Do u think Dhruv turning negative justified? What would u have done if u were always betrayed?

Dhruv was an example of perfect Gentleman until now.
He loved his family and his brother.
He respected his mother more than anything in this world and had a blind faith on her.
No matter what he always stood for truth and supported the truth.
He was so dedicated to his work that he never found much time for anything else until he met a girl named Thapki.
She came to his life and changed his life.
Though many hot and modern girls were drooling over him but he fell for the simple girl named Thapki.
He tried his very best to help Thapki in every possible way.
He even increased the salary of all the employees working in his office thus helping her monetarily without hurting her ego.
Thapki was rejected by many guys earlier for her stammering problem, but for him her stammering was never a problem.
Dhruv always saw the good in her, the positives in her. He always motivated her.
And he fell in love with her.

But alas she was never meant for Dhruv and she got married to his brother.
Dhruv thought that Thapki still loves him and will one day come back to him.
But alas she never gave him a chance and always pushed him away.
She cared for everybody’s feelings except his.
And forcefully he got married to some other girl.

He knew now she can never be his so though he was sad and disheartened but he tried to move on with his life and wife.
And in the process many things got changed. Thapki fell in love with her husband and her mother in law who used to hate her from the core of her heart,
started to love her. But Dhruv could never love his wife because he only loves Thapki.

But one day Dhruv suddenly came to know that his mother (whom he trusted more than anything else) was the main reason for all his pain and suffering.
She was the one who by cheat broke Dhruv’s and Thapki’s marriage.
Withing few days of that he also came to know that his wife has been doing a drama of fake pregnancy.
He was shattered all over again.
Becoming a father is one of the most beautiful thing in a man’s life and he was cheated with that happiness too.

So he lost all the faith and beliefs he had on life.
Dhruv was completely broken and felt that being good always does not give you happiness.
So he thought that he will try to take back everything that has been snatched from him.

According to me he is still a good person. Maybe for the time being he has lost control because he has seen that being good he didnt get any happiness from life.
Whatever he love had been taken away from him by cheat.
After all a good person who has been betrayed in every step of his life specially by the people he loves.
Do you think that Dhruv becoming a selfish person justifiable?
What would you have done if you were in his shoes?

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  1. i think Dhruv is currently not in his correct state of mind.
    He has been betrayed so many times that too by the people he loves.
    So i think he turning negative might not be a big shock.

  2. Move on forget the past

  3. dhruv is ryt these writers are bewkuf kuch bi story likhte hai agr ye unki lyf hoti real wali to sai galat nd galat sai ho jata yha. thapki ko har dun pyar hi hota rhta hai sali

  4. Luvleen

    Well God knows what’s in the writers minds…but in reality after going through a lot of betrayals a person would either go through a severe depression or warrants a personality change. I mean think about it, put yourself in Dhruv’s shoes. Wouldn’t you crack it? I mean his life is totally upside down. What he knew to be true is a lie…so I think the writers are showing a character that has lost his humanity.

    I think it’s only temporarily…something might happen for Dhruv to snap back to reality.

    I just find the storyline is still a lil ridiculous not of Dhruv turning phycopathic but of this whole re marriage track…they are already married for gods sake!

  5. Druv’s behaviour seems very strange, i would rather say scaring. Yes, he was betrayed be those whom he loved or at least trusted (he never loved Shraddha). But Thapki never betrayed him, she was betrayed by him. He never fought for her, even being cheated he did not tried to return Thapki, he just relaxed and left her in that terrible condition. He could take her hand by saying i will never give you to anyone else, and stand against all the family. But what ge did, after the car accident and shouting i love you Thapki, he simply passes her to Bihaan. It is not normal for a person who really loves. It is him who betrayed her. And now his trial to marry her looks more than ridiculous. He does not deserve even her eyes look. Moreover, by doing what he does now shows that he never respected her or her feelings. If i had in his shoes I would never hurt Thapki. But i really wanted to a elesso to those who betrayed me: mother and Shraddha (in his case.)

  6. Dhruv was not forced to marry shradha ,he inentionally agreed to marry her to make thapki jealous but failed.
    Ya agreed ,a nice person have suffer mostly.He was cheated by his wife .
    I dont think he was cheated by his brother,bihaan because if he did not choose the decision , dhruv will be mourning right now over vasu’s body.
    About vasu ,ya she cheated him but if she had told that she does not want this marriage ,probably dhruv would have agree or force to agree (afterall its india , love marriage without the agreement of parents is rare)
    Now about what he could do. First he had to wait for 3 month for the divorce to happen but he didnt.
    Second he should have accepted shradha ,and give her rights ,now which wife will be happy to know that her husband is loving someone else,so she did cheap tricks to thapki ,but when she find dhruv does not want to move on ,she jumped to kill thapki.

