U & I Will Never Be One (RAGLAK) [EPISODE 1]

Hello!! Its me Anaita with a new ff…

Guyz my ff will start when Laksh betrayed Ragini when he married Kavya… I was not a regular viewer of Swaragini… I started watching it when Ragini turned positive and before that whatever happend i dont know anything about it… But i know the base of the story (wiki is the best?) so I will show about RAGLAK reunion and about the base of the story i will make few changes and that i will mention in the epis itself… I know many of the writers have written this type of stories but most of them were abruptly stopped so if they are reading this part than plzz continue ur ffs and about new entries i ll introduce whenever needed.. Guyz i just need ur support.. Tell me how to improve… and very important no one has forgiven Ragini… but she is living in Baadi because she has no place to stay and SWASAN are staying together..

“Days passed like hell for her… She has to bear the consequences for the mistake she has never committed… But the truth is that which can never be hidden was that she started loving him… may be his concern which was a big lie made her fall for him… BUT what he did atleast she cannot forgive him…”


“Maa” Shekhar concerned “She didnt came out from her room till now”
“Let her be” Dadi exclaimed “Whatever is happening is the fruit of her doings”
“But Maa she has changed.. she is not the same Girl who tried to seperate them” Shekhar pleading
“I dont know anything about it” Dadi “I havnt given these types of upbringings to her.. She has proved me wrong”
“Atleast ask her to eat something” Shekhar “She didnt ate anything since morning”

The bedroom was a pure grilish room bright colours… sitar kept near the window pane.. lifeless body sitting on the bed

Her POV:
Why did you did this to me.. i lovd u more than myself… why… Enough… I wont be weak anymore i ll forget him and i ll write my life on my own i wont let him spoil my life anymore… no powr in this world will make me love u anymore… I HATE YOU… nd I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU…

And she slept..

Precap: Introduction of characters

Dont forget to comment and i know its a short update because i wanted to knew about your views…
Plzz help me in improving myself and give your recommendations and feedbacks…

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    Yes!? A plot for which I’d been waiting!?

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