U & I Will Never Be One (RAGLAK) [EPISODE 13]


Recap: Laksh proposed Ragini

I don’t know what my heart wants? What does it feels? My heart starts racing whenever I see Laksh! I get similar vibes, the one which I used to get when I was Laksh’s wife Or should I say I still get them! I don’t know what does this means Or I don’t want to know what does this means!

Loving! That to him.. was way more far. I don’t even wanna see his face. At that time, the time I waited for since long was finally there but wait! I’m not the old Ragini, who was in love with him madly. I’m that Ragini which was born when old Ragini was called sl*t by her own love. No matter what she did for him but he wasn’t anyone to call her ‘sl*t’. That day Ragz was born, the one who doesn’t understand emotions.

“Mr. Maheshwari it would be better if you go from here by yourself”
I told those words fighting with myself probably not knowing the reason. I looked at him. He seemed that he had experienced something that he’d never expected. Probably he was sure that I’ll accept his proposal and he will flaunt infront of his family and I’m surely not gonna let that happen! Poor he! He’s nothing infront of me.
“Ragini! I didn’t meant that. I loved you then and I love you now. It was my foolishness that I hadn’t realised it before…”
“Laksh stop giving me explanations. I know you very well. So it would be better if you don’t give these explanations to me”.

Everything was finished. Everything finished that very night of 4 March 2016!


Life wouldn’t have been so special without her. Whenever I remember that night I feel like the proudest person on this earth. That date I can never even forget 4 March 2016. The day when I saw her for the first time. That day I first time believed my Dadi that fairies existed on this earth. She was sitting there with a suitcase and when I saw her what happened I cannot describe it but whom I saw was probably not happy seeing me there. She was trying to avoid the eye contact. Her whole fair face was red even her nose (which made me fall for her instantly). She looked at me and we had our first eye contact. Her dark brown swollen eyes, full of pain my heart ached….


Laksh’s pov :

These 6 months were just like 6 years for me. I’d literally became a devdaas. The hunk was now a devdaas!

The day when I saw her again in that modern attire, for a moment I thought that she isn’t my Ragini but the next moment I was also happy! I only know how I was able to control myself. I just wanted to hug her tightly, take all her pain! She’d always loved me and I don’t care whatever her family and my family think about her.

I’d perfectly known that she still loves me but isn’t ready to accept the fact but for a moment I thought that if I take a initiative then she might forget all her misconceptions regarding me but I haven’t failed still……

Swara’s pov :

Since last two days, everything in our house changed upside down. Ragini entered in this house and our lives as well. I don’t if I should be happy or sad? As a daughter and a daughter in law I also want my both the families to be happy. She came here as a performer, I don’t know who made her agree for this but when Uttara came to know that her favourite singer is none other than her Bhabi, she made her the part of her life, our lives and this wedding. She is equally participating in the rituals just for the sake of Uttara.

As a sister am fond of Ragini but I am not ready to neglect her past deeds. Whatever she did to me is unforgettable and unforgiveable. I know it’s very tough for a women to get rejected by her husband on the wedding day but whatever Laksh did was justified.

When I met Laksh I got my everything. From then things started getting better in my life. I got my Dad, Dadi, Dadaji back. My mother got a recognition, I got a recognition but who knew that my sister, my bestie will ditch me…….

I took my seat on the nearby couch and leaned my head over it. I took a deep breath and relaxed myself. Swara you’ll get old thinking about these houseful chaos. I heard some footsteps. God they won’t let me sleep peacefully!
I pushed the door and there was she standing there. My recent head ache. Ragini. She was in a hurry and was looking here and there and was probably going somewhere.
“Ragini where are you going at this hour?”
She slew at me. Her eyes welled up. I know I was a bit rude but I think its justified.
“Wo… actually I have a recording”
“Recording in Kolkata?”
She went out leaving me confused!
Is this her new drama?


Thanks alot for commenting and guyz I’ve decided Raglak to be the final pair and I am giving the POVs so that I can proceed with the plot!

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