    Actually the thing is ,dhruv should have accepted his fate just like thahaan did . Thahan were also the victims but they did not mourn over that and never stopped as they knew time will not stop for them.

    After all this dhruv should leave this PN ,he is independent man ,and almost half of the PN runs by him (i thinks so). Well it will not effect PN the way he wants ,as everyone care for him ,and loves him ( see her mother also loves him ,she did not did that to hurt him but to make him happy, shradha claims she loves him ,bihan could die for him ,thapki also respected him till now ,but he will lose everything from now on)

    1. I completely agree with u bihaan dhruv is a mental psycho and he doesnt deserve thapki he is just torturing her and yes mandal dhruv is a selfish person and how could he hurt his own brother and the girl’s mother who he loves the most i just hate him and for all tharuv fans i love thahaan and dhruv and thapki will never be together

  7. Well I think dhruv has been cheated by his loved ones…..n his character is justified!! Bt don’t knw why he’s trying to ruin thahaan “remarriage” …I mean seriously!!!
    N also m enjoying d track of dhruv’s negative character n also vasu’s nightmares sequence…. I wish something should happen to bihaan so that thapki will bring her bihaan back…n that sequence will also be interesting!!!

  8. N also the writers are doing well….but they only need to stop the cheap things between thapki and her jeth 😛
    N also I wanna share a confusion that why is vasu seeing nightmares about bihaan !!! I mean how she suddenly started loving bihaan so much!! N why isn’t she trying to talk to dhruv..…..she isn’t giving a damn either!!

    1. Luvleen

      There are screenshots of Vasu at times when Dhruv talks n she is silent n she looks away cause she is still ashamed at whatever had happened between herself n Dhruv. She is also respecting Dhruv’s decision to leave him alone cause she is no longer his mother.

      Vasu’s dream where Bihaan got hit on his head seems very similar to when Dhruv got hit of course Dhruv’s didn’t have blood n mud but it’s very similar…so it could be a hint of something to come.

      When Thapki came home all muddy n makeup spoilt from crying believing Bihaan had died from that motorbike accident…I was surprised Vasu didn’t link thaapkis look to her dream…

    2. Vasu does not say anything to Dhruv because she is full of guilt and is too ashamed to face him. Vasu’s care for Bihaan does not mean that she hates Dhruv. After all she was the one who ruined Dhruv’s life.
      She is just like any other mother. She wanted to do good for him but ended up doing bad.
      Her perception was wrong but her love for him was never wrong.
      No matter how much ever a child may hate a mother, but a mother can never stop loving her child. Thats what a mother is.
      You know the saying that “God cannot be everywhere so He created Mother”.

      Dhruv is currently angry on his mother because he thinks that he trusted her the most and she is the one to break his trust and thats why Vasu wants to respect his decision and not create any further misunderstanding between him and her.

      Dhruv is her blood and no Bihaan or anybody else can replace the love she has for him.

  9. Mona146

    I believe he has no other option except to turn negative. His wife is evil. She never loves anyone. She is hellbent on killing spree……….either vasu or thapki. Even after vasu was sent out of her home she made her work like a maid. She is horrible. His mom cheated him but he cannot be angry with her because mahan couple bihaan-thapki will keep nagging him to forgive her with all the bhashan. Yes he did wrong only when he gave time needed for bihaan-thapki relation. He should not have accepted their marriage when it happened itself and should have married her immediately then. He is well educated only sensible man in that family more than anyone. Full of frustration that he cannot show on anyone he lost his mind out of grief. Vasu should get back to her kid and make him see the right path. Thapki understands each and every person including vasu and shraddha but not dhruv. Why cant think from his perspective and deal with the situation? Im sure bihaan will suspect her with dhruv because of his inferiority complex. Serial intended to show stammering girl reaching her aim to become an anchor but changed to regular saas bahu drama.

  10. Dhruv is Vasu’s blood and own son.
    I think no mother will think “i dont give a damn about him” about her son.
    If anybody thinks that Vasu thinks that “i dont give a damn about Dhruv”, then that person dont exactly know what a mother is.
    If she thinks like that then she is not fit to be called a mother.
    You know no matter what a child think about his/her mother, how bad their relationship might be but a mother never stops loving her child.
    She has done wrong with him and she dont have the guts to talk to him.
    Her guilt does not let give her the courage him coz she knows that right now he is very angry on her.
    No adopted son can replace the love and feeling that a mother has for her own blood.

