U & I Will Never Be One (RAGLAK) [EPISODE 14]

Recap: POVs

It has been a week since I’m noticing her. Every midnight she gets in her car and goes somewhere without informing anyone. She comes late in the mornings and no one dares to question her. If she is again upto something than it’s my duty to find out and protect my family. Ragini I’ll expose you anyhow and that’s Swara’s promise.

I again heard the voice, she’d opened the main door. I woke up from my bed and checked whether Sanskar was asleep or not and luckily he was! I rushed towards the main door and hurriedly opened it by duplicate keys. I quickly went and sat in my car. She was there standing with some bottles and she unlocked her car and adjusted the items and drove off and I followed.

Where the hell is she going? It has been an hour and we haven’t reached yet. I looked at the surrounding, we were still driving and my car was much far from her but I was still able to follow her with the help of GPRS. I noticed the surrounding, it was an isolated place. I had no plan to back off. I will expose her today.

After the driving of 1 hour 30 minutes she’d finally stopped. It was a crowded place. She stepped out of the car. She was sweating and her hands were trembling! Now I was pretty sure that she is upto something. She took a deep breath and stepped forward. As soon as she entered in the hotel I followed her. In that hotel the ground floor was a restaurant and the rooms were on the top floors. Everyone looked at her with astonishment. But before anyone could react she went towards the casino. I was hiding behind the pillar when she was talking with the guards. I wasn’t able to hear her, she was ordering something and he would slightly shake his head. She went in. When I was about to push the door the guard restricted me.
“Madam you’re not allowed to get in”
“But I have to meet someone”
“Sorry Ma’am its against our ethics. There is an important meeting going on inside. You can meet them afterwards”
“But it’s urgent.”
“Ma’am you can tell us otherwise you can tell us the name and we’ll make you meet them but Ma’am we aren’t allowed to…”
“Yeah it’s ok! I understand”

No! I can’t let her know that I’m here what if she changes her plan. I can’t back off at this stage. And in what meeting is she busy in? I am sure she is the one who has asked this guard to not to allow anyone to get inside but I am not ready to lose. The only tough task is this guard. How will I be able to distract him?
“Bhaiya suniye woh mera purse chori ho gya hai. Kya aap meri madad kr denge dhoondne mein?” (My purse has been stolen. Will you help me in finding it?)
“I was sitting there, the seat near the reception when it was stolen.”
“But Madam I’m supposed to look after here”
“Ahh don’t worry I’ll make sure that no one enters”
Satisfied with my answer cum offer he nodded went towards the reception. Me grabbing the perfect opportunity gently pushed the door and entered. To my extreme shock there was Ragini standing or should I say ‘hugging’ a man and her back was facing me. Seeing me there the man loosed his grip upon Ragini and looked at me with teary eyes. Why was he looking at me like that? Ragini broke the hug and looked at him and then at me! Now my anger was at its peak. She was betraying all of us and enjoying with other man. I won’t leave both of them. I think she analyzed my thoughts and she called some of her men who took that man away. Disgusting! How can anyone fall so low? No one in this world can be trusted even your own SISTER!
“Ragini where are mikes, musicians, instruments, and most importantly your lyrics. I don’t think recording is possible without them!”
“Wo actually Swara….”
“I don’t need any explanations. I’ve seen everything. May I know with how many man you have slept?”
“Swara if there was anyone other than you than till now he would have got slapped. But I won’t do it because I still consider you as my sister”
“Ohh just shut up! Everyone know about your sisterhood”
“If you still live in past than I’m not responsible”
I won’t let her go like this.
“If you still consider me as your sister than sit in my car”
“Car? You were following me?”
To this I had no answer. If I was doing this for her welfare than I would have trusted her atleast. But Swara you wouldn’t have seen her real side if you haven’t came here. I looked at her least bothered about what she just said.
Tears flowed from her eyes and she left the place. What if she takes a wrong step? Swara! Don’t act stupid she is just pretending. Yeah right! I went following her and saw her sitting in my car near the driver’s seat. Welldone Ragini! You’ll soon be trapped. We drove off to my house.

It was morning when we reached. Ragini was looking tired. We met Sanskar on our way to enterance. He was smiling though.
“Ohh sister’s morning hangout not bad! But which place did you visited”
“You’ll know it soon”
He was confused with my attitude but yeah sure he’ll get it. I recklessly held Ragini’s elbow and she winced in pain.
“Swara what the hell are you doing” I heard Laksh screaming. I along with Ragini went to the mansion. Thanks Laksh for making my work easy. Whole family had woken by Laksh Maheshwari. I smirked.
“What happened Laksh beta why are you shouting?”
“I’ll tell you baba. Since one week we all would have noticed that Ragini goes in the midnight somewhere and whenever we have tried asking her she says…”
“She is going for recording”
“Haan baba but today when I followed her I found her hugging a man who was in his mid 20s.”
“Aren’t you understanding Rehaan”
“But I’m understanding everything. Are you trying to say that she has affairs”
“Exactly Laksh! I knew that you will take my side.”
“Grow up Swara! How can you do this to your own sister”
“Sister? Now after destroying my life she realised that I’m her sister. I could have died that day. Did she realised that I’m her sister. She never did that and not even today.”
“Can you guyz plz explain me what are you talking about and Swara why are you pointing out Ragini’s character.”
“Sure Rehaan. Actually I and Ragini are sisters, step sisters. We studied in the same school, same college, same music academy and we were soulmates but we were kept away because of our family rivalry. And than Laksh’s proposal came for Ragini but unfortunately I and Laksh fell for each other. From then she showed her true colours…”
“Shut up Swara no more words”
“I can’t believe Laksh that you are saying this. We loved each other right (she holds his collar) and everyone knows that she is the reason for it. Like mother like daughter”
“Shut up Swara don’t drag my Maa into this. You don’t even deserve to call your name from your mouth.”
“Why shouldn’t I? Your mother snatched my baba from maa and you snatched MY laksh”
“Swara don’t you love me? Laksh even begged you to marry him than why did you opted out? What will you get blaming Ragini? I’m ready to accept it million times that I was the one who manipulated her, brainwashed her. If you still love Laksh and blames Ragini for the separation than why the hell you married me. Than it wouldn’t have hurt the way it’s hurting today.”
I have gone mute for some seconds. I didn’t realised that except Laksh and Ragini I have my own world, my Sanskar. I am sure that I don’t love Laksh but it is also true that whatever I did was surely not for the family. I wanted Ragini to fall in everyone’s eyes. Tears rolled down my cheeks. Rehaan left the place.
“I am sorry Sanskar! I didn’t meant that”
I stood there crying, expecting a reply but there he was crying.
Laksh rushed towards Ragini and hugged her tightly but she didn’t reciprocated.
“I know Ragini you are not at fault. I have done this mistake once now I won’t repeat it”
Laksh said those words hugging her but she didn’t reciprocated once neither replied. She was still. Laksh broke the hug.
“Swara these are for your confirmation. I have got these files from our manager and you can verify it. This Ragini’s signatures and the date is of today that means after midnight and this is our investor’s signature and the date is same”
After listening to Rehaan’s words I drowned into guilt. I was accusing her for the things that she never did. I was ready to apologise. I am sorry Ragini. I am sorry my dear sister.


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