves normally like we eat the same way we used to, we sleep the same way, I feed him dahi shakkar whenever he goes to office in morning as a daughter in law should do, we do aarti the same way but the only difference is that we talk less. He doesn’t shares his problems, worries, decision anymore. I want him to know that I was being inferior of Ragini, her stardom, her fandom, her image and most importantly of money which wasn’t hidden from us and the reason I gave for it was Laksh. I myself didn’t knew that I was jealous of my baby sister.

And about Laksh he cleared it before that nothing exist between us. He was correct! From that day, whenever Ragini’s mood is off, he consoles her like a lover does. They both have come closer to each other. Though Ragini never shows her feelings, even to Laksh but I know she’s emotionally connected with him. I wish all the luck to my sister and she at leat now find someone who can understand her…..

Her pov ends.

Sanskar’s pov:

I was sitting on the couch in my room. I remembered the recent happenings. The day when Uttara left this house and went to her in laws:
Flashback :
I was standing in Uttara’s room. We were ready for bidaai. Here Uttara was adjusting her spoilt makeup (the way she cried was…..) and Ragini & Swara were helping her. We went down and after the series of rituals she left the house. Laksh was crying the most while Swara was handling badi maa and maa.
“Ragini now you can leave! Uttara has also gone.”
Isn’t she happy getting her long lost daughter? What has Ragini done to her that she’s always after her. I looked at Swara expectantly but she she didn’t took a stand for her sister.
“Don’t worry Mrs. Sharmishta Gadodia I’m not going anywhere and if you want you can go”
“What do you mean this is my house”
“Your house? As far as I know it is or it was Shekhar Gadodia’s!”
“Anything that belongs to him is mine also”
“But this house no more belongs to him.”
“What are you blabbering?”

“Umm… meet the new owner of this house Miss. Ragini”
No one knew that this was coming. No one had expected that the girl who just came a week ago will snatch everything from us. This house was everything for us. After Kavya there was Ragini. Where will we go?
“If you want you can stay in this house. As a favour.”
My blood boiled. I was regretting, I was regretting for not considering Swara’s insecurities, I was cursing myself for thinking Sumi maa as a selfish women who just cared for herself and her daughter maybe she was knowing Ragini’s intentions and this was her way to make her repent but instead of repenting she was she showing her, her place in her house.

No one uttered a single word as expected. Everyone had no choices as we were already bankrupt and whatever baba (Shekhar) had was all now Ragini’s. I am indeed a bad son who couldn’t help his family in their toughest time.

Flashback Ends

That time I was really angry, upset with myself. But than I realised that Ragini wasn’t that bad. When this house belonged to baba we were taunted (the thing I realised now that it was actually a TAUNT) but Ragini never does that. Sumi maa would keep every record how we use things, how much we use it, how much do we spend but we were so indebted to realise that she was actually recording how much do we waste her money so that she could preserve it and show after that how many favours she has done on us. She would never ask me as I was Swara’s husband. I know she has realised her mistakes and everything is same between us but I need time to mingle with her again!

Laksh is a chuparustom! I haven’t seen his majnu side before. He has dated so many girlfriends but I didn’t got to see this side of him. He was taking advantage of the situation (a type of). Every evening whenever he listens her car’s horns and stands at the entrance and Ragini never pays any heed to him. Poor fellow! Whenever Sumi maa taunts her Laksh takes a stand for her. He tries every kind of dishes which Ragini likes, such yummy dishes that dogs also refuses to eat.

Laksh’s pov :

Everyone in the house has came to know that I love her but… I want to tell her how immensely I love her. If I wouldn’t have betrayed Ragini at the mandap than I and Ragini would have been living a peaceful and prosperous life in Maheshwari Mansion or she would have given birth to our baby girl or at least she would have been pregnant. She would have given birth to our daughter the next week on her birthday. Birthday! Ragini’s birthday is coming. There are only 1..2..3..4..5, 5 days left and I still haven’t prepared for it. I will gift her something that a friend can do. But wait! Will she accept my gift. She’ll never ever do that. So what I can gift anonymously and she’ll consider that some of her diehard fan has gifted her.

Ragini’s pov :

I opened my eyes slightly and saw Jia, Abhi and Rehaan staring me as if I was given a new face.
They screamed. Happy birthday Ragini your another birthday has come. Congrats you’re 25 today. They narrowed their gaze and I realised what I should say
I said forcing a smile. They came back to normal and demanded a party. God they spoiled my sleep. Finally they went and I again plopped on the bed. Now I was in no mood to sleep. Oh what’s that? I think its a card! I took it in my hand and looked at it. It was actually an envelope and on opening it there was a note written. It read:

’57..58..59..60 Happy Birthday Ragini! Its a perfect 12 and now no one can claim that he/she was the first to wish you! Well I don’t wanna spoil your beauty sleep so hereby leaving this card. Enjoy your birthday.

~ Your Craziest Fan’

I was smiling reading the card. Unbelievable! This person has done whatever I was expecting Jia, Abhi and Rehaan to do. But how did this note came here, inside the house, beside my bed?

Its evening and I’m getting bored and my phone is also switched off because it is loaded with messages and calls. Except me whole country is excited for my birthday.
“Ma’am there is a courier for you” The servant informed me
I went there and received a parcle, the servant took it in the hall. Everyone was present there. I inspected the parcel and found a note. Jia snatched it from me and read aloud:

“Happy birthday Ragini! Glad to meet you again. I have sent a birthday gift for you. Many people might have send flowers, chocolates, soft toys, perfumes for you but I’m sure that none of would have send this.”

This person is seriously crazy. I went towards the parcel and opened it and found a guitar, it was of wood which made it heavier. Seriously no one in my life gifted this to me. I never wanted music as my career but my maa used to emphasise me to learn music because she was great fan of music. Seriously guitar is the basic need of a singer’s life. This person knows me more than I know myself. Jia continued

“You might be having showrooms of guitars but this guitar is precious for me too! I’ve brought this from my first own hard earned money. Enjoy your birthday!!!!!
~ Your Craziest Fan”

He was more than craziest. I ordered the servant to place the guitar in my room.

Laksh’s pov :

She smiled because of me. I watched her in the morning smiling at my note. I knew that she doesn’t like anyone disturbing her sleep. I also knew that she is in music just because of her mom. The idea of guitar worked quite well!

I heard Ragini screaming. Without letting second thought come into my mind I rushed towards her room. She was screaming on the servants that who entered her room. On moving further I found the guitar broken into pieces. I wasn’t shattered instead, I was happy seeing Ragini caring about the guitar. It was proved that I wasn’t a bad person. There were still chances of RAGLAK…..


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