    1. Luvleen

      I disagree about blood relations…I don’t think it should make a difference if your child is your own blood or not. There are hundreds possibly thousands of children adopted yearly and i know a mothers love shouldn’t differ regardless that adopted child isn’t their own blood.

      But I do agree that Vasu is guilty n as I mentioned in my earlier comment, Dhruv said to her you are not my mother anymore n I don’t think she took it literally, as you said a mother will not forget her child…but she is full of guilt n embarrassed at what she had done, so can’t really meet eye to eye with Dhruv yet…she is just giving him space.

      1. Yes may be you are correct about a mother loving an adopted son as equally as her own blood.
        But a mother thinking like “I dont give sh*t about him” about her son is too absurd and unrealistic. Thats what my point was.

    2. Lightsabre

      Hey… tht last line was not necessary at all. Can u read the feelings of each n every step mom on this planet n assure me tht no woman can luv an adopted child as much as her own kid? Ur underestimating a mothers luv buddy. Yes! Yes yes!A woman can luv an adopted child with the same mad luv tht she may hv fr her own. N i hv personally seen tht!

  11. Lightsabre

    I think the script is ridiculous ILLOGICAL !!! If sum guy whos brought up in a dysfunctional home turns into a pyschopath , il bliv it. If druv were to “transiently” suffer from depression n turn into a loner or bitter person “soon aftr “the swap… n then recover – stil il bliv it.

    But turnin into a kidnapper… talkin n dressin up statues… assaulting his brother … man handlin thapki while dancin n intrudin into a couples bedrm etc…. i think the writers hv exaggerated druvs reaction 2much.
    Remmbr… druvs character was written 2 b a strong one- investigative journalist…. entrepreneur…. CEO of a news channel… anchor of a show thts bound to get him into a lota political mess … conducts sting operation !!! This is a guy who wud report cases of fathers rapin daughters, children murderin parents 4 money n cuttin their body up into pieces n disposin them… brothers lootin eachothers money… gsng rapes espionage etc etc( thse r original “NEWS” articles btw).
    Besides.. to own a new channel means u gota deal with dirty conniving politicians and dangerous goons n hitman. So is such a man gona b so fragile?????ehem?
    I agree hes human too. But each human beings mind is the product of his experiences. N some1 with druvs character profile wud b a strong man mentally. He wd b strongr n wiser than evn thapki!
    Also.. druv wasnt cheated by ” everyone”
    1) yes. Vasu tricked him.
    Y? Blind love. She didnt give a damn abt wat her hubby wants. She didnt think abt thapkis future . She was downright mean to bihaan- she blackmailed him. Used him. Made the “entire family ” against him. Made the society ridicule him ( recal stabin episod wr a stranger says bihaan dosnt respect women ). N at the tym of marriage bihaan didnt lik thapki romantically.
    So yes… she did wrong. Motive- love for druv. Jus like hw druvs current motive is luv fr thapki. N ths is so typical in india… moms hu r over controlling abt sons choice of wife.

    ➡➡➡ so despite the offense (ys ys.. it ws a crime)… shudnt druv b abl to see how selfishly his mom tried to ruin evrybdys life for wat “she thot ” is druvs happiness.yes. It backfired!!! But her love for druv ( n him alone) is genuine. In tht way druv is an unlucky lucky guy!

