Hey guys….i m back wid another topic…my last discussion proved to be a great hit… and m so happy that all of u commented, expressed ur thoughts. I thankful to u all for ur support..and some of u requested me to write another episodic here i m. Well today i have chosen ANITA as our topic.

This lady is a bit too weird.. i mean she hates leela and her daughter twinkle and wanna have revenge on them ..she claims to love yuvi more than herself yet not willing to accept his love. Earlier it was both yuvi and anita’s plan to trap twinkle to take revenge on leela for what?? Not justified. Why is there such a hatred between leela and anita ? cvs failed to give a specific i think they forgot that the main theme of the serial is based on this “HATRED” !! Never mind…coming back to the topic..when yuvi said he loved twinkle ..anita didn’t support him…now she is not supporting yuvi for mahi.. but have u guys thought one thing?? As far as i know anita and her vicious nature she could easily have accepted mahi and use her against leela and twinkle…bt she chose a path to betray her own son by taking the help of whom? Twinkle? Twinkle…….the daughter of her enemy?? Now that is too weird…

Someone commented she might not be pretending as earlier she didn’t knew yuvi was acting as kid….bt at that time situation was that time her hatred for twinkle suddenly she has changed so much that she is giving gyan.. “ek se better do” !! all rubbish..i think she simply wanna use twinkle to show mahi that her sister doesn’t want her marriage … and m sure that idiot mahi will trust this..she is such a dumbo..

I hope twinkle will not trust her…and if she does she should inform this to kunj…
And how many of u saw the new promo?? It said this time valentine’s day will have the colour of blood… gosh..!! m so afraid…i hope our twinj stays safe…god knows what these cvs ppl have planned..m feeling sad..kya yaar itne ache mauke par yeh log kya karte hain..kaha hum sab twinj ke love confession k sapne dekh rahe the aur kaha yeh promo…upar se kunj bhi kahi dino tak nehi hoga..ooooooooooooo mujhe toh rona aa raha hain…i miss u kunj!! Aur kaun hain mere jaisa??

Anyways guys if u want to say something u r welcome………but one important announcement this opportunity is only for TEI and TWINJ fans….oopss forgot to tell u guys..i changed my name tag…just for u can call me tara…luv u all..waiting for ur comments.

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  1. Waiting for Twinj Love confession… No more misunderstanding b/w Twinj…
    Anita is damn weird…

    1. i wish it happens soon ..can’t wait..

      1. Same here Tara…

  2. hi tara..
    ur observation is ryt.
    anita always claim she luvs her son more than her life.
    but she is using him 4 her nonsense revenge.
    there is no crystal clear reason 4 her hatred towards taneja.
    as a mother she want 2 teach yuvi morals.
    but she make him a monster.
    take his side on all wrong doings n make him do so.
    she is the only reason 4 how yuvi is??
    is she really loves her son?
    care 4 her son?
    she is just pretending 2 love yuvi.
    i hate her…

    1. me too jingle jan..

  3. Tara I HV same opinion about Anita …she wants to use twinkle against mahi……

    1. yeah mahira..i also feel the same..

  4. Main bhi….mje bhi kl se Rona a raha hai k kunj nae ho gaa serial mein

  5. And the promo made me scare ….. Phle e itni baar serial mein kunj ko Marne k plan bnae UV ne …. Now again the promo shows the red colour for blood,khtra and all..

  6. UV twinkle ko to mare gaa nae.. I feel again kunj’s life will be in danger

  7. Agr kunj ko kuch hoa then I will not watch tei .

    1. don’t worry kuch nehi hoga..

  8. I totally agree wid u tara anita hates leela coz she had alleged anita’s hubby of molesting her nd liking her nd later he was shameful of doing dat so he killed himself. But Anita is jus behind twinkle and leela’s life i hate her soo much
    Will miss kunj and hope twinj be fine and together always

  9. Hiii……i thnk twinkle will b accepting anita’s help in diz case……itz very true dat she is damn weird ……

    N about d valentinez day !!! Wat ever may happen i’m very sure dat nothing will b happning to twinj… dey r d lead…..(diz z ma wish☺)……..