    2) druv forgave bihaan wen he thot he dd this on purpose. Bt now tht he knws his mom blackmaild him, druv wants revenge. Wat kinda script is thiss??????
    3) shradda – druv wasnt forced to marry her. Thre was no suicide atempt ths tym ryt?! I find it hard to swallow tht a guy… such as the likes of druv, wud xpect depressd thapki to stop his weddin. I think writers thot this was kuch kuch hota hai n druv is kajol?
    4) his entire family luvs him. It didnt take them even a secnd to ban bihaan frm weddin. N aftr swap… they al condemnd bihaan… even bauji . So ofcourse evrybdy luvs druv. Nothin was evr done intentionally 2 harm him
    5) shradda- again ! Recal hw druv saw shradda standin suspiciously nxt to poll22 cctv video, whch mysteriously appeared in their rm?! Countless situations wr druv wud hv easily caught shraddas lies. Even pregnancy…. wen he hmslf ws shockd.. y didnt he tak her for a scan wr u get a live footage of the baby inside?! Common writers… this is an INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST!! not a Ramu kaka?????
    So dont tel me druv gt cheatd by a woman hu cant byheart a speech ( recal PM wet to kasmr to buy veggies)????
    6) y didnt druv wait? Imagin if druv is shattered now… then wat abt how thapki felt soon aftr she cam 2 knw of groom swap? Anothr weddin btoken jus coz of a speech impediment. She 2 had the ryt to lose her mind n bcom depressed n shun her fate n assume shes cursed nevr to get married. Wat made druv sure tht she wont change her mind aftr the deprsn phase is ovr. Y didnt he wait n try to win bak his luv?!☝ am i 2 bliv druv ws so naive?!
    7) even devdas was in “self ” destruction mode.druv wants to destroy others!
    I hav many other points… bt no tym.
    TURNIN DRUVS CHARACTER NEGATIVE IS THE DIM WITTED WRITERS WAY OF LETTIN ANKIT EXIT THE SHOW AND MOVE ON TO BETTER PROJECTS ( i think) without majority of audiencesmissing him. I usd to lik druv.nt the curnt 1 though.
    To writers : current story line is senseless as the rest of the script coz if u say AN INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST N ENTREPRENEUR WHO HAS WORLDY KNOWLEDGE AND DEALS WITH CORRUPTION N NEWS OF TREACHERY EVRY DAY IS GONA TURN INTO A LUNATIC 1 YR (!!!!) AFTR THE “INCIDENT” THT TOO AFTR KNOWIN THE REAL TRUTH…. then yes… i believe ur script ….. just as much as i wud bliv u if u say ” gandhiji, aftr the tiring dandi march, went to a pub and had 5 pegs of vodka with marijuana “?????????
    TO DRUV FANS: this is by no means an offense to druvs character. Im just sayin tht “writers” have created an “unrealistic ” script and tainted druvs image now. They cud hav started a happy fun side track for druvs love life. No mattr hw much they try 2 justify… the current reaction is an overkill , WRITERS!

  12. I think that you are right about druv he is a hero also but seriously I like bihaan on thapki pyar ki it doesn’t mean ka druv isliya .muja pasand nahi the main fact is that sabsa galti hoti ha bihaan ki ki vo apni family sa itna pyar karta ha ki unke liya kutch bhi kar sacta ha thapki ki bahut galti ha I like thapki character but truth is truth vo hamasha galat logo ka sath deti ha vasa bihaan Kong chor ka our hamasha bihaan sa sabh kutch chupati ha .druv ki thapki sa kam ha I am very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry but pata ha mana ya sotch samaj ka likha ha I like thapki she give message of don’t gave up aour ma ya bhi janti Hu ki apne favourite character ki burai sunna ma bahut bura lagta ha sorry jiggs fan .vasa ek baat ha sirf druv and thapki ka hi Kyo bihaan na bhi bahut kutch saha ha.

  13. I think he need a psychiatrist.l dont think he love her …he just want her at any condition

  14. I dnt think it is cz if he really need thapki he should hv stand earlier , nt nw, btw truth wins over evil. These days a Ridiculous story line is telecasting.

  15. RANdomfANCreationz

    First of all round of an applause for you Mandal, really u r a true Dhruv fan, well you are right in your point of view and wow your essay is quite reasonable, I m more of a Thahaan than Tharuv fan, but whar you said is not wrong also really I feel bad for Dhruv, neither Dhruv nor Thahaan or anyone is to be blamed for that its all CVs fault, I also didnt like the fact they made Dhruv negative as he was the most sensible character, even more than Bihaan. But current track spoiled his character, okay grey-shaded is fine but too much negativity also not good. They made the story illogical long time back, m only for watching for one and only thahaan also no thahaan scenes these days that’s why no use of watching TPK they only know how to disappoint fans be it Tharuv or Thahaan fans. But the leads (Jigyasa, Manish, Ankit and Monica) are amazing

  16. not character fault, story line is too scrap…….
    agar hum log Jo poochna hai, bolna hai, gaali dena hai tho sab CVS se
    shru Mai trp nahi milatha is liye a paagal cvs ne track ko reverse kiya, trp paaliya and again trp loss huva abb dhruv ko villan banadiya…..

    abb hai serial tho sirf aur sirf thahaan ke barose per chal raha hai….
    CVS ki jai ho?????

    1. Lightsabre

      I think discussin this again n again is a waste. Evrybdys gona stick to their own opinion nywys???. Bar bar yahi discuss karke kya faida

  17. NoSugarCoating

    Yes. It is fair to act like this… let him turn negative… womanizer… killer…rapist… whatever. All is fair as long as he does it for love and because his mother did one mistake.????

    1. Lightsabre

      Luv the sarcasm!

  18. Yes it is justified. If i were him i would have done d exact same. But currently he is not under proper mind state. His love 4 thapki has turned into obssesion.

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