    1. i hope so..

  10. I totally agree with the statements…. I hope twinj stay safe …..and love confession should take a little more time, as it will increase the TRP and peoples interest in the show..

  11. Tara your thoughts are just like mine… I am with you always… Can we have a discussion on twinj..

    1. yeah doll..

  12. I also think Anita is using twinkle 4 her motives

  13. What if Anita is really helping twinkle in order 2 separate her son UV and mahi
    Anything is possible

  14. hey tara well first of all u analysed it very well this anita i dont know how much i hate her.. she is always beyond her limits sometimes i wanna just go and smack on her head… i m sure dat anita is planning to make mahi go against twinkle by her dis action she is upto something nd i dont want twinkle to fell a prey to her coming to the promo god dat blood i cant see dis happening to my sweet twinj well fingers crossed til then lets see what happens

    1. hey komal…i donno how to thank u…u gave me a relief …all these days i thought u r angry wid me for something…coz u were the earliest who commented in my ff on a regular last few epis didn’t had ur comments…i thought may be u r busy..then i saw u commenting on others ff i thought may be mine has become boring for u so neva mind..everyone has a choice…bt when i wished u on ur b’day u didn’t u did it for others…i was very sad and thought u r angry wid me….
      i hope there is nothing like that…and if there is plz clear it wid me..

  15. u said kunj will not be there 4 many days why????

    1. coz he is going to meet his family ..for his brother’s wedding..he posted in insta or twitter…that is y he will be absent from the show for few days..

  16. Wat I have an image BT the character of Anita is tat vo apni dushmani nibhati hai lyk ache se . so she is playing her part well on dis side of villiangiri . but UV is kinda insane villian vo kuj bhi karta hai bins so he kuj bhi . n u know Tara Jo Apne kaha na ki agar twinkle uske saath jayegi to kunj KO pata hona chahiye . mera pelah opinion yeh that jab Maine promo dekha tha . same opinions haaa ? N mail 110 % sure hun ki twinj KO valentines pe kuj bhi nhi hoga . haan problem zaroor create karega yuvi koi na koi . per twinj us problem KO solve bhi kar lenge. I jus wish thoda romance ho yaar un episode’s main . now tat was man opinion .ye episodes 12 n 13 Feb KO ayege . love twinj .

  17. Tara m waiting for next part of ur ff…
    plz update it soon… 🙂 😉 B-)

    1. its posted..

      1. Ya i read it… That was really nice… 🙂 😉

  18. Hey Tara mah ages 15 actually gonna be 16 after some days . 22 feb# bday.actually we all r friends here coz we r d twinj fans n tei fans . but u r d person who’s frank wid everyone here . even though we haven’t seen each other , don’t kno BT each other but thanks to tei .

    1. yeah really a big thanks to fells like we are a family..

  19. Tara is agree with u as far as Anita is concerned but I have a diff view for Twinj…hope u don’t misunderstand me or mind it…mera manna hai Ko problems brings two ppl close.. As we knw nthng can hppn to Twinj as they r the lead cple but if anyone is in danger other partner would stand as a shield. These type of tracks reveals love for each other in a diff way….so I think if anyone of Twinj is in danger, it wld b interesting to see that how other helps …..Nd it can eventually lead to their ?? confession…!!! Hope u don’t mind my point if view as neflgative…after all we all the TWINJ’S FAN???

    1. no no rakshita..i also feel that problem will bring our twinj what i mean is PROBLEMS…THAT ALSO BY YUVI…!! 🙁 🙁

  20. Guys do u knw that tei has been declared as best TV show of 2015…☺☺ acv to my sources

    1. AWW…thats grt news..

  21. Is it but according to tellychakkar its Nagin

  22. Dr Aakanksha I mean in zee TV

  23. Oh thats great ??

  24. Honestly speaking Anita is the most annoying character of Tashan-e-Ishq

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